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Northeast IMTs – Countries (75)
Northeast IMTs – Countries (75)
Southwest IMTs Countries (48)
Southwest IMTs Countries (48)
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SWG Channel Marketing – resource update Paul Shackleton Manager, BP Marketing SWG Centre of Excellence July 2005

содержание презентации «SWG Channel Marketing – resource update Paul Shackleton Manager, BP Marketing SWG Centre of Excellence July 2005.ppt»
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1SWG Channel Marketing – resource 7channel activities are scaled to meet the
update Paul Shackleton Manager, BP BU/IMT/DCM plans Channel Marketing Define
Marketing SWG Centre of Excellence July SWG requirements to select and prioritise
2005. correct BPs in IMT Selection and
2SWG Channel Marketing. New model and management of SWG BPs (by route) for
interlocks for the 3 SWG Channel Marketing engagement Execute IMT SWG BP recruitment
Teams Organisation chart of SWG CoE SWG requirements as needed Execute SWG Channel
CoE – roles and responsibilities IMT marketing plans and brand priorities,
Channel Marketing resources IMT Channel interlock with IMT programs Execute co mkt
Marketing roles and responsibilities IOT programs to support BU/IMT objectives,
Marketing resources IOT Channel Management interlock Channel marketing activities
team Maps of IOT / IMT. against Brand / program priorities Drive
3SWG Channel Marketing – New model marketing input into key SWG partner
& interlocks. 3 SWG Channel Marketing plans, support IMT in top partnerplans
Teams – interlocking with all functions: Manage and execute all SWG co marketing
WW SWG CHANNEL MARKETING (Marjorie Tenzer funds SWG co mkt lead management,
team). 1. 2. Channel Marketing Centre of progression and reporting Integrate SWG
Excellence. IMT - Integrated Channel marketing activities into volume program
Marketing. 3. initiatives Execute SWG
4SWG Channel Marketing Centre of Promotions/Incentives, manage into local
Excellence Team. SWG Channel Marketing Channel process. 4 New Channel
Centre of Excellence. This team has disciplines: Channel Management Execute
responsibility to interface with the 8 SWG programs as required (BPIC, AEP etc..)
IMTs and work with both IOTs, reporting Provide content and manage SWG internal /
line is directly into WW SWG Channel external messages to IMT comms process
Marketing. PAUL SHACKLETON Manager. * IT Interlock with PWCS as required and
Student ** Contract work force. KERRY support the IMT for xbrand partner
COSTELLO Channel Marketing Communications. programs (PW, ISV Adv etc..) as needed
SUE MORRIS Channel Marketing Manage SWG process for Channel case
Program/Brand. GEORGINA GOFF Channel studies, and engage into IMT reference
Marketing Business Partners. RITA THOMPSON programs Manage Channel translation &
Channel Marketing VAD/Alliances. LEWIS validation requirements Channel Enablement
TUREK * Channel Marketing Enablement. ERIC Engage with Brand MM to support SWG
PELLERIN** Channel Marketing Channel enablement requirements Execute
Infrastructure. brand enablement requirement and manage
5Channel Marketing Roles – SWG CoE. local certification process Interlock
Manager - Paul Shackleton SWG Channel Channel enablement requirements into IMT
Management & Strategy for Europe Lead CE delivery process Provide SWG content
interface and link to SWG IOT Sales for the foundation programs in IMT Lead,
Interface into WW Channel Mkt team SWG manage and execute local SWG only events
Channel management interface to IMT (University, Partner Camps, etc..) Provide
Communications Manager - Kerry Costello SWG content and team with IMT to support
Owner of SWG Channels comms plan for xbrand partner events.
Europe Own SWG interlock into IOT comms 8SWG Marketing contacts – IOT and CoE
process Co ordination and management of roles. Marketing roles above IMT: Global /
internal / external messages to IMT CoE. IOT North-East. IOT South-West.
Management of key SWG events Manage PWCS Marketing Leader. DCM Leader. Category
interlock Management of end to end comms Marketing Management. Marketing Program
process for SWG Channels Ownership, Landing. TeleWeb Marketing. Channel
management and local execution of PR, case Marketing. * Student ** Contract. Peter
studies, references Program/Brand Manager Beuke. G?raldine Tenten. Walther
- Sue Morris Channel advocate - interface Johannessen. Daniel Duhautbout. Gary
and interlock with Brand and Marketing Bacon. Jean-Francois Jamet. Claire Bryant
Progs Partner route management - (NE) Angela Fresne (SW). Brigitte Delearde
recruitment / enablement / engagement (Mgr) Katty Schies (Prog Mgr) Michelle
requirements Align and interlock Channel Andrews (Z Series & renewals) **
routes into Industry / Solution plays Michael Slebir (Web Mgr). Paul Shackleton
Management of xbrand Channel marketing (Mgr) Georgina Goff (BP Mkt) Rita Thompson
initiatives for IMT / IOT Management of (VAD Mkt) Sue Morris (Progs/Brands) Kerry
local SWG promotions & incentives Costello (Comms) Lewis Turek (Enablement)
Management of Volume marketing plays * Eric Pellerin (Infrastructure) **.
