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Составьте рассказ о девочке
Составьте рассказ о девочке
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Картинки из презентации «WELCOME TO OUR LESSON» к уроку английского языка на тему «Россия»

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
25 класс. Личные и притяжательные 8Молодцы!!!
местоимения Презентацию выполнила учитель 9Физкульт минутка.
первой категории Васильченко Тамара 10Закончите предложения: I am Alex. …
Николаевна. name is Alex. He is 10. … .sister is 5. I
3Фонетическая зарядка. I see a cat.-The like reading. ….. hobby is books. We like
cat is fat. You see a pig.- The pig is to run….. favourite subject is P.E. My
big. We see a ball.-The ball is small. friend is from London. ……is English. My
They see a star.- The star is far. mother’s name is Nina. …is a doctor. …..
4Личные местоимения. I am tom. We are is a good doctor. ……. father’s name is
happy. You are helen. You are kind. He is Ben. ….. is a driver.
a doctor. They are clever. She is a 11Употребите правильно личные
teacher. It саn jump(the dog). местоимения (I, you,he,she,it,we,they). 1.
5Личные и притяжательные местоимения. I … is a doctor. 2…. are good pupils. 3…. is
– my (мой) we – our(наш) you – your(твой) a sweet apple. 4…. am a pupil. 5…. is a
you – your(ваш) he – his(его) they – clever boy. 6…. are fine. 7…. is a nice
their(их) she – her(ее) it – its (неод.). girl. 8…. are my classmates.
6Замените подчеркнутые существительные 12Составьте рассказ о девочке. ……………..
местоимениями: 1.Paul is ten years old. Mary. ……………… 8 years old.
2.The cat is in the kitchen. 3.The ………………...English. ………………… in Oxford.
children are at school. 4.Susan and I are ………………….a pupil. …………………..good at school.
friends. 5.Helen is my cousin. 6.Is Mary ………favourite subject is IT.
seven? 7.This is Frank’s car. 8.Ann’s ………………….flowers. ………….nice and smart.
dress is beautiful. 9.Tom is Mary’s 13Check yourself.(Проверьте себя). Her
brother. name is Mary. She is 8 years old. She is
7Вставьте нужное местоимение. (my, his, English. She lives in Oxford. She is a
her, their, our, its, your) Alison is pupil. She is good at school. Her
doing …. homework. Do you live with … favourite subject is IT. She likes
parents? We love … new house. Moscow is flowers. She is nice and smart. Mary is a
famous for … museums. I like … new dress. very clever girl.
She is in … bedroom. Can you give me … 14О т л и ч н о !
book? What is … name? Dima plays with … 15THE LESSON IS OVER.
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