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Весне для 1класса

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1CS6461 – Computer Architecture Fall 6Blackboard site. Others, you will have to
2015 Morris Lancaster. Lecture 0 - access for yourself at URLs or through
Administrative. reading articles in technical journals in
2Contact Me. Adjunct Prof. Morris S. the library. Dept. of Computer Science -
Lancaster H: 703 400 6408 email: CS6461 Computer Architecture Adapted from
mlancast@email.gwu.edu It is best to Professor Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-6.
contact me by email. Teachers open the 7Other Sources. Not required reading,
door. You enter by yourself. Dept. of but may be helpful William Stallings,
Computer Science - CS6461 Computer Computer Organization and Architecture:
Architecture Adapted from Professor Designing for Performance 6th ed.,
Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-2. Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ,
3Purpose. To understand some of the 2002 Cragon, H.G. 2000. Computer
basic concepts and tradeoffs in the design Architecture and Implementation, Cambridge
of modern computer architectures. This University Press, Cambridge, England Other
course will review concepts in books on computer architecture available
architecture design, branch prediction, at Gelman Library For Development of Term
pipelining, speculative execution, Papers If English is NOT your primary
structure of processors. As this is a language, I encourage you to make use of
Computer Science course, we will focus on the GW Writing Center,
understanding computer architecture from http://www.gwu.edu/~gwriter/. Dept. of
the perspective of the system software Computer Science - CS6461 Computer
programmer (at an assembly language Architecture Adapted from Professor
level). We are interested in how a machine Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-7.
executes instructions. From a performance 8Online Sources. Courses coursera MIT
perspective, we will explore what is the Open Courseware Carnegie Mellon Too
‘performance impact’ of s/w and h/w Much!!!! There are many others. You find
designs; what makes programs run slowly, them if they help you!!! Lecture videos
what h/w features can speed up the All over the place…. YouTube for example.
execution of programs. Dept. of Computer Dept. of Computer Science - CS6461
Science - CS6461 Computer Architecture Computer Architecture Adapted from
Adapted from Professor Stephen Kaisler’s Professor Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-8.
Slides. L0-3. 9Course Policy. It is expected that you
4Course Requirements. This course will work on your term papers
consists of a term paper, a class project, individually. It is appropriate, and a
and a final exam. 1. Class Project 50% a. good idea, to discuss the work with other
Part I 5% b. Part II 10% c. Part III 15% students, but the work you turn in must be
d. Part IV 20% (if applicable) 2. Term your own. Read the GWU Academic Integrity
Paper 25% 3. Final Exam (2 Hours) 25% Policy!! Dept. of Computer Science -
Total 100% Prerequisites: Programming and CS6461 Computer Architecture Adapted from
Data structures, Discrete Math, and a Professor Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-9.
basic knowledge of computer organization. 10Class Project - I. What we have to
You will be programming in Java; you learn to do we learn by doing. —
should have had at least one programming Aristotle, Ethica Nicomachea II (ca. 325
course (preferably Java). Dept. of B.C) The bulk of the grade for this course
Computer Science - CS6461 Computer will consist of a class project. Working
Architecture Adapted from Professor in teams of 3 or 4, you will build a
Kaisler’s Presentation. L0-4. simulation of a small-scale computer
5Textbooks. Required: Rampolla, M.L. A system, consisting of central processor,
Short Guide to Writing in History, 6th. memory, and some I/O systems. The team
Ed. St. Martin’s Press 0312403577 will be graded on their group results.
Optional: Hennessy, J. & Patterson, D. Therefore, it is up to the team to make
Computer Architecture: A Quantitative sure everyone does his or her fair share.
Approach, 5th Edition, Morgan Kaufmann Do NOT ask me to resolve team conflicts or
Note: Rampolla’s book contains the rules referee team disputes. As graduate
for writing good term papers. A question students, you will need to get along for a
from this book may appear on the final semester in order to achieve a common
exam. When grading your term papers for goal. The class project will consist of
spelling, usage, structure, etc., Rampolla four segments spaced out over the course
will be used as the key reference. It is of the semester. Each segment will require
strongly recommended that you buy this approximately 3-4 weeks. The last segment
book and read it. There is NO excuse for a will be submitted at the time of the final
poorly written paper at the Graduate exam (or shortly thereafter). This is an
Level!! Dept. of Computer Science - CS6461 example of agile programming! Dept. of
Computer Architecture Adapted from Computer Science - CS6461 Computer
Professor Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-5. Architecture Adapted from Professor
6Class Notes. Class notes will be on Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-10.
the website. These will be posted to the 11Class Project - II. The class project
class Blackboard site. The final exam will will require substantial time outside of
be drawn from the class notes, the the class room. The class project is
lectures, and the readings. The class described in a separate handout. Why this
notes will serve as an outline, but I will project? I have taught computer
provide additional material during the architecture several times. It is my
lectures. Therefore, it is incumbent upon experience that most computer science
you to attend every lecture (unless you students do not really understand how a
are ill or on travel for your job) or to computer works. I feel as a Computer
obtain class notes from someone who was Science Graduate Student you should be
physically present (and, hopefully, able to explain to anyone who asks the
awake). The textbook is supplemental to details of how a computer system, e.g.,
the lectures. You should read for the central processor and memory and I/O,
absorption and understanding, not for operates. Dept. of Computer Science -
regurgitation. Other Reading: Substantial CS6461 Computer Architecture Adapted from
additional reading is required. These Professor Stephen Kaisler’s Slides. L0-11.
papers will be posted to the class
Весне для 1класса.ppt
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Весне для 1класса

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