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Shakespeare’s birthplace in Henley Street
Shakespeare’s birthplace in Henley Street
Anne Hathaway’s cottage, a mile from Stratford, where she was born in
Anne Hathaway’s cottage, a mile from Stratford, where she was born in
The Globe of Shakespeare's times
The Globe of Shakespeare's times
New Globe theatre
New Globe theatre
This is the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was buried
This is the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was buried
This is a bronze statue of Shakespeare
This is a bronze statue of Shakespeare
This is a bronze statue of Shakespeare
This is a bronze statue of Shakespeare
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William Shakespeare

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1William Shakespeare. Урок-презентация 12his plays himself 7. Shakespeare died in
Выполнила: Учитель английского языка London and was buried in Westminster
Лучкина Евгения Сергеевна. Abbey. It’s false. He died in
21564-1616. Stratford-on-Avon and was buried in the
3Vocabulary. Stratford-upon-Avon the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford. 8.
Great Unknown Ann Hathaway the Globe Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, 154 sonnets.
Theatre doubtful occupy performance It’s true.
playwright experience genius remarkable. 13Shakespeare’s plays. The Comedy of
4Stratford-on-Avon. Errors Romeo and Juliet A Midsummer
5Shakespeare’s birthplace in Henley Night’s Dream The Merchant of Venice
Street. John Shakespeare lived and kept Julius Caesar As You Like It Twelfth Night
his shop in this house. His eight children Hamlet All’s Well That Ends Well Othello
were born here. Two of them died young. King Lear Macbeth.
6"... around forty boys would have 14Shakespeare’s quotations. The
been taught in this room ..." This is beginning of the end Весь мир-театр.И всё
the schoolroom where Shakespeare was мы в нем актёры. All is well that ends
educated. It is still in use. well Прекрасное-прекрасной Life is not all
7Anne Hathaway’s cottage, a mile from cakes and ale Любовь-слепа Brevity is the
Stratford, where she was born in 1556, and soul of wit Много шума из ничего Much ado
lived until she married William about nothing Краткость-сестра таланта
Shakespeare in 1582. Sweets to the sweets Начало конца To win
8The Globe of Shakespeare's times. golden opinions Коня, коня! Полцарства за
9New Globe theatre. коня! A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a
10This is the Holy Trinity Church where house! Из жалости я должен быть жесток
Shakespeare was buried. It is interesting There the rub Всё хорошо, что хорошо
that he died on his birthday, 23 April, кончается All the world’s a stage Жизнь
1616. прожить – не поле перейти and all the men
11This is a bronze statue of and women merely players Love’s blind
Shakespeare. Shakespeare's figure is high Заслужить благоприятное мнение I must be
above the ground and on the ground there cruel, only to be kind Вот в чём
are small figures of Shakespeare’s famous загвоздка.
characters. 15Crossword. a. s. k. w. r. s. o. n. n.
12True or false. 1. Shakespeare was born e. t. v. h. a. m. l. e. t. k. s. r. r. e.
in the 17th century. No, it isn’t true. He e. n. a. q. l. h. b. d. s. a. l. n. d. c.
was born in the 16th century, in 1564 2. o. m. e. d. y. t. g. e. l. w. b. f. b. l.
William got a good education in London. g. w. r. e. a. e. b. e. s. g. l. j. i. a.
It’s not true. He got his education in the d. p. y. q. t. i. t. o. o. l. t. y. l. c.
Grammar school in Stratford. 3. William w. h. m. f. c. a. l. f. w. h. m. g. u. n.
married late. His wife was younger than j. t. d. i. o. n. s. h. a. k. e. s. p. e.
him. It’s false. He married when he was a. r. e. x. z. f. z. l. h. e. h. m. d. x.
18. His wife was 9 years older then 16Список литературы: Организация
himself 4. William Shakespeare had three классных часов на английском языке
children: a daughter Susanna and twin А.В.Конышева. Внеклассные мероприятия по
sons. He really had 3 children: a daughter английскому языку 5-8 классы
Susanna and twins, but they were a a М.А.Трофимова.
daughter Judith and a son Hamnet. 5. His http://www.wshakespeare.ru/id-sa-autor-62/
wife Anne Hathaway loved theatre very http://brusentsov.com/2010/05/22/6487
much. No, it’s not true. His wife didn’t http://alkor.virtbox.ru/theatre.html
love theatre. 6. Shakespeare never acted http://www.turinfo.ru/attractions/teatr-gl
on the stage. It’s not true. William acted bus/.
William Shakespeare.ppt
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William Shakespeare

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