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Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)
IES nowadays The scientific and pedagogical staff of the institute
IES nowadays The scientific and pedagogical staff of the institute
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the function, the institute 3 times
Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention
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Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)

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1Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship 10tourism and service; On the basis of the
and Services (TIESTJ). The history of best domestic and foreign traditions,
establishment The Institute was taking into account requirements and
established under the decision of USSR specificity of republic to keep and expand
Ministries Council №530 from 29 July scientific potential in the advanced
1991,Tajik USSR Ministries Council № 266 branches; Transformation of institute into
from 2 September 1991 For the first year one of the cultural centers by creation of
of establishment on 1991-1992 functioned 3 certain spiritual preconditions.
departments, where worked 2 PhD and 19 Transformation of institute into the
candidates of science. The number of center of innovative development and
students admission on 4 specialties was scientific achievements; Teaching and
88: (world economics, economics and educational. scientific. cultural.
business administration, arts and crafts, innovational. entrepreneurship.
fabric and textile technology) and the 11Institute of Entrepreneurship &
Institute was the only educational Service. Features of introduction of
Knowledge with 17 classroom. credit system Since 2007 the IES has
2IES nowadays 5 faculties: «financial passed to Credit system of training (CST).
service» «Entrepreneurship and Business» Process of Bolonsky. In 2007, CSR has been
«Tourism and Customs» «Information implemented in 4 groups of 1-year student
Services and Marketing» «Accounting and majoring "World Economy" In
Management» At the institute also operates 2011-2012 academic year 80 academic teams
Gymnasium. Institute of Entrepreneurship are trained in CST Currently, the IES is
and Service of Tajikistan. implementing the European credit
3IES nowadays The scientific and accumulation system ECTS.
pedagogical staff of the institute 12Institute of Entrepreneurship &
consists of 179 persons, composed of Service. Features of introduction of
professors who are working 17, 58 credit system in the IES In organizing the
candidates of sciences , 42 senior learning process by credit technology the
lecturers and 52 assistants. Institute of program and curriculum approved by a
Entrepreneurship and Service. special decision of the Ministry of
4Institute of Entrepreneurship and Education of RT. implement the credit
Service. Number of graduates IES from 1996 system uses three forms of the curriculum
till 2011. for each specialty: - basic (general,
5Institute of Entrepreneurship & specialty) curriculums approved by the
Service. nowadays Implementing, its Ministry of Education of RT and employees
activity on full economic accounting for to determine the content and complexity of
the years of functioning, institute was academic work of each student - individual
able to create the necessary training training plans drawn up with the
facilities to improve working conditions participation of the academic adviser
and build a new business and servicing (Adviser), and determining the educational
building. Presently, the institute has trajectory of students -working plans - is
four educational buildings with 72 to create an annual schedule of the
classrooms at 2246 seats. More than 300 educational process and the calculation
computers with the connection to the complexity of the training of teachers.
internet are available for the students 13Institute of Entrepreneurship &
and teachers during the classes and Service. Features of introduction of
research papers. Among the 72 institute credit system in the IES For conversion
classrooms, 9 of them are for computers from hourly labor in loans made
using, 21 for lessons and 1 laboratory for ??following relation Labor: 1 credit = 16
custom. hours of classroom work a semester.
6». Institute of Entrepreneurship & Educational work plans in the field are
Service. The students are servicing by: divided into three sections: general
Electronically library, 2 reading rooms subjects (containing 74 credits); basic
with 100 seats, 2 athletic fields, 1 sport disciplines - DB (116 credits); majors -
hall, 2 kitchens, cafeteria, bookstore, PD (containing 66 credit) Total 256 staff
shop of school supplies, medical clinic, on admission to the Bachelor.
dentistry Assembly hall, 14Institute of Entrepreneurship &
Informational-communicational centre. Service. In the IES made ??the following
Registration and information centre relation of compulsory and elective
Tourism and hospitality centre Modern subjects: for general studies 75% to 25%;
hostel. In information and communications for basic subjects 60% to 40%: majors for
center operated publisher and editors of 55% to 45%. Individual curriculum for each
the Institute, which published books and student is formed in each academic year
manuals of teachers ,publishes the personally by the student, if necessary
newspaper "Sohibkor", magazine with the help of advisors. The plan
"Paem" and other educational and approved by the dean of the faculty and
scientific works and textbooks. On the stored in the Registration Centre.
initiative of the Centre of Tourism and Approved copy issued to the student.
