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The Path to Accessible PDFs

содержание презентации «The Path to Accessible PDFs.ppt»
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1The Path to Accessible PDFs. Sandra 20all the text information you want to work
Clark Senior Developer The Constella Group with. Make sure all the text information
sclark@constellagroup.com. is surrounded by blue squares. Select the
2Overview. Why PDF’s Definitions type of content from the reading order
Creating a New PDF with Microsoft Word panel.
Converting an existing PDF to an 21Removing Content. Sometimes it is
Accessible Format Checking Accessibility necessary to remove content from the
Increasing Accessibility. document structure. Items such as visual
3Why PDF’s. Different Platforms = Same images that aren’t relevant to the content
Look Content Control Retention Documents Information that is misrecognized by the
cannot easily be altered Printing and tags When the touch up panel is open Draw
content extraction can be limited Print a box, using the cross hairs to surround
and Online, looks the same. the information you want to remove. Select
4Definitions. Image Only PDF Scanned the “Background’ button from the panel.
image, no actual text Not Accessible This removes the gray regions from the
Requires OCR before it can be made content and removes the content from the
accessible. Searchable PDF Text Content document structure.
Not Tagged Not Accessible Tagged PDF 22Reclassifying Content. Some
Contains a Document structure Searchable information in a page may be classified
and Accessible. incorrectly A Heading might be classified
5Tagged PDF. Tags provide structure and as text.
hierarchy to a document This structure can 23To reclassify content in an entire
control the reading order Tags improve region. Click on the number in the upper
Accessibility Forms Language Definition. left corner of the region you want to
6Adobe Versions and Accessibility. With reclassify. Select the correct content
each version Adobe has implemented greater type from the touch up panel The selected
ease in implementing accessibility Adobe 5 region is now changed to the requested
First version to produce Tagged PDFs content type.
Accessibility provided by a plugin Adobe 6 24To reclassify content in part of a
First version to natively implement region. Draw a box around the content you
accessibility Adobe 7 Added Touch Up Tool want to change the classification using
and other devices to aid in creating the cross hairs. Select the correct
accessible PDFs. Acrobat 7 Professional content type from the touch up panel. The
supports form development. regions will now split into two or more
7Creating a New PDF - Programs. distinct regions.
Accessible PDFs can be created most 25Controlling Reading Order. Once tags
effectively with Microsoft Office 2000 and are added, the reading order must be
above. Adobe’s Desktop Publishing confirmed. Reading order can vary
Software, Pagemaker and InDesign will also depending on the layout complexity of the
work well in creating Accessible PDFs. document. To verify the reading order you
8Creating a New PDF – Microsoft Word. must first Save the file as a “Text
Acrobat installs plugins into Office (Accessible) type. Open the text file and
Products To ensure a properly tagged review it for the logical flow.
document is created, the conversion 26Controlling Reading order using the
settings of the PDF Maker must be set up. Touch up panel. Identify the two regions
The default settings should produce a which are not in the correct reading
tagged PDF document Conversion Settings order. Move the cross hairs cursor to the
Check With the document open in MS Word number in the upper left corner of the
Choose Adobe PDF from the menu bar and region to be moved The cursor will change
select “Change Conversion Settings Make to a “hand” Click and drag the number to
sure “Enable accessibility and reflow with the new location Can be within another
Tagged PDF” is checked. region. You need to place the region
9Create your document. Just as with precisely. The cursor will change to a
HTML, your Word document should be caret to assist You may need to increase
properly structured with styles. Follow a the zoon level to ensure the correct
proper information hierarchy. Don’t use placement. Acrobat will automatically
tabs or spaces to visually present renumber to show the order the information
information. Format the styles in MS Word will be read in. However, the regions will
to visually present your information. If not move visually in the document itself.
you are going to create columns, use the You are changing the reading order of the
columns creator under the format menu to document structure, not the visual
do so, don’t use tabs. content.
10Save your document. Choose Adobe PDF 27The Tags Tab. The Tags tab allows the
from the menu bar Select “Convert to Adobe user to view the content structure and
PDF” Name and save the file Open Adobe make changes. Acrobat 5 and 6 only have
Acrobat to continue working with the the tags tab In Acrobat 7, its recommended
tagged document. to use the touch up panel instead.
11PDF’s with Images. If images are used 28Controlling Reading Order with the
within a document created in the above Tags Tab. Open the Tags Tab Open a tagged
manner, remember that all images must have document in Acrobat Select “View/Tags”
alternative text that describes the image. from the menu. To work with the Tags Tab
If a lengthy text description is required, Select the appropriate item in the tags
consider inserting it into the document tab you want to change and click the right
itself either preceding or following the mouse button.
image. 29Tables and PDFs. PDF’s can handle
12To create alternative text in MS Word. tables that are created as tables in MS
Select the image and perform a right-click Word, provided the table is not very
operation Select “Format Picture” Under complex. Tags in markup are similar to
the Web Tag Enter a short description of those in HTML <Table> is the first
the image. Be descriptive as to what the markup tag before any table content is
image is and (if necessary) its purpose described. <Tr> is used to associate
Click “OK”. rows. <TH> is used within <Tr>
13Converting an existing PDF. In order to represent header information <Td>
to create an accessible PDF, Acrobat needs is used within <Tr> to represent
to separate the content from the column information. Readers are not as
presentation. With items that are not good with associating cells with
created using the process described appropriate row and column information in
earlier, that conversion needs to be done PDFs as they are in HTML (with the scope
within Acrobat. Depending on the structure and header attributes).
