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Sydney Boys High School
Sydney Boys High School
LBOTE population 1997-2002
LBOTE population 1997-2002
To explore this we
To explore this we
What we found
What we found
Sydney Boys High School
Sydney Boys High School
The ESL teacher
The ESL teacher
The final result
The final result
Find more on the SBHS ESL site
Find more on the SBHS ESL site
Sydney Boys High School

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Sydney Boys High School

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1Sydney Boys High School. About 1100 17recapitulation and eliciting metalanguage
students 80% NESB Selective 1 in 3 Chinese through task (cut-up) involving a number
20% ESL Year 7 2002: 180, 156 NESB, 33 of modalities. Centrality of text. Text
3-7 yrs; 3 1-3 yrs. united the whole exercise. Note how often
2LBOTE population 1997-2002. students examined, argued from text to
3French and English class. On selective realise the metalinguistic through the
schools test English performance, felt to concrete example before them.
be needy Chinese: 20 Korean: 3 18Observations on Ms Rosss lesson.
Vietnamese: 3 Tamil and other: 4 Native Scope for contingent scaffolding,
speakers: 0 Speaking English or in student-to-student, teacher-to-student
Australia less than 5 years: 6. Possibility of independent exercise of
4English class (Walles). Considered a judgment in group situation. This made
high flier group Chinese: 14 Korean: 3 more so by the fact there was more than
Vietnamese: 3 Hindi and other: 6 Native one possible story structure That fact
speakers: 3 Speaking English or in emerged authentically in the course of the
Australia less than 5 years: 5. task: not foreseen!
5The English lessons. Both classes were 19What we found Of necessity, Sydney
working on Narrative Both used the Boys High has mainstreamed its ESL
cut-up Fire Spirit story to explore the learners. Language teaching
structure of narrative Both were required methodologies have generally accepted the
to master metalanguage for talking about notion that language teaching is more
narrative Both were working towards effective when learners are presented with
writing a major narrative In Ms Walless meaningful language in context, and the
class the concept of narrative voice was integration of ESL learning with
explored a little more deeply Ms Rosss curriculum content is now broadly accepted
class is early in the lesson sequence, Ms as supportive of second language
Walless a little later. learning. (Gibbons 2002).
6Something was happening They were 20What we found We can think of each
clearly good lessons. Handover was teacher as a discourse guide and each
occurring, metalanguage being used, classroom as a discourse village, a small
meta-awareness evidenced. But exactly what language outpost from which roads lead to
was going on in these classes? larger communities of educated discourse
7That is what we set out to discover teachers have to start from where the
How can the competent adult lend learners are, to use what they already
consciousness to a child who does not know, and help them go back and forth
have it on his own? What is it that across the bridge from everyday
makes possible this implanting of discourse into educated discourse. --
vicarious consciousness in the child by N Mercer The Guided Construction of
his adult tutor? It is as if there were Knowledge, Clevedon, Multilingual Matters
kind of scaffolding erected for the 1995.
learner by the tutor. But how? -- Jerome 21What we found. L Van Lier (1996):
Bruner (1986). Recall that there are two sides to
8More formally we were interested in: [contingency]: a contextual anchoring
Meta-awareness of learning how to learn which relates that which is said to that
and role of meta-language in learning; which is known, including that which has
interaction between ESL and mainstream been said before, and an expectancy which
teachers in supporting meta-awareness. encourages students to reach higher levels
9To explore this we Videoed lessons of functioning
Looked at transcripts Looked at work 22What we found Contingent
samples Examined the texts from which utterances, then, do a number of valuable
students were working. things, among them: They relate new
10Come into Ms Rosss class Reducing 50 material to known material They set up
minutes to about five reveals a narrative expectancies for what may come next They
structure in the lesson Orientation validate (value, respect) both preceding
including a recapitulation of previous and next utterance They are never entirely
work The task itself provides the predictable, nor entirely unpredictable
complications When the target text is They promote intersubjectivity They ensure
revealed there is a climax In the final continued attention.
minutes Ms Ross and the ESL teacher 23What we found L Van Lier (1996):
provide a resolution and coda. careful reflection on and monitoring of
11Could this narrative structure. how we interact with our students should
itself be a form of scaffolding? Note how assist us in developing ways of tactful
metalanguage is foregrounded in the teaching (van Manen 1991), that is, the
opening stage ability to act quickly, surely,
12Your job today ...is to try to put confidently and appropriately in complex
the story back together again. Concern or delicate circumstances [Tact] cannot
for clear instructions be planned, rather it is a mindfulness
13Students talk: using metalanguage A: that permits us to act thoughtfully with
Orientation, right? Youve got a children and young people. This is not
complication complication is in the something you can just learn and apply It
middle. This is in the middle. This should has to become part of our way of
be in the middle Where in the middle? working..
Lets just read it 24What we found The greatest benefit of
14Students talk. B: Ill give you a the project for us was the opportunity it
clue. Match the cuts! A: They dont match! gave for careful reflection on and
Only engagement with the text will lead to monitoring of how we interact with our
an answer students
15Teacher-student talk. ESL: Youre 25
happy with those? Student reads to support 26The ESL teacher Assists mainstream
his choices. ESL: You disagree with him? teacher with input on unit of work &
Negotiating differences. Notice the body needs of students linguistic, cultural
language and the student on the right Is watching and listening & can act
has been in Australia only 2 years! contingently with whole class, groups or
16Resolution/Coda. ESL: if you individuals.
actually turn that round the other way it 27The final result Independent learners
still works Student: yeah! ESL: That ready for whatever challenges lie ahead
could be something you talk about Thanks to quality pedagogy including
tomorrow I reckon youve got a good artfully designed scaffolding at every
argument for the way youve done it Ms stage.
Ross: and you could talk about then how 28Find more on the SBHS ESL site. You
long the orientation for your own stories can find a page on the scaffolding project
should be at
17Observations on Ms Rosss lesson. neilwhitfield.tripod.com/scaffolding.html.
Designed-in scaffolding from the opening
Sydney Boys High School.ppt

Sydney Boys High School

Sydney Boys High School

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