Hospitality in the Institute was created 15Annual load of teachers in the IES (1
TechnoPark on hospitality and service in staff), regardless of the degree is set at
tourism sphere and techno park on the the rate of 32 credits per week. From this
pottery, where will not only students of amount, 16 credits allocated to classroom
the institute, can develop their skills in work and 16 credits for an independent
these areas, but the waiters of student work with teachers. Institute of
restaurants cafes who services Entrepreneurship & Service.
organizations and other interested 16Institute of Entrepreneurship &
persons, also. Service. Features of introduction of
7Accreditation IES Over 20 years of the credit system in the IES IES is
function, the institute 3 times passed responsible for all methodological support
attestation and state accreditation, of educational process. In particular, for
demonstrating its compliance with national each specialty on faculty until July 5 to
standards of higher professional schools be prepared: Program of disciplines for
and to this day has released more than students (Sillabus), which include topics
4,500 highly skilled specialists for the and duration of each session; curriculum
development of national economy. on all disciplines (in accordance with the
Presently, the institute preparing the working curriculum) with the complexity of
specialists for more than specialties. the credits; materials for classroom work
Institute of Entrepreneurship & in each discipline: the texts of lectures,
Service. seminars plans, practical and laboratory
8IES international relations The classes; sets of visual aids and support
Institute is a member of many materials (handouts) for the classroom;
international organizations: Members of materials of for self-study student under
the International Academy of institutions the guidance of a teacher: typing
of higher education Members of the assignments, self-control materials,
Information Network of Central Asia - sample essays, term papers, a list of
EDNET Member of the International textbooks and teaching materials in print
Association of Universities – TARENA SCO and electronic forms; Materials for
leading university in the "IT" training and work practices: the plans and
technology of the Republic of Tajikistan programs of the practices, forms,
Member of the International Tourism reporting; students' knowledge control
Organization. Institute of materials of (quizzes on sections of the
Entrepreneurship & Service. course, exam tests, tasks, etc).
9Institute of Entrepreneurship & 17Maintaining the list of control
Service. Scientific activity in IES actions which are formed on the basis of
Preparation of the experts having curricula and are reflected in a group
scientifically-practical skills is one of card. Formation and maintaining Sheets on
the basic directions of work of institute. disciplines and forms of intermediate and
For years functioning of institute,5 total control according to the curriculum.
teachers have protected the thesis for PhD Maintaining Log-books of attendance. This
and 17 teachers of institute have defended information is used at formation of
the dissertation of the candidate of reports on the attendance analysis.
science. Since 2006 the postgraduate study Analysis of the academic debt. Data on the
of institute functioning on specialties academic debt are reflected in a card of
08.00.01 – «the Economic theory», 08.00.05 the student. Preparations of documents:
– «Economy and management of national loose leaves to diplomas. Institute of
economy» and 08.00.13 – «Tool methods and Entrepreneurship & Service. Center of
the economic mathematics» where studying registration of the accounting of progress
23 post-graduate students and 17 of students.
researchers. Under the decision of the 18The set of statistical reports allows
Higher certifying commission of the to receive data by results of session:
Ministry of Education and Science of the Results of test week; session Results on
Russian Federation since 2010 at institute faculty, a course, chair, disciplines,
functioning Council of dissertations cycles of disciplines, group; Problem
protection of candidates of science on 2 groups, disciplines; Rating of faculties.
economic specialties: 08.00.05 and For providing quality of education at
08.00.13. Institute about the monitoring department
10Institute of Entrepreneurship & quality of education is created. The
Service. The main activity directions. skilled professor directs department and 5
Development of small medium exporters from among professorial teaching
entrepreneurship activity, by cooperation structure which carry out monitorings
with business structures and the quality of lecture practical and written
industrial enterprises, their attraction works of students and young teachers work.
in realization of social and economic Results of monitoring it is systematically
programs of institute. Preparation of the considered on methodical Council of
highly-skilled personnel meeting modern Institute. Institute of Entrepreneurship
requirements of the market to come to the & Service.
forefront in republic, as the basic 19Thank you for your attention!
educational center in sphere of business,
Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ).ppt
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Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIESTJ)

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