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1Welcome. Florida Standards Assessments 8complete the test session. 8.
Regional Trainings January 26­­­­–February 9FSA ELA Reading Component. All FSA ELA
5, 2015. 1. Reading Component assessments are
2Purpose. The purpose of this training administered in two sessions over two
is to Introduce you to AIR systems and days. Grade. Session Length. Number of
processes FSA Portal Test Information Sessions. 3. 80 minutes. 2. 4. 80 minutes.
Distribution Engine (TIDE) Test Delivery 2. 5. 80 minutes. 2. 6. 85 minutes. 2. 7.
System (TDS) Test Administrator (TA) 85 minutes. 2. 8. 85 minutes. 2. 9. 90
Interface Online Reporting System (ORS) minutes. 2. 10. 90 minutes. 2. 11. 90
Paper-Based Materials Receiving, minutes. 2.
Packaging, and Returning Provide an 10FSA Mathematics. All FSA Mathematics
opportunity for Q and A What we won’t assessments are administered over two
cover today Students to be tested (above days. For Grades 6–8, the three sessions
grade level, graduation requirements, may be administered as determined by the
etc.) Accountability (school grades, district: Sessions 1 and 2 on Day 1 and
teacher performance, etc.) Scoring and Session 3 on Day 2, OR Session 1 on Day 1
Reporting specifications and requirements. and Sessions 2 and 3 on Day 2. Grade.
2. Session Length. Number of Sessions. 3. 80
3Resources. Test Administration Manuals minutes. 2. 4. 80 minutes. 2. 5. 80
User Guides TIDE TA Training Test minutes. 2. 6. 60 minutes. 3. 7. 60
Infrastructure Trial ORS Training Tests minutes. 3. 8. 60 minutes. 3.
and Scripts Packaging and Return 11FSA EOC Assessments. All FSA EOC
Instructions Webinars. 3. assessments are administered in two
4Computer-Based Testing. Grades 8–11 sessions over two days. Any student who
FSA ELA Writing Component Grades 5–11 FSA has not completed the session by the end
ELA Reading Component Grades 5–8 FSA of the allotted time may continue working;
Mathematics FSA Algebra 1, Geometry, and however, each session may last no longer
Algebra 2 EOCs. 4. than half the length of a typical school
5Paper-Based Testing. Grades 4–7 FSA day. Subject. Session Length. Number of
ELA Writing Component Grades 3–4 FSA ELA Sessions. Algebra 1. 90 minutes. 2.
Reading FSA Mathematics Paper-Based Geometry. 90 minutes. 2. Algebra 2. 90
Accommodations Grades 8–11 FSA ELA Writing minutes. 2.
Component Grades 5–11 FSA ELA Reading 12Paper-Based Testing. All regular-print
Grades 5–8 FSA Mathematics FSA Algebra 1, materials are scannable test and answer
Geometry, and Algebra 2 EOCs. 5. books. For eligible students, the
6Spring 2015 FSA ELA and Mathematics following paper-based accommodations are
Paper-Based Administration Schedule. available: Large print Contracted Braille
Dates. Assessment. Grade Level. March Uncontracted Braille One-Item-Per-Page.
2–13, 2015. FSA ELA Writing Component. 12.
4–7. March 23–April 10, 2015. FSA ELA 13Computer-Based Testing. TAs must have
Reading and Mathematics. 3–4. April a computer or device to manage test
13–April 24, 2015. FSA ELA Reading. 5–11. sessions Student computers or devices must
April 13–April 24, 2015. FSA Mathematics. have the secure browser installed If
5–8. 6. technical difficulties arise during
7Spring 2015 FSA End-of-Course testing: TAs contact school/technology
Paper-Based Administration Schedule. coordinator immediately If the issue is
Dates. Assessment. April 20–May 1, 2015. not resolved quickly, contact the AIR Help
Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2. 7. Desk and notify district assessment
8FSA ELA Writing Component. The FSA ELA coordinator Do not have students continue
Writing Component assessment is to attempt to log in until issues are
administered in one 90-minute test resolved Participate in district-wide FSA
session; however, students who have not Infrastructure Trial to diagnose any
completed testing at the end of 90 minutes issues before operational testing. 13.
may have an additional 30 minutes to
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