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The Thirteen English Colonies
The Thirteen English Colonies
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The Thirteen English Colonies

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1The Thirteen English Colonies. There 27of Friends.
are 3 regions. 28Pennsylvania – Important People and
23 Regions of English Colonization. New Events. Quakers – George Fox William Penn
England Colonies Middle Colonies Southern – Proprietor Frame of Government –
Colonies. Representative Gov’t Philadelphia – City
3Virginia - The First Success. 1607 of Brotherly Love – by 1725 it was the
Southern Colony. second largest English Speaking city in
4Jamestown. First permanent English the world next to London.
colony - the start of Virginia. 29New York. 1664.
5Reasons for Settlement. Established to 30New York – Reasons for Settlement.
make a profit from trade Tobacco Virginia 1609 – 1664 owned by Holland and called
Company of London – Charter – Joint Stock New Netherlands Taken by English to
Company. connect their colonies Fill in the spaces.
6Important people and Events 31New York – Important People and
(Virginia). John Smith John Rolfe – Events. 1621 – 1664 run by the Dutch West
tobacco Powhattan & Pocahontas 1609 – India Company Conquered by James – the
1610 – “Starving Time” 1619 – House of Duke of York and Albany.
Burgesses – 1st Representative Government 32New Jersey. 1664.
1619 – Shipload of Women 1619 – 1st 33New Jersey – Reasons for Settlement.
Africans arrive from the Dutch. Conquered by the Duke of York and given to
7New England Colonies. two friends. Agricultural colony.
8 34New Jersey – Important People and
9Massachusetts. Plymouth – 1620 Events. Lord John Berkeley and Sir George
Massachusetts Bay - 1630. Carteret are Proprietors Small and
10Plymouth – Reasons for Settlement. Agricultural – shipped produce to market
Freedom of Religion Separatists - Pilgrims in NYC in the north and Philadelphia in
A new place for people to make it on their the south.
own. 35Delaware. 1664.
11Plymouth – Important People and 36Delaware – Reasons for Settlement. Was
Events. Mayflower Compact – Representative the colony of New Sweden with the first
Government William Bradford – Governor log cabin 1638 – 1655 Small trading area.
Thanksgiving – Harvest Festival – 1621. 37Delaware – Important People and
12Massachusetts Bay – Reasons for Events. 1655 – 1664 – Conquered by New
Settlement. Religious Freedom for Puritans Netherlands – Peter Stuyvesant Early
– England had fallen on “evil and 1700’s – becomes a separate colony. – was
declining times” Massachusetts Bay Company part of Pennsylvania.
- Trade. 38Southern Colonies. Virginia Maryland
13Massachusetts Bay – Important People North Carolina South Carolina Georgia.
and Events. Great Migration (1629 – 1640) 39Maryland. 1634.
– 20,000 Puritans came here John Winthrop 40Maryland – Reasons for Settlement.
– Governor Theocracy – church and Freedom of Religion for Catholics Tobacco
government are one General Court – becomes a major crop.
Representative Government – had to be a 41Maryland – Important People and
Puritan. Events. Religious Toleration Act – 1649
14Connecticut. 1636. Sir George Calvert – Lord Baltimore.
15Connecticut – Reasons for Settlement. 42North & South Carolina. 1663.
Freedom of religion Better farm land 43North & South Carolina – Reasons
Wanted to be less hardcore than for Settlement. Began as one large colony
Massachusetts. for 8 proprietors North – settled by
16Connecticut – Important People and Tobacco farmers from Virginia South –
Events. Thomas Hooker – Minister and early settled by planters from West Indies who
leader – wanted strict limits on gov’t brought the plantation system and slavery
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut – 1639 – – rice and indigo.
Democratic Government First Constitution. 44North & South Carolina – Important
17Rhode Island. 1636. People and Events. South – also settled by
18Rhode Island – Reasons for Settlement. Protestants from France 1712 – North and
Freedom of religion – Religious toleration South Carolina become separate colonies.
Massachusetts’ church had too much power. 45Georgia. 1732.
19Rhode Island – Important People and 46Georgia – Reasons for Settlement.
Events. Roger Williams – founder Separate Haven for Debtors – Prison Colony Buffer
Church and State Anne Hutchinson – comes Zone from Invasion from Spanish Florida.
here after getting booted from 47Georgia – Important People and Events.
Massachusetts. James Oglethorpe – proprietor.
20New Hampshire. 1638. 48Southern Colonies – Additional Notes.
21New Hampshire – Reasons for 1587 – Lost Colony of Roanoke – Sir Walter
Settlement. Freedom of Religion Profits Raleigh – off North Carolina John White
from fishing, lumbering, trade, and ship Spanish Armada – 1588.
building. 49New England Colonies – Land, Climate,
22New Hampshire – Important People and & Economics. Rocky soil and short
Events. John Wheelwright and John Mason. growing season Fishing, whaling,
23Additional Notes. Native Americans – lumbering, and ship building were
Samoset and Squanto taught Pilgrims how to important. Subsistence farmers grew just
survive in New England Massasoit – sachem enough to survive Strong Puritan Religion.
who befriended Pilgrims Pequot Wars – 50Middle Colonies – Land, Climate, &
Connecticut – 1630’s King Philips War – Economics. Hudson, Delaware, and
1675 – 1676 – Massachusetts (Metacom – son Susquehanna Rivers linked the coast with
of Massasoit). the interior. Philadelphia and New York
24Middle Colonies. Pennsylvania New York were port cities Breadbasket colonies –
New Jersey Delaware. cash crops like wheat, barley, and rye
25Middle Colonies – Additional Notes. 3 Sent cash crop farm products and
Types of English Colonies: Proprietary manufactured goods all over the world.
Colony – colony given to one person or a 51Southern Colonies – Land, Climate,
group of people. Royal Colony – colony run & Economics. Very close economic ties
by the King or Queen Colonies owned or run with the “Mother Country” England Wide
by Trading Companies. coastal plain called the tidewater.
26Pennsylvania. 1682. Excellent soil and a long growing season
27Pennsylvania – Reasons for Settlement. Plantations grew tobacco, rice, and indigo
Freedom of Religion for Quakers – Society using slave labor.
The Thirteen English Colonies.ppt
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The Thirteen English Colonies

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