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Troubleshooting Failures and Reading Logs

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1Troubleshooting Failures and Reading 11“WDK*.log”. Review the file named
Logs. Lyndon Bethel. WDKClientInstall.log. Look for error or
2Agenda. General advice. Handling DTM failure in the log. Restart installation
infrastructure issues. Handling with a clean operating system, before
test-specific issues: When the job hangs, seeking help.
find out why. When the job fails, find and 12DTM Client Installation Failed. Common
review the test log. When there are problems: Firewall is present and port
missing test logs, find out why. Find needed by DTM is blocked. Machine is not
further free specific test advice. Getting visible in the default pool after
additional help. Questions. installation: Client was set up by using
3General Advice. Do not delete or the IP address of the DTM Controller
change client hardware during testing or instead of the DTM Controller name.
before creating the cpk file. Before Machine is going into a debug state after
deleting a client from the pool, make the installation when jobs are first run:
client unsafe: Afterwards uninstall the Machine was not made unsafe when
client. Before starting another submission uninstalling the DTM client. Machine is
using the same client on another operating being dual-booted without completing
system, complete the submission. Make sure before submission and uninstalling client:
the driver is loaded on the client, load Client wttservice log should be checked
the INF through the device console (by for these issues.
using the driver package), and select a 13Troubleshooting Studio Issues. Tests
device if required: For unclassified went away or are not there: Refresh
check, show hidden devices if your device gatherer data by restarting the wttsvc and
does not appear after loading the INF. restarting Studio. Make sure you have
Launch all tests intended for logo through loaded drivers. Tests can’t launch (are
the device console: (Submission view banged out!): Check applicable
only). Do not use the job monitor rerun troubleshooting section of your logo
option. program. You may need to fill in device
4General Advice. Double-check test and info or refresh gatherer data. MCU policy
submission status for failing jobs by stalled (device console says it hasn’t
using the DTM submission status window or finished): Check that the machine is not
the DTM log viewer (not job monitor). going into debug state; clear the clients
Avoid generic VGA drivers for video and ID key by making client unsafe. Most tests
other old or de-featured drivers; load fail without logs: Check that client is
advised system bios and drivers. Do not autologged or recreate the account
log on with your own account or change the (instructions on DTM Bill Pittman
auto logon settings on the client. Do not newsgroup thread).
alter or changes jobs in the database. Do 14Troubleshooting Studio Issues. Client
not place errata numbers in the Readme does not appear: Make sure you haven’t
without getting them from Microsoft used query builder to change the default
directly. Change the default option in the representation of machines by filtering
operating system (computer properties the client from view. Anti-tampering: Do
advanced shutdown settings) to not reboot not use Job Explorer to edit jobs in
on crash (makes blue screen obvious). error, if you do create a copy in your own
5General Advice. DO NOT USE RERUN! branch (note)to experiment. Have seen one
(your test may fail or pass in error) DO issue where this is triggered in error via
VIEW! (do not use machine, driver, or Check the scheduler error report by
device view). clicking the machine in Job Monitor and
6General Advice. Additional setup steps selecting View Errors.
: Install all infrastructure QFEs such as 15Handling Test-Specific Issues.
0304 and specific QFEs that are Handling test-specific issues: When the
applicable. Windows Logo Kit - QFE job hangs, find out why. There are two
Updates: types of hangs: Job hang in scheduler:
http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/DevTools/WDK Review scheduler error report. Job may be
WLK/WLKQFE.mspx Download and apply current running outside submission view and is not
DTM Errata filters: Log on to Winqual intended to be run against what you are
account. Click Windows Logo Programs > testing. Test never finishes: Usually not
Hardware > Create a Logo Submission. a test bug but you must contact DTM
Click the WHQL Updated Filters link. support help with this. Seen in crashdump
Download and Install the DTM Log Viewer. (possible driver issues). Seen in common
Download Logo Tests, Procedures, and scenario (usually machine never wakes).
