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Al Capone
Al Capone. Who was the famous Chicago criminal, nicknamed “Scarface”?

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«Teenagers problems» - Smoking. How to tackle teenagers’ problems. Teenagers’ problems. Conflicts with parents. Conflicts with sisters or brothers. Как разрешить проблемы молодежи. School problems. Pocket money. Look through the list of teenage problems. Conflict with friends. If you follow our rules you won’t have problems.

«Pointillism» - Pointillism. Pointillism is an art style, that was founded by. Paul Signac. «Self-portrait» «Breakfast» «La Tour Eifel» «The Beach Heist». Paul Signac was born in Paris. oil based paints, True False Not stated. 2.George Seurat painted «The Circus» in 1890. «Papa’s Palace in Avinion». CMYK colors. «Portrait of Fenix Fenion».

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«The black death» - It started in Europe in 1346, and lasted until 1353. Over the next few years a quarter of them died. Yersinia pestis. It keeps that name for the present day. The causative agent of the plague is Yersinia pestis bacterium. The plague reoccurred occasionally in Europe until the 19th century. Thanks for watching!

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