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OA Merch available In Trading post
OA Merch available In Trading post
OA Merch available In Trading post
OA Merch available In Trading post
All Scouts who have submitted the $50 per Scout deposit by Feb 3rd
All Scouts who have submitted the $50 per Scout deposit by Feb 3rd
Camp Cards
Camp Cards
Tree Harvest
Tree Harvest
Картинки из презентации «WELCOME LEADERS» к уроку английского языка на тему «Россия»

Автор: Bryan Lineberry, SSGT. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «WELCOME LEADERS.pptx» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 1251 КБ.


содержание презентации «WELCOME LEADERS.pptx»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
2CAMP CHIEF LITTLE TURTLE 2014 SUMMER $20.00 Paintball $5.00 Top Scout $25.00
CAMP KICK-OFF. Handicraft MB – variable fees.
Director: Greg Crowe Camp Program Deposit of $50 per scout by Feb 3rd AND
Director: Bill Richman Council Program Early Bird fee of $260 per scout paid by
Assistant: Nila Sink Director of Camping: May 5th Newly Registered Boy Scouts and
Chuck Walker. Webelos Crossovers $260 if paid in full by
4Back by popular demand… Buckskin May 1st Webelos graduates and new scouts
Program Tomahawk/Knife Throwing, American may pay in full by may 5th at no penalty
Heritage MB Indian Lore MB Scouting Boy Scout Leader Fees: Full Time $95. Part
Heritage MB Citizenship in the World MB Time $20 per day or $7/meal. Fees due by
Fire Branding Black Powder Shooting. May 5th.
5Popular Demand cont… Communications MB 17REGISTRATION. On-line Registration to
Salesmanship MB Welding MB Kayaking MB come! Once Established all units in
Search & Rescue MB. council will be notified & those out
6Features! Top Scout (Older Boy of council who are interested. Until then
Program) Turtle Quest (1st Year Camper forms can be found on-line at
Program) Brother Discount Catapult Contest awaccaps.org.
Provisional Camper Program Family Night 18All Scouts who have submitted the $50
& Camp-wide Picnic Order of the Arrow per Scout deposit by Feb 3rd will receive
Call Out NYLT. a FREE camp hat Additional hats may be
7Adult Opportunities & Fun. This is purchased or troop information may be
Scouting Scout Master Specific Training embroidered onto the hats for an
Assistant Scout Master Specific Training additional fee.
Climb on Safely Trek Safely Safe Swim 19MERIT BADGES & SCHEDULE. Few
Defense Safety Afloat Leave No Trace Trail changes for 2013 Usage of “Blue Card”
to Eagle Seminar Outdoor leader Skills system – no need to bring’em – we
Training. provide’em! Merit Badge Schedules Provided
8Adult Fun cont… CPR Certification BSA Daily MB reports to review progression
Life Guard Swim &Water Rescue Paddle Age-Appropriate Classes using
Craft Safety Program volunteer Visual/Audio/Sensory Aids.
opportunities Scout Leader Merit Badge 20PLEASE REMEMBER… SUMMER CAMP HAS ROOM
Service Project Opportunities Nap on FOR MERIT BADGES AND NON MERIT BADGE
9Turtle Quest. True 1st year Camper PREPARED, SOME BADGES HAVE PREREQUSITS.
Program . Runs half days (Monday – Friday) ENCOURAGE SCOUTS OF ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES
gives opportunity for afternoon merit WE CAN PROVIDE THEM.
badges . Participants practice patrol and 21FAMILY NIGHT. *FRIDAY evening… *Camp
troop methods. Basic 1st aid, totin’ chip, will provide a Camp wide Picnic complete
map & compass, knots, hiking, with games and activities for Scouts and
pioneering, LNT, Firem’n Chit, and Fire Guests *A count of guests will be needed
building. Earning Advancement. All at your two-week meeting. Guests will need
learning objectives are met through to purchase meal tickets at the Camp
interactive games and challenges. Thursday Office - $7.00 per meal.
evening overnight! 22Provisional Scout Camping. Want to
10TOP SCOUT…Are you tough enough? Are come to camp for two weeks?! Dates: Fee:
your boys tired of doing the same scouting $285 Individual Provisional Camper $25
routine? Were looking for the “Top Scout” Discount if paid in full by May 1st Troop
in your troop to except the challenge of Leadership Positions Available.
becoming the next Top Scout. Top Scout is 23Camp Cards. Easy Fundraiser for you
a challenging boy led program that will & your Troop $5 per Card $2.50 to you
test your boy’s scouting knowledge in $2.50 to pay for the cards Proven success
skill base & physical demanding to get your boots on the ground at camp!
activities that will separate them second 242015 Camping Registration. Will open
to none. Wilderness Survival, High Ropes the 2015 campsite registrations on May 1st
Corse Activities, Mountain Biking, of 2014. First deposits in the door will
Cooking, Canoeing, Team Building, and much hold your favorite site on your favorite
more! So if your boys have what it week. After that day reservations will be
takes…Say YES to TOP SCOUT!! accepted online or over the phone.
