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Major Kingdoms in West Africa

Major Kingdoms in West Africa. Old Kingdom of Ghana Mali According to tradition founded by Sundiata Reached height under Mansa Musa (ca. 1312-1327) “Lord of the blacks of Guinea” Maybe wealthiest man in world Established centers of learning Traveller Ibn Battuta impressed by stability and court Possibility of Atlantic voyages.

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«Teddy bear» - Teddy Bear. The grizzly has 30 years an average life. The modern genus Ursus appeared between five and ten million years ago. Panda Bear. The polar bear can without resting 80 km by ice-cold water to swim. Kodiak Bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi) is the largest terrestrial carnivore. Some 38 million years ago bears began to go their own evolutionary way.

«Healthy lifestyle» - Sign your child up for activities that keep them active! Healthy lifestyle!!! (Здоровый образ жизни!!!). Being healthy can also be fun! To be healthy you are to know some tips: Concept of health: (понятие здоровья). Важно обучиться так, Вы знаете, как жить здоровой жизнью.). For this purpose what to observe a healthy lifestyle it would be necessary:

«Invention» - 1930 Charles Jenkins broadcasts the first TV commercial. The BBC begins regular TV transmissions. Percy Spencer invented the first microwave oven after World War II from radar technology developed during the war. He is considered by many Italians as the inventor of the telephone. John Baird opens the first TV studio, however, the image quality was poor.

«Sport» - Figure-skating. I think that every season is good for sports. Sport in my life. Words. Hors-riding. Swimming. chess. Canoe. skiing. Physical Education is compulsory at all schools. Windsurfing. football. snowboarding. jumping. running. Jumping with the parachute. boxing. Sport makes people healthy and strong, brave and cheerful.

«Paracas» - Parakasskie mummies. Ancient ceramics. Infants were painful operations. Drilled in the skull and punching holes. Paracas. Tello found around the cave. The necropolis. Massive trepanirovanie skulls. To fixing of this pose. The word "Paracas". We know of this culture. The dead man wore a loincloth or decoration.

«Sommerferien» - Katze. Das Fischen ist Hobbi. Wir waren in Gebirge. Wir waren in der Fluss und der Wald. Wir Blume pflancen. Wir fahren ins Auslands, ans Meer. Wir spiel mit dem Freund. Starikow Anton. Wir alte Schloss besuchen. Der Sommer wir sorgen fur Haustiere: Kuhe, Hund. Langere Reise mit Ubernachtunger in einem Zelt jch findet besjnders toll.

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