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The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles
The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles
The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles
The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles
The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles
The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles
Xbox 360
Xbox 360
Xbox 360 Dashboard
Xbox 360 Dashboard
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3
PS3 Interface
PS3 Interface
Sony Home
Sony Home
The Nintendo Wii
The Nintendo Wii
Wii Classic controller to allow for classic style gameplay of
Wii Classic controller to allow for classic style gameplay of
Wii Classic controller to allow for classic style gameplay of
Wii Classic controller to allow for classic style gameplay of
The Console Interface
The Console Interface
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The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles

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1The Next Generation of Gaming 18The Nintendo Wii.
Consoles. 19Wii Classic controller to allow for
2History of the Last Gen. Sony had the classic style gameplay of downloaded games
#1 Console (PS2), was also the oldest and from Nintendo and Sega past. Nunchuck
weakest, but had strong developer support add-on to the wii remote to allow for more
Newcomer, Microsoft X-Box, attracted more involved gameplay.
mature gamers with its power and adult 20The Console Interface.
oriented games Nintendo lost a lot of its 21The Wii Stats. PowerPC Processor
fan base due to its lack of support for clocked at 729MHz ATI GPU Processor
its middle powered, kid-friendly console, clocked at 243MHz Over 100MB of ram memory
the GameCube. 512 MB of built in flash memory for
3Market Strategies. Everyone knew that storing games and data SD card slot Slot
this next generation was going to be driven disc drive capable of playing both
difficult to win with such steep Wii DVDs and GameCube mini-DVDs 2 USB
competition… slots 4 GameCube controller ports and 2
4Microsoft’s Look-around. They wanted a memory card ports Up to 4 wireless Wii
console which…. HD graphics Robust online controllers using bluetooth technology The
play Unified community Backwards ability to use GameCube contollers along
compatible Familiar to old players with Wii controllers for possibility of 8
Customizable Integrated media player. player games Wi-Fi out of the box Wii
5Xbox 360. controllers have an accessory port to
6Xbox 360 Dashboard. allow controller add-ons to plug in Sensor
7360 Stats. Triple core PowerPC at bar for mouse-like pointer ability Can use
3.2GHz ATI GPU 512MB at 700MHz 3 USB Component cables for up to 480p resolution
slots, two up front, one in the back HDMI $250 for console.
(elite), Component, VGA or composite 22What this all means… The Nintendo Wii
cables for connection to TV 20 GB is the weakest of the new systems only 2.5
removable Hard Drive or 120GB (elite) Tray times as powerful as its predecessor and
loading drive uses DVDs and can read cds 1.5 times as powerful as the first Xbox
and dvds, plus an additional drive add-on The Wii’s controllers are all motion
can read HD-DVDs Up to 4 wireless sensing and can point in precision like a
controllers similar in design to first mouse. The Wii is not in HD, but is much
xbox Port in controllers to plug in cheaper to produce for Wii channels offer
Headset Ethernet port and can use wireless new ideas.
with adaptor 2 versions with a 3rd coming 23Advantages/disadvantages. Xbox 360
out end of april $299 for core, $399 for pro… Cheaper than PS3 with minimal to no
premium, $479 for elite. loss on graphic quality Comes with all the
8What this means…. HD graphics capable cables necessary for HD and online play
of 480i-1080p (although only HDMI and VGA Xbox live has largest user base for any
connection can be used for 1080p) Can only online community and the xbox live arcade
play HD-DVD movies with additional drive downloadable games Downloadable TV and
Robust Xbox Live community with most every movies are taking off fast Has largest
game online Ipod and other mp3 players can library of games due to its release a year
plug into it Can connect with windows before competitors.
based PCs Downloadable TV episodes, 24PS3 Pro… Most powerful console “Home”
movies, HD movies, music, games, demos, Sony’s new 3d Avatar based virtual world
additional content. (like the sims) is used for online
9Sony’s Dominance or Demise. Having the community and gaming Blu-ray player
most developers and having the highest Downloadable games SIXAXIS motion sensing
selling console and fan base, Sony decides (although not near as advanced as the
to take advantage of it Possibly too much Wii’s) Linux support.
advantage… 25Wii pro… Cheapest choice New style of
10Wanting to push blu-ray, a technology gameplay using motion sensing and pointing
it owns, sony decides to make this the New types of games New types of players
format of the PS3 Developers find blu-ray Virtual console downloadable classics
much to expensive of a format Sony’s Opera Browser support Largest base of
console will use state-of-the-art cell exlusive franchises Miis.
processors to power it, again expensive 26Xbox 360 cons… It is the “middle”
Sony had an original controller design but console No motion sensing at all Does not
got rid of it in favor of the almost exact use bluetooth Not as broad of a genre and
same controller design they have had since age base as Nintendo and Sony Too many
PS1 They want it to push HD graphics to versions.
the max and be wi-fi with free online 27PS3 cons… Too expensive, puts it way
gameplay. out of reach of many customers Least
11PlayStation 3. exclusives thanks to lost support No
12PS3 Interface. rumble feature in the controller Poor
13Sony Home. marketing Too much reliance of fan base If
14PS3 Stats. 3.2 GHz cell processor blu-ray fails….
Nvidia GPU of 256MBs at 650MHz 20gb ($499) 28Wii cons… Expensive controllers Not
or 60gb ($599) hard drives Plays blu-ray many deep games as of now Not capable of
discs, dvds, cds through slot loading HD graphics Little memory for downloaded
drive Memory card slots for SD, memory games Poor online support Too much
stick, xd, Compactflash on $599 version reliance on franchises Not as much
Backwards compatible USB slots HDMI, multi-media features.
component, composite cables for video 29What this means…. The final choice is
Wireless controllers (with some motion yours… There is no “better console” they
sensing) using bluetooth up to 4, possibly all have their own strengths and
7 $499 or $599. weaknesses PS3 and Xbox 360 are very
15What this means… HD graphics form similar in both games and power PS3 is
480i-1080p (no HD cables come with the selling very poorly due to its high price
console unlike 360) Online play is free Wii is selling the best in time but over
Media player abilities Can watch blu-ray Xbox 360 has sold more due to its longer
movies cheaper than current blu-ray length of availability.
players Lots of computing power for 30The general rules… Non-gamers should
advanced AI. get the wii RPG lovers and HD movie
16Nintendo’s new style. The company fanatics should get a PS3 First-person
realized that they could not compete shooter fans should get an xbox 360 Two
monetarily with the machines of Microsoft huge advantages the wii has is that it is
and Sony, who could afford any and cheap enough to have it and one of the
everything So they tried a new, radical other consoles and its appeal to new
approach by making these necessary gamers and non-gamers which could swing
requirements for their new console… the war in its favor….. But keep in mind
17Cheap manufacturing costs Easy to that it is the quality of games which will
develop for Small and efficient Innovative sell the system more than anything.
Allows for new people to join the gaming 31Sources. www.ign.com
industry (grandparents, parents, women) www.wikipedia.com.
What did they come up with…
The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles.ppt
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The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles

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