Forms: 16Handling Test-Specific Issues. When
http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/whql/WHQLdwn there are missing test logs, find out why:
mspx. Review the result report for parent and
7Further General Advice. DTM Studio child job results. Check the order of
Help File (within the Studio): failure for what failed first. Check test
http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/whql/resourc parameters within result report. If all
s/WHQLann.mspx#EA5AE Newer docs else fails, launch from the command line
here--Microsoft Connect site updated as but make sure you duplicate all crucial
often as bi-weekly. dependent tasks such as enabling verifier.
https://connect.microsoft.com/availablecon Understand the job (view the job in Job
ections.aspx If new DTM setup videos (need Explorer, understand what is occurring,
an update): and so on). Experiment (but first copy the
http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/DevTools/WDK job to your own branch).
DTM.mspx If new system tester (DTM System 17Handling Test-Specific Issues. When
Step-by-Step document) with screenshots: the job fails, find, and review the test
http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/DevTools/WDK log: - DEMO - Several ways : (Browse job
DTM.mspx WLK Install documents (located on logs, view task logs, and use the DTM log
the DTM Controller): Install.htm viewer.) Ignore file signature and check
RelNote.htm TroubleShooting.htm Manual.htm driver hash task results or tasks that do
Read and subscribe to the logo team’s WHQL not roll up their results or fail and stop
Newsletter: other tasks.
http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/whql/resourc 18Find Further Free Specific Test
s/WHQLann.mspx#EA5AE. Advice. Check updated test documentation
8General DTM Infrastructure Issues. on the Connect site. For storage check,
Controller installation fails. Client Eric’s storage blog and video:
installation fails. Studio installation http://blogs.msdn.com/storwdk/archive/2006
fails: (Almost never happens--no advice) 10/05/Diagnosing-failures-in-DTM.aspx
DTM Studio issues: Tests went away or Check the DTM newsgroup:
expected tests are not there. Tests banged http://www.microsoft.com/communities/newsg
out. MCU policy stalled or hung. All jobs oups/list/en-us/default.aspx?dg=microsoft.
fail without logs. Client does not appear. ublic.development.device.drivers.dtm&c
Anti-tampering. Jobs hung in scheduler. t=en_us_7CF920C0-483A-5AF9-37A8-BB5310F0AC
9DTM Controller Installation Failed. 4&lang=en&cr=us.
Review the DTM documentation (install.htm) 19Getting Additional Help. Contact CSS:
and double-check that prerequisites are If the problem is a Microsoft issue, you
being met. Review the DTM Controller will not be charged. Contact info: As of
installation log: DTM controller February 1, 2007, DTM support is being
installation log files are created in the handled via standard Microsoft product
user’s respective %temp% directory. All support channels. The Web form previously
log files are captured with the format used for DTM case creation is no longer
“WDK*.log”. Review the file named accepted. Customers with a Premier support
WDKControllerInstall.log. The first contract should work with their TAM to
instance of “return value 3” is the likely open support incidents. For non-Premier
cause. Restart installation with a clean customers, Professional Support options
operating system, before seeking help. Use are listed at
Express installation; this is recommended. http://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.a
10DTM Controller Installation Failed. px?Gprid=7289 including phone numbers and
Common problems: Installation is being pricing information.
attempted on a non-supported 20Disclaimer. © 2007 Microsoft
configuration. Windows Server 2003 Active Corporation. All rights reserved.
Directory is not configured on the domain Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and
in a domain setup. In a domain setup, other product names are or may be
customer not installing by using a domain registered trademarks and/or trademarks in
user account with administrative rights: the U.S. and/or other countries. The
Not a domain administrator or default information herein is for informational
administrator. Tip: Diagnosing some of purposes only and represents the current
these problems is faster and easier by view of Microsoft Corporation as of the
checking prerequisites rather than date of this presentation. Because
scanning the installation log. Microsoft must respond to changing market
11DTM Client Installation Failed. Review conditions, it should not be interpreted
the DTM documentation (Studio Help file) to be a commitment on the part of
and double-check that prerequisites are Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee
being met. Review the DTM Client the accuracy of any information provided
installation log: DTM controller after the date of this presentation.
installation log files are created in the MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS,
user’s respective %temp% directory. All IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE
log files are captured with the format INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
Troubleshooting Failures and Reading Logs.pptx
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Troubleshooting Failures and Reading Logs

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