Enablement - Lewis Turek (IT student) 9IOT SWG Management Teams. NORTHEAST
Brand / Cross Brand / Program enablement IOT. SOUTHWEST IOT. Ilse Cilliers. IOT
focal point Enablement interlock with IMT SMB/Channels/Tele. Cristina Semiao. Alain
Executive reporting and analysis. VAD / Boukhobza. Leader - SMB/Tele. Francesco
Alliances - Rita Thompson Management of Teodonno. Aidan Troy. Leader - Channels.
all SWG VAD and Alliance programs & Eric Menache. Richard Adolf. SMB/Channel
budget Owner / interface for all VAD co Programs. Catherine Negrerie-Durivaux.
marketing programs - Agencies, Tools, Peter Weston. Routes 2 & 3. Teresa
Systems Owner of ROI for VAD marketing Martin Fillol. Klaus Hickl. Routes 4 &
programs including lead management Owner 6. Marie Jo Boudry. Aurore Achour. VAD.
of Route selection and engagement - Olivier Della. Philippe Rycroft. OEM.
Alliances / VADs Interface into xbrand Nicole Pelletier. Steve Zehavi. Lotus RTM.
partner programs for VAD Engagement / Michel Granger. tbc. WebSphere RTM. Sylvie
Execution of Partnerplans, marketing Gillespie. Karl-Heinz Wonsak. Rational
programs, brand initiatives BP Marketing - RTM. Etienne Morel. Ralf Wagner. Info Mgmt
Georgina Goff Management of all SWG RTM. Massimo Rossini. Alexandre Wahl.
partner programs & budgets for BP Tivoli RTM. Coralie Lauferon. Paul
routes Owner / interface for all BP co Conacher. Operations - SMB. Michel Yen.
marketing programs - Agencies, Tools, Martin Perry. Operations - Channels.
Systems, Owner of ROI for co marketing Frantz de Rycke. Tracy Mooney. Operations
programs including lead management Owner - Tele. Ricardo Miguez.
of Route selection and engagement - ISV, 10IMT Map.
SI, VAR, SP Interface into xbrand partner 11Northeast IMTs – Countries (75).
programs for BPs Engagement / Execution of CEMAAS(39) Austria Switzerland CEE &
- Partnerplans, marketing programs, brand Russia (Central & Eastern Europe &
initiatives Infrastructure - Eric Pellerin Russia) Albania Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus
(contract) Management of all co marketing Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia
tools, processes and systems Lead Czech Republic Georgia Hungary Kazakhstan
management and reporting IMT support and Kyrhgystan Macedonia Moldovia Poland
engagement Claims, queries and Russia Romania Serbia & Montenegro
disbursements. Slovakia Slovenia Tajikistan Turkmenistan
6IMT SWG Channel Marketing Teams (as at Ukraine Uzbekistan MEEP (Middle East,
8th July). Each IMT will align Channel Egypt & Pakistan) Bahrain Egypt Iraq
marketing resources according to the local Jordan Kuwait Lebanon North Yemen Oman
market approach i.e by Channel discipline Pakistan Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria United
or to maximse resource via a country based Arab Emirates. UKISA(27) United Kingdom
marketing model. IOT. IMT. Channel Ireland South Africa Angola Botswana
Marketing. Channel Marketing. Channel Burundi Cape Verde Islands Eritrea
Marketing. Channel Marketing. NorthEast. Ethiopia Ghana Kenya Lesotho Liberia
NorthEast. NorthEast. NorthEast. Malawi Malta Mozambique Namibia Nigeria
Southwest. Southwest. Southwest. Rwanda Sao Tome Islands Sierre Leone
Southwest. * Denotes Contract Work force. Somalia Swaziland Tanzania Uganda Zambia
Germany. Wolfgang Troidl. Michael Neuffer. Zimbabwe. Germany(1) Germany. Nordic(8)
Barbara Peter. Karl-Heinz Hirner. UKISA. Denmark Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Fiona Scholes/ Jeannette Knight. Diane Iceland (not on map!) Norway Sweden.
Howarth Corinne Giffen *. Jayne Hudson. 12Southwest IMTs Countries (48).
Sohini Nathoo (S.Af). Nordics. Caroline France(38) France Morocco Tunisia Guinea
Tengvall-Hundt (Sweden). Margrethe Knudsen Cameroon Chad Mali Equatorial Guinea
(Denmark). Charlotte Lagerwald (BU MM Senegal Cote D'Ivoire Gabon Mauritania
Sweden). Otto Backer Solberg (BU MM Togo Benin Burkina Faso Guinea-Bissau
Norway). CEMAAS. Delia Jozsa. tbc. tbc. Niger Madagascar Comoros Republic of
tbc. France, NA. Anna Armillota. Alexandra Djibouti Central African Republic
Paschenda. Nicolas Atger. Italy. Michaela Democratic Republic-Congo Gambia Algeria
De Notaris. Paolo Monnati. Rita Cavalieri. Andorra Guadeloupe French Guyana
Ornella Carrera. IGIT. Lucia Clara Martinique Monaco New Caledonia French
Martinez. Fernando Suarez *. Benelux. Polynesia Vanuatu Wallis & Futuna
Sandra Grieden (interim). TBC. Reunion Mauritius Mayotte Seychelles
7SWG IMT Channel Marketing - key tasks. Libya. Italy(1) Italy. BeNeLux(3) Belgium
Channel Strategy Execute brand/program Netherlands Luxembourg. IGIT(6) Iberia
plans for Channels and ensure SWG is Spain Portugal Greece Greece Cyprus Israel
optimised in IMT Channel plans Ensure SWG Turkey.
SWG Channel Marketing – resource update Paul Shackleton Manager, BP Marketing SWG Centre of Excellence July 2005.ppt
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SWG Channel Marketing – resource update Paul Shackleton Manager, BP Marketing SWG Centre of Excellence July 2005

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