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The Age of Radio, Mass Media, and Going to the Movies

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1The Age of Radio, Mass Media, and 5commercials. Companies wanted to advertise
Going to the Movies. What new technologies their products so radio companies sold
were created during the 1920s and 1930s. them air time.
How did technological advancements change 6The radio joined newspapers as a form
the lives of Americans? of mass media. Families would gather
2Ford’s assembly line soon spread to around their radios and listen to their
many other businesses. Mass production was favorite shows. They joined millions of
used to manufacture many different other Americans doing the same thing.
products. 7People across America were buying the
3In 1901 Guglielmo Marconi sent the same products that were advertised on the
first radio message across the Atlantic. radio. Songs instantly became popular
At first he only wanted to use his across the nation. Through the power of
invention for ships, but in 1916 his mass media American culture began to take
employees suggested he could make money by shape.
selling radios for entertainment. 8The movie industry also began to grow
Marconi's company rejected this idea. during this time. In the early 1900’s
4Frank Conrad saw radio’s potential and movies were an inexpensive form of
began broadcasting from Pittsburgh. At the entertainment. People went to theaters
same time Radio Corporation of America called nickelodeons where they paid a
(RCA) had been founded to compete with nickel to watch a movie.
Marconi’s company and began making radios 9Early movies were short and silent.
for home use. In 1921 they broadcasted a Popular subjects were recreations of news
championship boxing match live and radio events and well-known stories.
sales soared. 10Like radio, movies encouraged culture.
5People were tuning in to more and more People copied hairstyles and clothing of
news programs. They also listened to their favorite stars. New technology
comedies, dramas, and music programs. Once allowed silent movies to include sound.
radio sales slowed, the radio turned to These new movies were called “talkies”.
The Age of Radio, Mass Media, and Going to the Movies.ppt
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The Age of Radio, Mass Media, and Going to the Movies

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