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The University of M
The University of M
The University of M
The University of M
Why? 2. How
Why? 2. How
2. How could it look like
2. How could it look like
2. How could it look like
2. How could it look like
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The University of Munster – Institute of Tax Law

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1The University of M?nster – Institute 9Financing Subscription or Free access?
of Tax Law. Optimal: Financing through Advertisement!
2Why? 2. How? 3. Who? Establishment of 2. How ?
an Academic Journal. M?nster. 10Language Only one language English. 2.
3There is no international academic How ?
journal so far that fundamentally deals 11Publication periods Quarterly?
with customs topics There are some customs Monthly? 2. How ?
topics found in different journals; but 12How could it look like?
they are marginal topics There is lack of 132. How could it look like?
a scientific platform. 1. Why an Academic 142. How could it look like?
Journal? M?nster. 15International stakeholders
4Customs Topics are multi-dimensional Universities Research establishments
Politics Law Economics Organization International Organizations Scientific
Administration. 1. Why an Academic associations No enterprises or commercial
Journal? M?nster. organizations! No national
5Every country is involved in customs administrations! 2. Who ? M?nster.
topics Budget Security and Safety Free 16Editorial Board (3-5) (Honorary).
Trade v. Protectionism Trade Facilitation. Executive Editor (1) (Salary). Peer Review
1. Why an Academic Journal? M?nster. Board (Honorary). Election. Stakeholders.
6Academic level Scientific 2. Who ? Nomination. Nomination.
investigations Scientific independence 17Why? Customs topics are worthy of
Scientific quality (Peer Review). 2. How ? scientific study Customs topics are
M?nster. multi-dimensional. Conclusion. M?nster.
7Distribution Classical paper form? 18How? Electronic Free of charge;
Electronic form? 2. How ? Financing through advertisements Peer
8Advantages of an e-Journal Easy access reviewed In English language Quarterly or
Global coverage Topicality No press and monthly publication. Conclusion. M?nster.
shipping costs Low editorial costs Easy to 19Who? Scientific “World” International
develop an archive. 2. How ? Organizations. Conclusion. M?nster.
The University of Munster – Institute of Tax Law.ppt
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The University of Munster – Institute of Tax Law

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