11OA Merch available In Trading post! 25Staff Applications Now Available. Take
Got Passion in your Fashion? Come to Camp Scouting to the next level and become a
Sash’in! Wednesday is OA Day! – see Staffer! Live at camp this summer with us
leaders guide pg 21 Get a fast Pass in the An education second to none Chance to earn
Chow Line Brotherhood Classes & merit badges Gain new life long
Ceremony Call-out ceremony Rededication friendships Staff Scholarship Program = $
Ceremony. for College Great Resume Builder
12THE FIRST DAY… 11 am Check in at Camp Internships 14 years of age and higher
office with Rosters and head to your site! Grab Your Application Today Before You
11 am – 4 pm Campsite Setup and Camp Leave! Asking Troops for referrals of
Orientation 1pm Orientation Begins Health their Scouts.
Checks (Health Forms, Dietary 26Food Service Guarantee. Come and enjoy
Restrictions, Medications) Swim Checks our 290 seat Dining Hall that will provide
(pre-camp swim checks available) Shooting you and your unit with all your culinary
Sports Safety Review Dining Hall/Trading needs Need to beat the Heat? Come inside
Post Orientation Tour Program Areas 7 pm anytime and rest in the A/C Food
Leader Meeting. Allergies? No need to worry bringing your
13HEALTH FORM. In compliance with own food. Identify your needs prior to
National BSA Boy Scout Resident Camp camp – we’ll take it from there. Wi fi for
Standards, NO person can be allowed to scout leaders to check in the world
participate in the camp program or stay on outside of camp during their stay. CAMP
BSA property without a complete health PROVIDES ALL MEALS DURING YOUR WEEK AT
history. Everyone attending CCLT (Scouts CAMP!
and adults) must turn in a health history 272014 Workership Program. Workerships
before participating in any camp can be awarded for up to 50% of early bird
activities. The Annual Health and Medical camp fee Awarded on “honor system”
Record is valid for 12 months and Parts A, Designed to allow those who can’t afford
B and C must be completed for all Scouts to come to camp - No proof of income is
and Leaders attending camp. UNDER NO required Identify a “good turn” work
CIRCUMSTANCE WILL A MEDICAL FORM BE project Projects should involve a
ACCEPTED BY THE CAMP PERSONNEL WITHOUT THE significant number of hours and effort on
SIGNATURE OF A LICENSED PRACTITIONER (MD, the scout’s part Workership applications
DO, Nurse Practitioner or Physicians are due April 1 We want everyone to have
Assistant). “Returning!” … In order to the opportunity to come to camp!
speed up the medication disbursement, 28OTHER STUFF… BLUE HERON AWARD
units will each be given a lockable COMMISSIONER AWARD FIREWOOD POLICY CAMP
medication box for their campsite. Unit WORK DAYS BROTHER DISCOUNT – SAVE $25
leaders will be able to assist Scouts with MULTIPLE WEEK DISCOUNTS $210 T-SHIRT ORDER
their non-perishable medication right in FORMS HAT PERSONALIZATIONS TROOP PHOTO
the campsite! ORDER.
14TWO-WEEK PRIOR MEETING. The purpose of 29ATV’s!?!
this meeting is to turn in merit badge 30Tree Harvest. A Timber Harvest has
signups, health forms, dietary been conducted at Little Turtle for
restrictions and talent releases, swim property maintenance, safety preservation,
check forms. Troops will also be able to healthy growth & camp income. As the
ask last minute questions before their Forest settles we would like all
unit arrives. MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE participants to be aware of tree tops and
COUNCIL SERVICE CENTER IN FORT WAYNE. debris on the ground which can be
SESSION 1-BOY SCOUT CAMP Monday, June 2, hazardous around campsites, program areas,
6:30 PM SESSION 2-BOY SCOUT CAMP Monday, and trails if climbed or played on. Help
June 9, 6:30 PM SESSION 3-BOY SCOUT CAMP us keep our scouts safe.
Monday, June 16, 6:30 PM SESSION 4-BOY 31NYLT.
SCOUT CAMP Monday, June 23, 6:30 PM 32?
6:30 PM. COMING!
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