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Teen Dating Violence Prevention Staff Training

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1Teen Dating Violence Prevention Staff 19this reason, it is critical for teens to
Training. Sexual Harassment and Assault learn the elements of healthy versus
Prevention Program (SHAPP) (Insert School unhealthy dating relationships.
District) Public Schools. Training Date: 20Effects of Teen Dating Violence.
(Insert Date). Victim Self-blame Sadness, anger,
2Vision/Mission Statement. The vision confusion, depressed feelings, anxiousness
(and/or mission) of (school district) or fear Feelings of being threatened or
Public Schools is to (insert district humiliated.
vision/mission statement here). 21Effects of Teen Dating Violence.
3SHAPP Goals and Objectives. Highlight Victim Feelings of being unable to talk to
your district’s SHAPP goals/objectives anyone about the abuse Helplessness to
pertaining to teen dating violence in stop the abuse Protectiveness of partner.
bullet form Use your discretion as to 22Effects of Teen Dating Violence.
whether all SHAPP objectives should be Perpetrator The basis of TDV perpetration
listed here or simply those related to is unhealthy beliefs about self and others
teen dating violence. If the latter is and an unhealthy concept of interpersonal
chosen, you may want to briefly mention relations Use of aggression in dating
that additional program objectives are relationships persists over time if not
beyond the scope of this training and will corrected.
be covered in other program-related 23Signs of Teen Dating Violence.
trainings/activities. Include statement Teachers may see: Physical signs of injury
that draws clear and direct link between Changes in appearance such as clothes or
SHAPP goals/objectives on teen dating make-up Decreased grades, participation in
violence and school district class; truancy Changes in
vision/mission. mood/personality, emotional outbursts.
4What is Teen Dating Violence? Teen 24Signs of Teen Dating Violence.
Dating Violence (TDV) is defined as: Teachers may see: Decreased
Psychological/emotional, verbal, physical self-esteem/confidence, difficulty making
or sexual abuse, including forced decisions Signs of alcohol or drug use
isolation, threats and/or intimidation, Social isolation Sexual risk-taking
occurring in the context of a casual or behavior/pregnancy.
serious (long-term) teen dating 25Extent of Need. Although both males
relationship. Both males and females can and females can be victims of intimate
be perpetrators of teen dating violence. partner violence, about 85% of victims are
5TDV: A Continuum of Behaviors. female. Females, ages 16 – 24, report the
Psychological/ Emotional. Verbal. highest rates of relationship violence. 1
Physical. Sexual. Murder. in 3 adolescent females and males report
6TDV: A Continuum of Behaviors. The being involved in a violent dating
violence that can occur within a teen relationship. *Preferable to use
dating relationship ranges in severity district-specific data obtained from
from psychological and emotional abuse to county surveys/assessments. If none is
rape, with the most severe cases resulting available, use national statistics
in murder. TDV mirrors the characteristics provided. [Delete this before presenting].
of adult domestic violence, also called 26Extent of Need. 50 to 80% of teens
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). report knowing other teens who have
7Characteristics of TDV. experienced violent dating relationships.
Psychological/Emotional Abuse Controlling 15% of teenagers report having been hit,
behavior such as telling victim what to thrown down or attacked with a weapon by a
wear or who to be friends with Jealous dating partner. 25% of 8th and 9th graders
behavior/attempts to socially isolate report having been a victim of nonsexual
victim Humiliation, insults. dating violence; 8% a victim of sexual
8Characteristics of TDV. dating violence.
Psychological/Emotional Abuse Attempts to 27SHAPP Strategies to Prevent Teen
make victim feel guilty Constant criticism Dating Violence. (Enter district’s plan to
or blame for things that go wrong Threats address teen dating violence.) - (Include
of violence to self or others Stalking. policies against teen dating violence.)
9Characteristics of TDV. Verbal Abuse (Enter specific how-to’s for staff to
(commonly overlaps with emotional abuse) implement SHAPP plan) (Enter here and on
Name calling, using sexually derogatory following slide(s)).
names Swearing, yelling at victim 28Evaluating Strategies to Prevent Teen
Criticizing opinions, insulting beliefs or Dating Violence. (Enter district’s plan to
values Putting down family or friends. evaluate teen dating violence prevention
10Characteristics of TDV. Physical Abuse plan) (Enter specific role of staff to
Slapping, hitting/punching, shoving, evaluate the plan, include as many
shaking, choking, etc. Using a weapon step-by-step how-to’s as possible) (Enter
Throwing objects Damaging personal here and on following slide(s)).
property. 29Online Resources. Dating and Violence
11Characteristics of TDV. Sexual Abuse Should Never Be a Couple:
Making unwanted sexual advances Sexual www.teendatingviolence.org The National
coercion Forcing unwanted sexual activity Center for Victims of Crime; Teen Victim
Attempting to engage in sexual activity Project:
with a partner who is under the influence http://www.ncvc.org/tvp/main.aspx?dbID=das
of drugs/alcohol Rape. _Home The National Center for Victims of
12Why Does TDV Occur? Adolescents: Are Crime; Dating Violence Resource Center:
inexperienced with dating relationships http://www.ncvc.org/ncvc/main.aspx?dbID=DB
and, therefore, are in a learning process DatingViolenceResourceCenter101.
