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Van Buren Middle School Physical Education

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1Van Buren Middle School Physical 9Class Participation Criteria.
Education. Mr. Kuntz Ms. Denlinger. Attendance/Promptness: Student is always
2Rules & Regulations. GRADING prompt and regularly attends class.
Attendance Dressing Out Participation Preparation: Student is always prepared
Knowledge STATE ASSESSMENT STANDARDS*** for class with required attire &/or
Uniform Locks & Locker Room Class pencil as needed. Listening Skills:
Procedures Physical Education Excuse Notes Student listens when others talk and
Curriculum. demonstrates appropriate non-verbal skills
3GRADING. This is a physical activity of attention. Student incorporates
lab where attendance and participation are &/or builds off the ideas or
critical to grade computations. In order instructions given. Behavior: Student
to participate, the student must be never displays disruptive behavior during
dressed appropriately. 1. Attendance = 10% class. Student follows all class and
(BE HERE) 2. Dressing out = 10% (BE school rules without question.
PREPARED) 3. Participation = 50% (BE 10Class Participation Criteria. Class
ACTIVE) 4. Knowledge Test = 20% (BE Engagement Level: Student proactively
LEARNED) 5. STATE ASSESSMENT STANDARDS = contributes to class more than once per
10% (MUST HAVES) 75% OF GRADE PERTAINS TO class. Effort: Attempts all activities to
STUDENT’S DIRECT DAILY CONTROL of being the best of their ability. Performs all
here, being prepared, and active while 25% stretches, crunches, pushups, and
is actual studying the guides, handouts, jogging/running in warm-ups. Attempts to
and applying instruction to pencil-paper gain fundamental skills through practice
tasks. in class and to perfect those skills.
4Uniform. All students are required to Attitude: Positive and helpful,
dress appropriately for movement, safety, willingness to try, willingness to assist
hygiene, and appropriateness. If there are those less skilled and desires to make
any concerns, please contact the themselves better. Sportsmanship: Realizes
instructor. This includes: Dark Gym Shorts that rules of activity, game or working as
(3-4” INSEAM MANDATORY) - discipline a member of the team are of the highest
notice Plain white or grey T-shirt: last value. Congratulates success and thankful
name - back Gym Shoes & Socks Sweats for the willingness to participate even in
or jackets as necessary for outside a losing attempt. This is RESPECT &
classes DO NOT wear jewelry as it may HONOR of others. Teamwork: Willing to
become damaged or CAUSE INJURY. share the activity with others, allow
5Dressing Out. A homework others the opportunity to attempt to use
responsibility, self-responsibility, and and improve their skills in practice and
self-discipline. The students have a game situations; assists those who are
locker in which the PE clothes can come on experiencing difficulty by sharing (peer
Monday and be taken home on Friday for teacher) how they do it or gained the
cleaning. More than one T-shirt or shorts skills. This is COOPERATION.
can be used throughout the week. 11Knowledge. There will be paper &
Consequences 1st ND = Verbal Warning still pencil knowledge assessments throughout
possible to gain an “A” in dress grade the term. The material covered will be in
area. 2nd ND = Best Grade possible is “B” class and study guide format. Students may
in dress grade area, call home 3rd ND = always ask instructors questions
Best Grade possible is “C” in dress grade throughout the unit for clarifications.
area and AM or lunch/activity detention. Students are given in-class time to begin
4th ND = Best grade possible is “D” in if not completed most assignments. The
dress grade area and AM or lunch/activity Take-Home projects will be given a project
detention. 5th ND = “F” in dress grade due date at the time of instruction.
area and AM or lunch/activity detention. 12Content Standards. Standard 1:
6+ = 90 minute after-school Detentions. Demonstrates competency in motor skills
ALL DETENTIONS are logged in the office and movement patterns to perform a variety
(8th Grade take notice). of physical activities. Standard 2:
6Locks & Lockers. All students are Demonstrate understanding of movement
given a lock and locker sharing with no concepts, principles, strategies, and
one. THE STUDENT is responsible for their tactics as they apply to the learning and
gym attire & security when not in performance of physical activities.
class. Lock Replacement cost is $5 if lost Standard 3: Participates regularly in
or not returned Locker Room Times Students physical activity. Standard 4: Achieves
must be in the locker room before the and maintains a health-enhancing level of
tardy bell (as with any other class) or physical fitness. Standard 5: Exhibits
must have a tardy slip. Students have 3 responsible personal and social behavior
minutes to prepare for class at the that respects self and others in physical
beginning. Students have 3-5 minutes to activity settings. Standard 6: Values
change after activity. Dismissed at the physical activity for health, enjoyment,
bell from the locker room. NO one is challenge, self-expression, and/or social
allowed in the locker room during class interaction.
time unless permitted by instructor. 13Our Curriculum. Constantly evolving to
INFRACTION: If a student leaves class more fitness and skill acquisition with
without permission before the bell, a less emphasis on competitive games. Every
discipline notice will be written with Quarter (9-10 weeks) Fitness Training for
detention assigned. 10-15 minutes of every class until Fitness
7Classroom Procedure. Beginning of Assessments: 5 weeks Cardiovascular
class, you are to be IN assigned Endurance Muscular Strength &
exercise/attendance positions. Equipment Endurance Arms/Shoulders Hips/Legs Chest
Rules No one is permitted to use equipment & Back Core Skills
without direction from instructor/s. No Instruction/Practice 10-15 minutes of
misuse of equipment is tolerated. No every class: Throwing, Catching, Striking,
Physical or Psychological harm (bullying Sequential Patterning & Rhythmical
or similar) will be inflicted during Coordination: 5 weeks Various game play to
class. Students will focus on the task/s challenge acquired skills in integrated
at hand. No talking during instruction or situations: last 2-3 weeks as student
warm-ups. Any injury MUST BE REPORTED to class performance dictates.
an instructor if it occurs during class. 14PE General Syllabus. Week 1: Rules
8Physical Education Excuse Notes. & Regulations, Locks & Lockers,
Parent/Guardian Notes are for one day Benefits of Fitness ppt. Week 2: Fitness
requesting modifications or removal from Training Skills & Practice Week 3-5/6:
activity. Same injury/illness multiple Fitness & Skill Builds Week 6/7:
requests requests for MD follow-up for the Fitness Test & Fitness Assessments
safety & well-being of the student. Week 7/8-9/10: Games, Project
Please include a phone number. More than Performances, Lock return ** Adjusted via
one day notes are Physician/MD required Term length and Students’ behaviors.
notes. Our school nurse notes may suffice 15MOTTO. T.E.A.M. Together Everyone
in special conditions. NOTE requirements: Achieves More Diversity acknowledged and
Name of student Date Injury/Illness accepted = Individuality We are greater
Modifications or Limitations Length of than the sum of our Individuality =
time (date to begin and end participation Community.
modifications) Signature of Physician or 16Thank You for Coming!!!! Questions?
Representative STUDENTS ARE TO DRESS FOR Will be glad to share in the short term of
CLASS even if excused with a MD’s note a minute. Feel Free to contact via phone
except for castings or bracings that or email for concerns or issues requiring
prohibit the change of clothes. more time commitment.
Van Buren Middle School Physical Education.ppt
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Van Buren Middle School Physical Education

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