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DFG‘s Organisational Structure
DFG‘s Organisational Structure
Thank you very much for your attention
Thank you very much for your attention
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The DFG Study of Author Experience of Open Access Dr

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1The DFG Study of Author Experience of 5Oceanography, Geology and Paleontology,
Open Access Dr. Johannes Fournier (Bonn). Geophysics and Geodesy, Geochemistry,
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschft (German Mineralogy and Crystallography, Geography,
Research Society). Water Research ENG = Engineering
2DFG‘s Organisational Structure. Production Technology, Mechanics and
3I. Survey Design II. Preliminary Constructive Mechanical Engineering,
Results 1. Trends and Tendencies 2. Process Engineering, Technical Chemistry,
Discipline-Specific Differences 3. Heat Energy Technology, Thermal Machines
Awareness, Knowledge, and Usage 4. Costs, and Drives, Materials Engineering,
Fees, and Royalties 5. Views and Opinions Materials Science, Raw Materials, System
III. Possible Roads to Take. Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
4Survey Design: Structure of Our Computer Science, Construction Engineering
Questionnaire (1.023 respondents from 48 and Architecture. 4 Scientific Disciplines
research areas). I. Publication and and 48 Research Areas.
Reading II. Open Access: Awareness, 6Respondent‘s Distribution.
Declarations, Journals, Self-Archiving 7Should the DFG rather be Encouraged in
III. Publication and License Fees IV. On Promoting Open Access?
Spending the DFG‘s publication grants V. 8Most Reasonable Places for Depositing
Person, Profession, Institution, Age, Self-Archived Articles.
Gender. 9Editorial Experience.
5HSS = Humanities and Social Sciences 10Open Access Awareness. Is open access
Ancient Cultures, History, Fine Arts still unknown as means of publication? How
Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Theatre familiar are you with the Berlin
and Media Studies, Ethnology, Non-European declaration?
Cultures, Religious Studies, Theology, 11How many articles did you publish in
Philosophy, Education Sciences, an open access journal within the last 5
Psychology, Social Sciences, Economics, years?
Jurisprudence LS = Life Sciences 12Proportion of Self-Archived Articles
Foundations of Biology and Medicine, Plant (Postprints) within the last 5 years.
Science, Zoology, Microbiology, Virology 13Self-Archived Articles (Preprints)
and Immunology, Medicine, Neurosciences, within the last 5 years.
Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture and 14Would you be willing to pay for the
Veterinary Medicine NS = Natural Sciences publication of a research article in an
Molecular Chemistry, Chemical Solid State open access journal?
Research, Physical Chemistry of Molecules, 15Did you ever pay fees for the
Liquids and Interfaces, General, publication of a research article?
Theoretical Chemistry, Analytical 16Some Criteria in Choosing a Journal
Chemistry, Method Development, Chemistry for a Publication and Improvement of
of Biological Systems, Polymer Research, International Visibility of German
Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Quantum Journals.
Optics and Physics of Atoms, Molecules and 17Some Views on Open Access.
Plasmas, Particles, Nuclei and Fields, 18Thank you very much for your
Statistical Physics and Nonlinear attention! Dr. Johannes Fournier
Dynamics, Astrophysics and Astronomy, johannes.fournier@dfg.de. Further
Mathematics, Atmospheric Science and Information at: www.dfg.de.
The DFG Study of Author Experience of Open Access Dr.ppt
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The DFG Study of Author Experience of Open Access Dr

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