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Talking About The Famous
Talking About The Famous
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
John Lennon
John Lennon
Daniel Defoe
Daniel Defoe
Mark Twain
Mark Twain
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Joseph Turner
Joseph Turner
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Talking About The Famous

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1Talking About The Famous. 2014. 17prose”.
2. Тема урока: Talking About The 18After listening to the text: Find the
Famous. 2014. English equivalents for the following
3Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. words and expressions: the 18th century
4Agatha Christie. world famous novel surprising adventures
5Charlie Chaplin. to live alone island a lot of imagination
6John Lennon. was published became popular believed made
7Daniel Defoe. an umbrella.
8Mark Twain. 19F F F F T F. Decide whether the
9William Shakespeare. following sentences are true (T) or false
10Joseph Turner. (F):
11Sir Conan Doyle is famous for. stories 20Homework: Tell the class about Daniel
about Sherlock Holmes. Agatha Christie is Defoe's novel “The Life And Strange
famous for. for her detective stories. Try Surprising Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe”
to guess what these people famous for. according to the following plan: the
12Joseph Turner is famous for. his author the main character traits the novel
pictures. John Lennon is famous for. his five adjectives to describe novel Use the
songs. Charlie Chaplin is famous for. his text on page 86, exercise 26.
films. 21Links:
13William Shakespeare is famous for. his http://www.mouseholdwords.com/graphics/aut
plays. Mark Twain is famous for. his ors/doyle.jpg Arthur Conan Doyle
poems. Daniel Defoe is famous for. his http://ziarulzidul.ro/wp-content/uploads/2
books. 11/03/Agatha-Christie.jpg Agatha Christie
14Daniel Defoe. http://img.yessy.com/248420293-23739b.jpg
15Before listening to the text: Joseph Turner
adventure sailor desert island author`s http://bigpicture.ru/wp-content/uploads/20
imagination realistic. Read and translate 9/09/149.jpg William Shakespeare
the words and word combinations into http://reason.com/assets/mc/jwalker/2010_0
Russian: /marktwain.jpg Mark Twain
16While listening to the text: Listen to http://www.nmm.ac.uk/tserver.php?f=BHC2648
the text and answer the questions: 1. When 800.jpg&w=400&legacyResize Daniel
did Daniel Defoe write his most famous Defoe
novel? Was the story based on real http://imaginepeace.com/wp-content/uploads
adventures? When was the book published? 2010/09/JL-IMM1.jpg John Lennon
What is the title of the book? 5. How is http://caneicorporation.typepad.com/.a/6a0
Daniel Defoe called for “Robinson Crusoe”? e5501500fc8833010536dd10ba970c-800wi
17Listen to the text again and check Charlie Chaplin
your answers: 1. When he was nearly 60 http://kemschool94.ucoz.ru/load/1-1-0-21
years old. 2. Yes, it was. 3. The book was Шаблон презентации УМК «Английский с
published in 1719. 4. “The Life and удовольствием. 5 – 6 классы. – Обнинск:
Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”. Титул, 2009.
5. He is called “the father of English
Talking About The Famous.pptx
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Talking About The Famous

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