(or lack thereof) of the document, this 30Forms and PDFs. PDF Forms allow users
can be a slow and tedious process. to enter Content in the PDF and either
Whenever possible, if a document was not print or save the document. Adobe Designer
created in an accessible manner, find the 7.0 does a good job of creating tagged PDF
original and work it within MS Word and forms. If you do a lot of forms with
create the structure there prior to Acrobat, this is the way to go. Only
working with it as a PDF. Acrobat Professional allows you to create
14Converting Existing PDF forms, Standard does not.
Recommendations. If an original document 31Improving Form Accessibility. Do not
exists Open the document in an MS Office use keyboard characters (such as an
application. Format the document using the underscore) to visually denote form
style elements as described earlier and fields. Make sure to enter supporting
add appropriate image descriptors. If the information in the “Tool Tip” text field
original document does not exist Open the for each form item. This information can
PDF document in Acrobat and work with it be used by Assistive technology to help
in there as described in the following prompt a disabled user to enter
slides If the original PDF is an “image information. Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
only” document Use an OCR program to Be sure to enter values for the item in
transfer it to text Bring it into an MS the “Export Value” field under the
Office Application Reformat the document “Options” tab. This information will be
using the style elements. spoken when using a screen reader.
15Adding Tags to a PDF Document - 32Checking Accessibility. Steps to
Benefits. Adding Tags to a PDF document checking a document for accessibility Run
ensures greater user accessibility It also the Accessibility Checker and correct
allows for saving of PDF document to mistakes found Save the file as a .txt
alternative formats such as HTML Provides (“Accessible”) and make sure all the
the ability to “reflow” text information content is there and in the correct
to fit different screen dimensions. reading order. Correct as necessary. Use
16Adding Tags to a PDF Document - Acrobat’s built in reader or a screen
Limitations. When Acrobat adds tags to a browser such as IBM Home Page or a screen
PDF Document there are no guarantees that reader such as Jaws or Window-Eyes to
the reading order will be correct. High verify the document.
complexity documents may not be tagged in 33Accessibility Checker. Acrobat
a way that follows the logical reading provides an accessibility checker to
order of the original Visually Rich identify potential errors. Use this as an
Layouts Complex Data Tables Graphics and adjunct to other testing, rather than
Charts may not be processed correctly and depending solely on it. Opening the
may be rendered as “Figures” These items Accessibility Checker Choose
will need to be identified and have the “Advanced/Accessibility/Full Check …” from
appropriate alternative text descriptions the menu.
added. 34Accessibility Checker - Options. Save
17How to add Tags to a document. Open an accessibility Report. Its easier to
the PDF document that does not contain have a separate copy and once you pass, a
tags. Select “Advanced/Accessibility” from copy of a passed report is helpful to
the menu Choose “Add Tags to Document” include with an accessibility audit.
Choose “Save As” and save the file with a Always check with all options. Save a copy
new name after the processing Open the new of the.
PDF file and review the results. 35Increasing Accessibility. Consider
18Touch Up Reading Order Tool. New for saving your document not only as a PDF,
Acrobat 7 Allows the editor to evaluate but exporting it to other formats such as
the PDF reading order and make the HTML to provide alternative methods of
necessary corrections Identifies the receiving your information. You can do
blocks of text, headings, figures, tables, this using “Save As” from the File menu.
etc that are contained in the document Be sure to open and review the file you
structure. Identifying text can be added have exported. The content you receive
to an image using this tool. Don’t use the there will be dependant on the level of
Reading Order Tag to manually add all the accessibility you have achieved with the
tags for your document. Use the Add Tags original PDF document.
to Document function first and then 36Resources. Adobe Accessibility
reorganize the reading order flow with http://access.adobe.com/ Defining Acrobat
this tool as necessary. PDF Accessibility
19The Touch Up Reading Tool. Use the http://www.webaim.org/techniques/acrobat/
Touch Up Reading Order Tool to add, edit Planet PDF - Accessible PDF
or remove content and reading order. http://www.planetpdf.com/learningcenter.as
20Adding Content. Some content in the ?ContainerID=1505&rhs.
PDF may have been missed when adding tags. 37Resources. PDF Techniques for Web
So the entire document must be gone Content Accessibility
through and missing information must be http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/WCAG-PDF-TECHS-20
added to the tag structure. Text content 10913/ Julian Rickards Guide to Authors of
that is not part of the page structure Accessible PDF's Guide to Editors of
will not be within a grayed box. To add Accessible PDF's.
content When the touchup panel is open http://www.shayna.com/index.cfm?fuseaction
your cursor will show up as cross hairs. public.articles.
Use the cross hairs to draw a box around
The Path to Accessible PDFs.ppt
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The Path to Accessible PDFs

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