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The Life and Adventures of Jack London
The Life and Adventures of Jack London
The Life and Adventures of Jack London

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The Life and Adventures of Jack London

The Life and Adventures of Jack London.ppt
1The Life and Adventures of Jack 12quote really resembles Londons writing
London. By: Yanni Kevas. style, which is short, simple, and direct
2 yet very powerful. The Gold Rush and
3Thesis Statement. Jack Londons life Londons northern experience influenced
was contradictory. At points in his life, many of Jack Londons novels and short
he wrote best-selling novels using various stories, such as The Call of the Wild and
philosophies as well as amazing short White Fang. (literarytraveler.com).
stories, but during these times, he was 13Karl Marx. Marxs essays influenced
also an alcoholic, oyster pirate, hobo, Jack London the most. His theories led
gold miner, and a lot more. His life was a London to advocate socialism. Londons
mystery, that we will never fully solve. longing for a socialist revolution is
4White Fang. White Fang, half-dog and evident in The Iron Heel.
half wolf, is destroyed by the cruel (london.sonoma.edu).
treatment of humans. He is hostile towards 14Ernst Haeckel. Ernst has influenced
those that approach him. White Fang is at Londons scientific knowledge. His theory
the top of the food chain, for he is the states that the development of animal
Blessed Wolf, and all that oppose him origin recapitulates the evolutionary
would never see the next day, but there is history of its species. This theory also
one thing that could save White Fang- pertains to humans. Ernst also influenced
human love. White Fang is slowly saved by Londons racialism. Ernst created Monism
this love. Eventually, White Fang becomes as well, which is the study of the world.
a creature of loyalty, obedience, and (london.sonoma.edu).
affection. 15David Starr Jordan. London and Jordan
5Family Background and Early Life. Jack first met in Oakland where Jack attended
London had an awkward family. He was Davids lectures about evolution. David
constantly moving, and his parents were a was a major supporter of Social Darwinism,
total mess. Londons early life was as well as a supporter of the eugenics
hectic. He was deserted by his father and movement. London also supported the
then raised by his mother, who eventually eugenics movement and it was Jordan who
gave him up to an ex-slave. The ex-slaves most likely introduced it to him.
name was Virginia Prentiss, and she raised (london.sonoma.edu).
London through infancy. Jack London 16John Tyndall. John was a supporter of
eventually went on to complete grade Charles Darwins theories. He was a man
school in Oakland. of ordinary means who rose above his
(newworldencyclopedia.org). surroundings. Tyndall had a dynamic
6Marriage. married Bess Maddern on personality and was a role model to Jack
April 7, 1900, the same day The Son of the London. (london.sonoma.edu).
Wolf was published. They were friends, 17Herbert Spencer. Spencer created the
and Jack London even said that he didnt phrase survival of the fittest, which is
love her. He thought marrying someone he a reoccurring theme in The Call of the
didnt actually love would create a Wild, White Fang, and other books that
successful marriage. In 1904, London involve the wild. Spencer adapted the
divorced Bess, and married Charmian theory of evolution into a social system
Kittredge. London called her mate woman, in which those individuals, species, or
and they went on numerous trips together. races with the best acquired
They attempted to have children, but one characteristics would survive. Herberts
died, and the other was a miscarriage. writings were responsible for the rise of
(newworldencyclopedia.org). the Social Darwinism. (london.sonoma.edu).
7Racial Views. Jack London was a 18Friedrich Nietzsche. Friedrich was a
racist. He was concerned about Asian German philosopher that developed the
immigration, and wrote an essay called superman theory. The superman was
The Yellow Peril. It criticizes Asians. perfect in both mind and body. The theory
Although Jack London disliked Asians, he is incorporated in Martin Eden and The Sea
admired Japanese customs and capabilities. Wolf. At the end of The Call of the Wild,
London portrayed Mexican and Hawaiian Buck is a superdog, and White Fang is a
characters, as well as Asian characters, superwolf in the middle of the story.
in his short stories. In 1910, there was a (london.sonoma.edu).
huge fight, and one of the competitors was 191876-1916. a time of major change
black and the other white. Jack London Industrialization and urbanization were
said that he routed for Jeffries, who was dominant, and there was also segregation
the white man, but he praised Johnson and racial differences. workers
highly. Jack Londons racial views are not movements responded to unhealthy
