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Tokyo 2010, May 11-14
Tokyo 2010, May 11-14
Type A: Individualizing
Type A: Individualizing
Type B: Subjugating
Type B: Subjugating
Type C: Hiearching
Type C: Hiearching
Type D Equalizing
Type D Equalizing
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The Biggest Challenge for Multicultural Teams

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1The Biggest Challenge for 24Differentiating the Types. A and B say
Multicultural Teams. Sheryl Takagi Silzer things regardless of others’ feelings to
Sunny EunSun Hong. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. justify self face, they perceive they
2The Biggest Challenge for speak the truth C and D guard what they
Multicultural Teams. To discover the say in order not to hurt others’ feelings
extent to which we believe our culture to and will lie or bend the truth to maintain
be biblical. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. group face. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14.
3Biggest Challenge. First need to 25Differentiating the Types.
understand culture. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. Hierarchy/strong structure & community
4A Model of Culture. What comes to mind Prominently displays photos/pictures of
when you think about culture? Tokyo 2010, the national leader/s, authority figures
May 11-14. The dead influence the living (eg. Japan
5Culture. We are shaped by our culture kimono) Age is important (eg. younger
through the ideals and values reflected in siblings waits for older to get married
how we carry out our everyday activities. first). Tokyo 2010, May 11-14.
Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. 26Decision-making type. A=Makes own
6Culture forms patterns of behavior decisions B=Follows the rules of the
shaped by… types of decision-making (will) system C=Submits to the hierarchy
ideals, beliefs/values, thinking (mind) D=Submits to the group. Tokyo 2010, May
types of social relationships/ social 11-14.
responsibility (heart). Tokyo 2010, May 27Truth/knowledge/thinking. A=Finds own
11-14. truth B=Follows the system truth/rules
7Learning culture. Using a model of C=Accepts the hierarchy’s truth, tradition
culture-- Structure and Community. Tokyo D=Accepts the group’s principles of
2010, May 11-14. equality. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14.
8British social anthropologist, Mary 28Relationships. A=Choose your own
Douglas. Studied cultures all over the friends, not long term relationships
world Found two main dimensions Structure B=Choose relationships according to rules,
(grid), differences Community (group), not long term relationship C=Family’s
similarities. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. friends are your friends forever D=Your
9Structure and Community. Differences friends are those who continue to share
(Structure) age gender social status job, the same principles of equality. Tokyo
prestige ethnicity/color wealth. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14.
2010, May 11-14. 29Which type describes you?
10Community. Similarities (Community) A=Individualizing B=Subjugating
cohesiveness through regular socializing C=Hierarching D=Equalizing. Tokyo 2010,
social responsibility. Tokyo 2010, May May 11-14.
11-14. 30Case Study 1. What went wrong? What
11Two dimensions form. 4 four different were the important things to Pastor Lee?
cultural activities 1. Individuating 2. What were the assumptions Pastor Lee and
Subjugating 3. Hierarching 4. Equalizing. Mrs. Lee had about their Western
Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. colleagues? In what way does Pastor Lee
12Cultural Ideals maintained by.. 1. identify his cultural values as biblical
Individuating behavior 2. Isolating values? Tokyo 2010, May 11-14.
behavior 3. Hierarching behavior 4. 31Case Study 2. What is important to
Equalizing behavior. Tokyo 2010, May Susan? How does she communicate with the
11-14. team members? Why does she have a problem
134 Types of Cultural Ideals. A= (weak of not getting any opinions from the Asian
structure, weak community) B= (strong and African members? Tokyo 2010, May
structure, weak community) C= (strong 11-14.
structure, strong community) D= (weak 32Differentiating Culture from Biblical
structure, strong community). Tokyo 2010, Values. What Scripture is needed in each
May 11-14. situation? How might all the people
14Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. reflect the image of God? Tokyo 2010, May
15Type A: Individualizing. Weak 11-14.
Structure Weak Community Eg. US, consumer 33Cultural Bias. Each type has a
cultures. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. cultural bias, that is, you prefer doing
16Individualizing. Makes individual things one way over other ways Or having
decisions Has individual truth Takes to do things another way is uncomfortable,
individual social responsibility. Tokyo upsetting, or makes you angry. November
2010, May 11-14. 17, 2015. ARILAC 2009.
17Type B: Subjugating. Strong Structure 34Type A Cultural Bias. when people do
Weak Community Eg. UK, Germany, US not challenge the rules of the system
institutions, Biola. Tokyo 2010, May (Type B), when people do not make
11-14. individual decisions or want to follow the
18Subjugating. Decisions follow the traditional hierarchy (Type C), or when
rules Truth is the system Individual people want to share resources equally
social responsibility. Tokyo 2010, May (Type D). November 17, 2015. ARILAC 2009.
11-14. 35Type B Cultural Bias. when people
19Type C: Hiearching. Strong Structure challenge or try to get around the rules
Strong Community Japan, Korea, China, of the system (Type A), when people use
Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam. Tokyo community pressure or follow the hierarchy
2010, May 11-14. (Type C), or when people discount the
20Hierarching. Decisions by the top of rules of the system and the authority
the hierarchy, tradition, consensus Truth figures that uphold the system (Type D).
follows tradition Community social November 17, 2015. ARILAC 2009.
responsibility. Tokyo 2010, May 11-14. 36Type C Cultural Bias. people try to be
21Type D Equalizing. Weak Structure creative and innovative (Type A), when
Strong Community Eg. Australia, Papua, people do not use community support (Type
Central Asia Caribbean. Tokyo 2010, May B), or when people reject the orderly
11-14. rules of the system and challenge the
22Equalizing. Decisions by the community authority figures (Type D). November 17,
Truth defined as equality Social 2015. ARILAC 2009.
responsibility for the community. Tokyo 37Type D Cultural Bias. people do not
2010, May 11-14. take equality in the community into
23Differentiating the types. A= does not account (Type A), when people insist on
have the same rules or does not affiliate following the rules of the system or
with only one group B= rules differentiate blindly following authority figures (Type
what people do, not who they are C= rules B), or when people support the
differentiate people within a group D= inequalities of the system (Type C).
principles define equality in the group. November 17, 2015. ARILAC 2009.
Tokyo 2010, May 11-14.
The Biggest Challenge for Multicultural Teams.ppt
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The Biggest Challenge for Multicultural Teams

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