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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
The Rose
The Rose
Love Birds
Love Birds
Puzzik and Rebus were the first homemade Valentine`s cards
Puzzik and Rebus were the first homemade Valentine`s cards
Puzzik and Rebus were the first homemade Valentine`s cards
Puzzik and Rebus were the first homemade Valentine`s cards
Puzzik and Rebus were the first homemade Valentine`s cards
Puzzik and Rebus were the first homemade Valentine`s cards
Famous Love Quotations
Famous Love Quotations
Make your own valentine`s card
Make your own valentine`s card
Make your own valentine`s card
Make your own valentine`s card
Make your own valentine`s card
Make your own valentine`s card
Make your own valentine`s card
Make your own valentine`s card
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Valentine's Day. 8since the days of knighthood when a knight
2Бухтоярова Елена Валентиновна, учитель rode into battle with ribbon or scarf
английского языка. МАОУ Богандинская СОШ given him by his lady fair. The dictionary
№42 Тюменский район 2011год. states that the word “lace” comes from a
3Цели: 1.Познакомить с традицией latin word meaning to “snare” (ловить) or
празднования Дня Святого Валентина в “noose”(петля,аркан).
англоязычных странах. 2.Познакомить с 9Cupid. Cupid was one of the gods of
историей создания «валентинок» (открыток). mythology. In Latin, the word Cupid means
3.Формировать социо-культурную компетенцию “desire”. Cupid is typically represented
обучающихся. as a chubby, naked, winged boy or youth
4Задачи: 1.Показать основные языковые with a mischievous (озорной) smile. He
средства, используемые при написании possessed a bow with a quiver of arrows by
текстов на «валентинках». 2.Научить which he transfixed the hearts of youth
основным правилам написания открытки. and maidens. Cherubs (Херувим) are
3.Познакомить с историей праздника , descendants of Cupid. They are depicted as
образцами открыток, символами известными lovable little winged creatures without
во всём мире. arrows and quivers. Cherubs were typically
5St. Valentine's Day – День Святого not mischievous like Cupid.
Валентина, День Всех Влюбленных, February 10The Rose. The rose, which is
14th – 14 февраля, a lover – возлюбленный, undoubtedly the most popular flower in the
a Valentine's Card – world, speaks of love and has been the
"Валентинка", anonymous – choice of love in every century. If you
анонимный, a "Valentine" – rearrange the letter of the word rose you
"Валентинка", a heart – сердце, get Eros, the god of love.
Cupid – Купидон, a holiday – праздник, a 11Love Birds. “Often have I heard both
greeting card – поздравительная открытка, youth and virgin say Birds choose their
a gift – подарок, ancient times – древние mates and couples too, this day; But by
времена, marriage – брак, Lupercalia – their flight I never can divine, When I
луперкалии (праздник в честь бога Луперка, shall couple with my Valentine” Herrick.
покровителя стад в Древнем Риме), romantic It was thought that birds chose their mate
love – романтическая любовь, a legend – for the year on February 14. Doves and
легенда, a Christian – христианин, a love pigeons mate for life and therefore were
note – любовная записка, "From Your used as a symbol of “fidelity”.
Valentine" – "от Твоего 12Puzzik – circa 1840. A puzzik is a
Валентина", Roman soldiers – Римские quaint sort of homemade valentine which
солдаты, to arrange marriages – was a sort of puzzle that receiver had to
организовывать браки. solve. Not only did she have to decipher
6Valentine's Day in the USA. The the message but also to figure how to
association of February 14th with love refold the paper once it was opened. The
dates back to ancient times. In Greece the order of the verses was usually numbered,
time between the middle of January and the and the recipient had to twist the folds
middle of February was the time of the to determine what was being said.
marriage of Zeus and Hera. In Ancient Daguerreotype was popular from 1840 to the
Rome, the day of February 15th was Civil war. An old –time tintype was found
Lupercalia, the festival of Lupercus, the in centre of a card surrounded by an
god of fertility, who was represented as ornamented wreath. Another type was a
half-naked and dressed in goat skins. The “Mirror Valentine” which had a small
first recorded association of St. mirror placed in the centre to reflect the
Valentine's Day with romantic love was in happy face of receiver.
the 14th century in England and France, 13Rebus. Although it had many forms, a
where February 14th was traditionally the rebus usually was a romantic verse in ink
day on which birds paired off to mate. with certain words omitted and illustrated
Lovers exchanged notes on that day called with a picture. Meant to be a riddle, they
each other their "Valentines". were not always easy to decipher.
But the connection between St. Valentine 14Puzzik and Rebus were the first
and romantic love is not mentioned in any homemade Valentine`s cards.
early histories and is seen as pure 15Famous Love Quotations. Love me
legends. There are several versions of little, love me long. Is the burden of my
these legends. On the evening before St. song. (Old Ballad) Let those love now, who
Valentine was to be martyred for being a never loved before; Let those who always
Christian, he passed a love note to his loved, now love the more. (Anonymous) And
jailer's daughter which read, "From on his lover’s arm she leant, And round
Your Valentine." During a ban on her waist he felt it fold, And far across
marriages of Roman soldiers by the Emperor the hills they went In that new world
Claudius II, St. Valentine secretly helped which is the old. (Tennyson).
arrange marriages. 16The course of true love never did run
7Be my Valentine! February 14 is St. smooth. (William shakespeare) no man at
Valentine’s Day; it is a day for choosing one time can be wise and love. (Robert
sweethearts and exchanging love - tokens. herrick) drink to me only with thine
Generations of young people have (устар. «Cвой, свои; твой, твои») eyes,
considered St. Valentine to be the friend and I will pledge with mine; or leave a
and patron of lovers and have sent gifts kiss but in the cup, and i’ll not look for
and hand-made valentines to their wine. (Ben jonson) I am not one of those
sweethearts. Valentine was a colourful who do not believe in love at first sight,
card with a short love verse composed by but I believe in taking a second look. (H.
the sender. Now thousands of ready–made Vincent) the eyes have one language
valentines are sent through the post every everywhere. (Anonymous).
year. They are complete with ready–made 17Make your own valentine`s card! Choose
sentiments and decorations, brightly a quotation for it from the list above or
coloured and gilded, and sometimes write yours! Be ready to speak about St.
perfumed and packed into a neat box. Valentine`s day!
8Ribbons. Laces. Frills. Ribbons and 18
frills have been associated with romance
Valentine's Day.ppt
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Valentine's Day

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