evident in his novels, but are common in conditions, long hours, and low pay. Women
his short stories. (wikipedia.org). sought the right to vote. Reformers
8Darwinism. designates a distinctive attacked a variety of concerns, and
form of evolutionary explanation for the socialism developed. literature, art,
history and diversity of life on Earth and architecture flourished. The public
Darwinism is a type of evolution that is became better educated, and a middle-class
evident in The Call of the Wild and White emerged. (london.sonoma.edu).
Fang. (plato.stanford.edu). 20Death. Jack Londons death is
9Socialism. any of various economic controversial. older sources describe it
and political theories advocating as a suicide, some still do, but it is
collective or governmental ownership and most likely a rumor. Uremia could also
administration of the means of production have been the cause. He was in extreme
and distribution of goods. There is no pain and taking morphine. a morphine
private property. the means of overdose, accidental or deliberate, may
production are owned and controlled by the have contributed. (readeasily.com).
state. Socialism is morally corrupting, 21Jack Londons Writing Style. Jack
and is not very evident in Jack Londons Londons novels are short, simple, and
writing. Londons most popular piece of direct. I found an example in White Fang,
Socialist writing is The Iron Heel. It is and it says White Fang was very wise.
about a socialist movement in the United Simple sentences are used commonly in
States, which would lead to an alternate Londons writing. Jacks naturalistic
future. (socialistviewpoint.org). writing style also focuses on character
10Realism/Naturalism. Realism and development. White Fang develops into a
Naturalism are very closely related. They regular dog, while Buck becomes a vicious
both render reality closely, which is beast. Plot is important, but not as vital
like verisimilitude. In Realism and as the characters. Setting is significant
Naturalism, character is more important in Jack Londons writing as well. The
than the plot. Both ideas are in setting in White Fang and The Call of the
explicable relation to nature, to each Wild is the Klondike. Jack London
other, to their social class, and to their describes the setting using his own
own past. The working class is also personal experiences. Verisimilitude is
commonly used in these types of novels. used a lot in Londons writings too.
Lastly, they both involve plausible 22Conclusion. Jack Londons life was
events, and diction is natural vernacular, really interesting. As a young boy, he
which basically means that the word choice grew up having to deal with crazy parents
and dialogue reflects the setting of the and lots of moving. When he grew up, he
story. (wsu.edu). dealt with many jobs, including gold
11Occupations. London was in the working mining in the Klondike. Jack London
class, and his various jobs were very believed in many philosophies, and was
labor intensive. He was an oyster pirate influenced by many people. Lastly, Jack
on the San Francisco Bay. Jack London was London was an amazing author, and that is
also on a fish patrol to catch poachers. why is books are still popular today.
He sailed the Pacific on a sealing ship as 23Work Cited. Tennant, Roy and Stasz,
well. At one point in his life, Jack was Clarice The Jack London Online Collection
also a hobo. His most famous job, other Sonoma State University Library 3 July
than being an author, was in the Yukon 2009 Web 17 May 2011
where he mined for gold. http://london.sonoma.edu/ London, Jack
(london.sonoma.edu). newworldencyclopedia.org 4 August 2007 Web
12Gold Rush. Jack London joined the gold 17 May 2011
rush because he was desperate, and he http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/
actually had to borrow money from his step ack_London Jack London wikipedia.org 23
sister to get to the Klondike. When Jack May 2011 Web 17 May 2011
London got to the Klondike, he was first http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_London
tested by a pair of rapids at Miles Darwinism Stanford Encyclopedia of
Canyon and Whitehorse. London Philosophy Stanford University 19 January
successfully navigated the rapids, and 2010 Web 17 May 2011
helped others cross for money. Later http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/darwinis
during his trip, Jack was stuck at a cabin / Haigh, Ken The Spell of the Yukon: Jack
all winter, 75 miles away from his London and the Klondike Gold Rush
destination. They later found gold on the Literary Traveler Web 17 May 2011
Stewart River. London said, It was in the http://literarytraveler.com/literary_artic
Klondike I found myself. There, nobody es/jack_london_yukon.aspx.
talks. Everybody thinks. You get your true 24
perspective. I got mine. I think this
The Life and Adventures of Jack London.ppt

The Life and Adventures of Jack London

The Life and Adventures of Jack London

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