Have difficulty recognizing abusive 30Online Resources. Pennsylvania
behaviors, e.g., they are more likely to Coalition Against Rape - Teen PCAR:
view jealous/controlling behavior as a www.teenpcar.com VaWnet* Teen Dating
sign of love. Violence – Information and Resources:
13Why Does TDV Occur? Adolescents: http://www.vawnet.org/NRCDVPublications/TA
Typically do not view dating violence as E/Packets/NRC_TDV.php VaWnet Teen Dating
injurious to the relationship or a reason Violence Campaigns:
to dissolve the relationship Typically do http://www.vawnet.org/DomesticViolence/Pre
not report dating violence to a parent or entionAndEducation/Campaigns/TDVCampaigns.
adult, which has implications for the hp Washington State Office of the Attorney
longevity of the abuse. General Teen Dating Violence – FAQ for
14Factors that Influence TDV. Attitudes Parents:
Adolescents who believe that it is http://www.atg.wa.gov/violence/FAQParents.
acceptable to use violence are more likely html. *National Online Resource Center on
to perpetrate dating violence Peer Violence Against Women.
Influence Adolescents who have friends in 31References. Bureau of Justice
a violent dating relationship are more Statistics. Special Report Intimate
likely to both be perpetrators and victims Partner Violence and Age of Victim,
of dating violence. *Note: peer influence 1993-1999. Washington, DC: U.S. Government
has been found to be more predictive of Printing Office (2001). Dating Violence,
dating violence than inter- parental Alabama Coalition Against Domestic
violence. Violence, www.acadv.org/dating.html Dating
15Factors that Influence TDV. Additional Violence Facts, National Coalition Against
factors – community violence Adolescent Domestic Violence,
boys and girls who experience community http://www.ncadv.org/files/datingviolence_
violence are more likely to be pdf Facts for Teens: Teen Dating Violence,
perpetrators of dating violence Adolescent National Youth Violence Prevention
girls who experience community violence Resource Center, www.safeyouth.org Fact
are also more likely to be victims of Sheet on Dating Violence, The National
dating violence. Center for Victims of Crime,
16Factors that Influence TDV. Additional http://www.ncvc.org/tvp/AGP.Net/Components
factors – aggression Adolescents who are DocumentViewer/Download.aspxnz?DocumentID=
aggressive with their peers are more 9512.
likely to be aggressive with their dating 32References. Fact Sheet on Intimate
partner Adolescents who have previously Partner and Family Violence, National
used aggression with a dating partner are Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center,
more likely to be using aggression www.safeyouth.org Fact Sheet on Teen
currently. Dating Violence, Violence Prevention
17Factors that Influence TDV. Additional Program, Connecticut Children’s Medical
factors – history of abuse Adolescent Center, March 2002. Foshee, V.A., Lindner,
girls who have a past history of sexual G.F., Bauman, K.E., Langwick, S.A.,
abuse (including child sexual abuse) or Arriga, X.B., Health, J.L., McMahon, P.M.,
prior sexual victimization are more likely Bangdiwala, S. The Safe Dates Project:
to be victims of sexual violence in Theoretical Basis, Evaluation Design, and
dating. Selected Baseline Findings. Youth Violence
18Factors that Influence TDV. Prevention: Description and baseline data
Personality Characteristics Low from 13 evaluation projects (K.Powell, D.
self-esteem, sad and hopeless feelings and Hawkins, Eds.). American Journal of
confrontational coping/poor communication Preventive Medicine, Supplement, 1996,
strategies Problem Behavior Drug and 12(5), 39-47. Retrieved February 27, 2006,
alcohol use, early sexual activity, risky from the National Coalition Against
sexual behaviors, pregnancy and unhealthy Domestic Violence Website: www.ncadv.org.
weight control. *Note that it is unknown 33References. If you are a Victim of
whether relationship violence is a cause Teen Dating Violence, The National Center
or a result of the above factors. for Victims of Crime, www.ncvrc.org
19Implications of TDV. An individual’s O’Keefe, M. (2005). Teen Dating Violence:
understanding of any type of relationship A Review of Risk Factors and Prevention
is largely based on their first experience Efforts. National Resource Center on
of that relationship. Because teens are Domestic Violence: NRCDV Publications.
just forming their understanding of the 34SHAPP Contact Information. Main
dynamics of a dating relationship, teen Contact: (Name) (Phone) (Email) Secondary
dating violence sets a harmful precedent Contact: (Name) (Phone) (Email).
for subsequent romantic relationships. For
Teen Dating Violence Prevention Staff Training.ppt
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Teen Dating Violence Prevention Staff Training

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