<<  The Russian Federation Highest mountain is elbrus ( 5,642 metres) the longest river is lena  >>
Russia - also officially known as theRussian Federation

Russia - also officially known as theRussian Federation. It is afederalsemi-presidentialrepublic. From northwest to southeast, Russiashares land borderswithNorway,Finland,Estonia,Latvia,LithuaniaandPoland,Belarus,Ukraine,Georgia,Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan,China,Mongolia, andNorth Korea.

2 The Russian Federation

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The english-speaking countries - Australia. USA. Disneyland. Great Britain. Scotland. The English-speaking countries.

The green movement - The countries in which there are offices Greenpeace. Green color which is used by participants of movement as the general emblem, serves as a symbol of the nature, hope and updating. It became the first African who has headed this organization. National offices Green Peace are opened in 43 countries of the world as the independent units working over achievement of the purposes of the national projects.

Russia - Russia is located in Northern hemisphere, in the north of continent Eurasia. Unique in the country the natural park which is in city boundaries Omska. Cruiser an Aurorain Sankt-Peterburg. Kremlin in Moscow. Woods occupy over 40 % of territory. The sculpture "the native land calls mother in Volgograd.

About Russia - What Russians Like to Eat. www.pbase.com/hiker_photograph/image/48246979. Russia ABCs. Celebrating Birthdays in Russia. Excellent for 3-5. www.euratlas.com/Atlas/ russia/peterhof_palace.jpg. The capital of Russia is Moscow. Discovering Cultures- Russia. A Ticket to Russia. The population of Russia is 149,476,000.

The animals - FOX. GORILLA. SCORPIO. SQUIRREL. KANGAROO. BISON. The animals which live in the desert. POLAR BEAR. STARFISH. The animals which live in the forest. KOALA. REINDEER. ZEBRA. CAMEL. GRIFFIN. EMU. The animals which live in a SAVANNA. ELEPHANT. The animals which live in the OCEAN. WOMBAT. The animals which live in the rainforest and tropics.

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