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The peinciple of superscalar CISC execution using a superscalar RISC
The peinciple of superscalar CISC execution using a superscalar RISC core.

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«The green movement» - One of the largest victories гринписовцев in the given campaign can name refusal of flooding of an oil platform brent spar as it contained many toxic substances. Several active workers managed to steal up on a raft to a platform and to chain themselves to it. "Green" movement in the world.

«The english-speaking countries» - Australia. The English-speaking countries. USA. Disneyland. Scotland. Great Britain.

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«Женщина the woman» - As great a pity to see a woman cry as a goose go barefoot. От нашего ребра нам не ждать добра; Пословицы. Оценочная структура лексической единицы “женщина”. Пути пополнения лексической группы «женщина» в английском языке. Женский интеллект. Бабий язык, куда ни завались, достанет. Баба слезами беде помогает.

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«Periodic table of elements» - It takes part in enzymatic reactions in animals and plants. 3Co + C = Co3C. biological function. August 18, 1868 French scientist Pierre Janssen. inert gas. history of discovery. 1735 Swedish mineralogist Georg Brandt. 3Ni + N2 = Ni3N2. Vital for the body trace element. Ni + 4CO = Ni(CO)4. 2Co + O2 = 2CoO.

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