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Apps … wait, what’s my device
Apps … wait, what’s my device
Mobile Learning
Mobile Learning
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Theres an App for That: Using Smartphones in Medical Education

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1There’s an App for That: Using 18Featured Apps List.
Smartphones in Medical Education. 19App Reviews in Pubmed. Pubmed Use MeSH
2Smartphones. According to the Wall term “Computer, Handheld” keywords such as
Street Journal: 72% of all doctors in the mobile health, mhealth, smartphone, cell
U.S. own smartphones 95% of these doctors phone, tablet, iphone, ipad, telemedicine,
download apps Whalen J. Drug Makers app, application, etc.
Replace Reps With Digital Tools. wsj.com. 20Mobile Learning.
2011. Available at: 21Mobile Learning. Any sort of learning
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405 that happens when the learner is not at a
748703702004576268772294316518.html?mod=rs fixed, predetermined location, or learning
_Health. Accessed June 5, 2011. that happens when the learner takes
3Smartphones. According to Apple: 63% advantage of the learning opportunities
of all students enrolled in colleges and offered by mobile technologies.
universities own smartphones College "Guidelines for
students are the fastest growing sector of learning/teaching/tutoring in a mobile
the market Expected growth for 2011 is environment". MOBIlearn. October
almost 50% Apple - Education - Challenge 2003. pp. 6. Retrieved June 1, 2011.
Based Learning. Available at: 22Evaluating Apps. The Five Cs for
http://www.apple.com/education/challenge-b Evaluation.
sed-learning/#cbl-engaging-video. Accessed 23C #1: Creator. Creator: Who made the
June 5, 2011. app? Is this individual or organization
4Tablet Devices. According to credible? Creator information should be
Epocrates: After its introduction in April easy to find; if not, this may be an
of 2010, 20% of doctors planned on indication of questionable quality.
purchasing an iPad Smartphones in 24C #1: Creator. Individual Creator(s)
Healthcare | Doody’s Views. Available at: Professional developer vs. enthusiast
http://www.medinfonowblog.com/wordpress/in developer Healthcare professional vs.
ex.php/healthcare-technology/smartphones-i non-healthcare professional For profit,
-healthcare. Accessed June 5, 2011. non-profit, affiliation, disclaimer, etc.
5Mobile Devices. Why are mobile devices Doctor, medical resident, medical student
so popular? Combine the functionality of a Business entrepreneur.
computer with portability Lower cost 25C #1: Creator. Organization(s)
Connect to Internet wirelessly Apps. Government agency, institute, etc.
6What are Apps? The term ‘app’ stands Non-profit vs. for-profit Well established
for a computer application on the mobile company vs. start-up company
device. Apps can be e-books, interactive Pharmaceutical company Health insurance
reference materials, training modules, company.
medical software devices, data collection 26C #2: Content. Content: What is the
tools, interactive patient handouts, etc. scope of the app? What does it contain?
7Apps … wait, what’s my device? Who is the intended audience?
8Medical Apps vs. Health Apps. Health 27C #2: Content. Apps that quiz, test or
apps help consumers to maintain a healthy educate via games TopDoc – a visual
lifestyle or offer health-related medical quiz app developed by Elsevier and
services. Health Apps are targeted at Legacy Interactive. Speed Muscles MD - a
consumers rather than medical quiz by a developer specializing in
professionals. The most popular categories medical education. Brush It Up! – a game
of downloaded health apps are exercise, to teach kids how to brush their teeth.
stress, and diet. 28C #2: Content. Apps that replace or
9Finding Apps. Apple’s App Store for enhance medical books Once you download
iPod, iPhone and iPad Google’s Android the free Inkling app, you are able to view
Market for Android mobile devices various interactive textbooks. Ganong’s
Blackberry’s App World for RIM mobile Review of Medical Physiology is one of
devices Nokia’s Avi Store for Nokia mobile these texts. Another exciting medical
devices Windows 7 Phone Marketplace e-book that will soon be released is
Third-party app stores (Caveat emptor). Essential Clinical Anatomy. Renal
10Finding Apps. Apple Apps Store Physiology is the textbook on Anatomy and
http://www.apple.com/iphone/apps-for-iphon Physiology by Dr. Jonathan Kibble.
/ Largest store - Over 350,000 apps Apps 29C #2: Content. If you’re going to
for both iPhone and iPad Some apps can recommend an app to a particular audience
also be used on some models of iPod Touch. first try to categorize its content and
11Finding Apps. Android Market the level of content General reference
https://market.android.com/ Fastest Drug information Guidelines EBM resources,
growing market - Over 250,000 apps in less Medical textbooks, Medical calculators
than two years Apps for both phones and Study guides Educational resources,
tablets Some apps only work on Android Patient Education Productivity
devices made by certain manufacturers. (note-taking, citation management, etc.)
12Finding Apps. BlackBerry App World Communication tools.
http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/?l 30C #3: Context. Context: Is this app
ng=en Over 35,000 apps Apps for both easy to use? To read? To view images? To
phones and tablets Some apps only work on navigate? Does it load quickly? Do I need
certain BlackBerry devices. internet connection? Does it crash often?
13Finding Apps. Skyscape Modality Software updates.
(Epocrates) Unbound Medicine PEPID Medical 31C #4: Comments. Comments: From users:
Wizards Lexi-Comp Best Buy App Discovery What do users think of this app? Do
Center. multiple users have the same comments or
14Review Sites. Medical Smartphones.com complaints? How many people have made
Created by Dr. Joseph Kim, content on this comments?
site is written by doctors, medical 32C #4: Comments. Comments: From Tech
students and other authors. Submissions on Experts: What do magazines and web sites
this site are international, so not all devoted to technology say about this app
products are available in the United or device?
States. All types of mobile devices are 33C #4: Comments. Comments: From Medical
covered. Professionals: What do doctors / dentists
http://www.medicalsmartphones.com/. / medical students / other Health
15Review Sites. iPhone Medicine Blog Professionals have to say about this app?
Created and maintained by Dr. Salvatore 34C #5 Connect. Connect: There are
Volpe. Not updated as often as other pages thousands of free apps, and most paid apps
on this list, but Dr. Volpe does have a have “lite” or free versions. Many paid
Twitter feed on related topics. iPhone apps cost less than $5, so if you are
only, but links to related sites. interested take the plunge.
http://iphonemedicine.blogspot.com/. 35Challenges Ahead: Medical Apps and
16Review Sites. iMedicalApps The most FDA. Draft Guidance for Industry and Food
widely read of all medical app review and Drug Administration Staff;
sites, receiving over 400,000 page views Availability: Mobile Medical Applications
per month. Content is written by a team of Document ID: FDA-2011-D-0530-0001 Document
doctors and medical students. iPhone, Type: Notice Docket ID: FDA-2011-D-0530.
iPad, Android and Blackberry reviews. 36Let’s take a look at some medical apps
http://www.imedicalapps.com/. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS?
17Review Sites. MobiHealthNews A 37Need Help? David Flynn MS (LIS), Head
newsletter that chronicles the healthcare of Library and Information Management
sector’s adoption of mobile technology Education (617) 638-4271 dflynn@bu.edu
http://mobihealthnews.com. Konstantin Starikov MLIS, MPhil, MA, Head
18Library Review Sites. BU Medical of Circulation & Interlibrary Loan
Library - use our Mobile Devices subject Services (617) 638-4224 kstar@bu.edu.
guide. Stanford School of Medicine -
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Theres an App for That: Using Smartphones in Medical Education

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