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Supermini car
Supermini car
China Car Market Background
China Car Market Background
A typical supermini car in China Market, Geely Panda
A typical supermini car in China Market, Geely Panda
A typical supermini car in China Market, Geely Panda
A typical supermini car in China Market, Geely Panda
A typical supermini car in the UK Market, Ka
A typical supermini car in the UK Market, Ka
Some successful cases
Some successful cases
Some successful cases
Some successful cases
Change people’s minds
Change people’s minds
MG6, British life, British Car
MG6, British life, British Car
Make difference
Make difference
Make difference
Make difference
Make difference
Make difference
Make difference
Make difference
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Supermini Car Market Project

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1Supermini Car Market Project. Chelsea 8for new players to directly enter a
Hans Richard Garin. particular country's market. High capital
2Supermini car. BEST SELLERS requirements for a manufacturing facility
(UK,July,2009) Ford Fiesta - 8,976 Ford of feasible scale, new start-up companies
Focus - 7,934 Vauxhall Corsa - 5,920 are rare. Have left relatively few players
Vauxhall Astra - 5,705 Volkswagen Golf - in this market. Competitive rivalry is
4,101 Peugeot 207 - 3,957 Vauxhall likely to intensify over the next few
Insignia - 3,340 BMW 3 Series - 3,292 years, as major players contend for their
Hyundai i10 - 3,084 Renault Clio - 2,837. share of declining markets. Key inputs
larger than a city car but smaller than a like steel, whose price may be difficult
small family car. Overall in 2008, of the for manufacturers to control, as well as
fifteen best selling types of car in more differentiated products, such as
Europe, seven were superminis. Estimate fabricated components, and labor. Used
that more than 50% cars sale in the UK are cars and public transport are likely to
Supermini car. offer a very strong threat to car makers.
3China Car Market Background. 13.6M 9Factors Influencing the Likelihood of
units (2009 sales volume). Volkswagen, GM, New Entrants in the New Cars Market in the
Toyota, Honda, Nissan, PSA, Hyundai, Ford, United Kingdom, 2009. Likelihood of new
Daimler, BMW, Chery, Geely, BYD, entrants Weak Strong. Low-cost switching 5
Brilliance(29.7% China brand) Estimate Market growth 4 Undifferentiated product 3
that 40% cars sale in China are Supermini 2 Weak brands 1 Scale unimportant 0 Little
car. Best sellers China 2009. Best sellers IP involved Low fixed costs Suppliers
China 2009. Automaker. Model. Volume. BYD. accessible Little regulation Distribution
F3. 291K. GM. Nubira. 241.1K. Hyundai. accessible Incumbents acquiescent Scores:
Elantra II. 239.4K. Volkswagen. Jetta. 1= weak driver...5=strong driver Source: D
224.9K. Volkswagen. Santana. 205.6K. A T A M O N I T O R.
Honda. Accord. 175.4K. Hyundai. Elantra. 10Some successful cases. Japanese Car
171.6K. Chery. QQ. 169.9K. Toyota. Efficient Quality. Korean Car Cheap
Corolla. 157.5K. Toyota. Camry. 156.2K. Service Guarantee.
Amount. Amount. 2.0326M. 11Why China’s Cars can not be exported
4A typical supermini car in China to the UK market. Brand reputation Dealers
Market, Geely Panda. 330K Units (2009 network Financial support Emission
Brand sales). 3598?1680?1495 1.0 / 1.3L standard.
Petrol 110K Units/year 54MPG Petrol ? 4K - 12Change people’s minds. China's Geely
6K C-NCAP 5 stars Euro IV Emission. Automobile recently have confirmed that
5A typical supermini car in the UK they had made agreements with Ford on all
Market, Ka. 3620?1658?1702 1.2/ 1.3 Petrol important commercial issues of the sale of
/ Diesel 55.4MPG Petrol / 67.3MPG Diesel ? Volvo Car Corporation. Ford believes they
9K – 10K Manufactured by Ford Co2 119 will sign the contract with Geely at the
G/KM. first quarter of this year, and will
6The analysis of the UK car market. finish the deal before the second quarter
Market Value The United Kingdom new cars of this year. Volvo doesn’t make any small
market shrank by 12% in 2009 to reach a model car, in contrast, Geely is well
value of $42.9 billion. Market Value known for its small car(500K unit
Forecast In 2014, the United Kingdom new export/year). We won’t be surprise if the
cars market is forecast to have a value of Geely small car exported to the UK market
$56.3 billion, an increase of 31.1% since with Volvo brand.
2009. Market Volume The United Kingdom new 13Yes, I do. Swedish brand (safety,
cars market shrank by 13.3% in 2009 to quality) relatively Low costs of
reach a volume of 1.8 million units. procession and maintenance Environmental
Market Volume Forecast In 2014, the United friendly (Plug in Hybrid, fuel cell
Kingdom new cars market is forecast to vehicle) Advanced technology (Regenerative
have a volume of 2.5 million units, an braking technology, light weighting etc.)
increase of 36.1% since 2009. The compound Worldwide components, assembly close to
annual growth rate of the market in the end-user Chinese capital.
period 2009-2014 is predicted to be 5.6%. 14Thank you!
Market Share Ford accounts for 17.9% of 15MG6, British life, British Car. Brand.
the United Kingdom new cars market's Britain’s ever best-loved sports car
volume. Heritage. New face of MG comfortably
7Background of the Market. Recession familiar, Exciting new developments.
Fluctuation of fuel Encouragement of remains true to the heritage and history.
developing and purchasing Low carbon Local. New MGs have been designed and
(electric and plug in hybrid) cars 130g/KM engineered here in the UK. They plan to
co2 emission target (+ Co2 Tax, -- commence production of MG6 at the
Allowance) Scrappage Incentive Schemes. Birmingham plant before the end of 2010.
8The barrier for the new player. Brand Dealers network Rechargeable Hybrid Car.
strength and reputation are highly 16Make difference. Rechargeable Hybrid
important, therefore relatively difficult Car.
Supermini Car Market Project.ppt
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Supermini Car Market Project

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