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New Document Page- 2003 and 2007
New Document Page- 2003 and 2007
New Document Page- 2003 and 2007
New Document Page- 2003 and 2007
The MS Office Button
The MS Office Button
Quick Access Toolbar
Quick Access Toolbar
Menus and Toolbars - 2003
Menus and Toolbars - 2003
Menus and Toolbars - 2007
Menus and Toolbars - 2007
The MS Office Button replaces the File Menu
The MS Office Button replaces the File Menu
New and Open
New and Open
Word Options
Word Options
Word Options
Word Options
Word Options
Word Options
Trust Center
Trust Center
Key Tips
Key Tips
The Ribbon
The Ribbon
The Insert Tab
The Insert Tab
The Table Group
The Table Group
The Table Tools Tab - Design
The Table Tools Tab - Design
The Table Tools Tab
The Table Tools Tab
The Picture Tools Tab
The Picture Tools Tab
The Page Layout Tab
The Page Layout Tab
The Page Layout Tab
The Page Layout Tab
The Page Layout Tab
The Page Layout Tab
The References Tab
The References Tab
The Mailings Tab
The Mailings Tab
The Review Tab
The Review Tab
The View Tab
The View Tab
The Add-Ins Tab
The Add-Ins Tab
The Mini Toolbar
The Mini Toolbar
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Автор: tpeak. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Word 2003 Vs 2007.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 2445 КБ.

Word 2003 Vs 2007

содержание презентации «Word 2003 Vs 2007.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Word 2003 Vs 2007. What’s the 51Rows and Columns Group: Offers options to
Difference? insert and delete and rows, and columns.
2Word 2007. This tutorial will explain These options were found on the Table Menu
the differences between Word 2003 and 2007 in Word 2003 The Merge Group: Options to
by comparing the Menus and toolbars in Merge and split cells, found on the Table
Word 2003 with the MS Office Button and Menu in Word 2003.
Ribbon in 2007. There will also be an 52The Table Tools Tab. The Cell Size
explanation of new features exclusive to Group: Options to AutoFit cell data found
Word 2007 If you would prefer an online on the Table Menu in Word 2003, plus
tutorial, click here: manual cell resizing, which is a New
3The New Document Page. When you open Feature The Cell Alignment Group: These
either version of Word, a new blank options were found on the table properties
document page appears. Revisions in Office in Word 2003 The Data Group: Includes
2007 have created major changes in the options to sort, convert data to text and
layout of this display The major write formulas. These options were on the
differences between the two displays are Table Menu in Word 2003.
seen here. 53The Insert Tab. The Illustration
4New Document Page- 2003 and 2007. Word Group: Inserts images and graphics. It
2007. Word 2003. replaces similar functions on the Insert
5MS Office Button, the Quick Access Menu in Word 2003 Picture, Clipart and
Toolbar, & The Ribbon. The MS Office Chart: Insert these types of graphics
Button, Quick Access Toolbar and the Shapes: Replaces the AutoShapes Menu on
Ribbon replace the Menu, Standard and the Drawing Toolbar. Several new shapes
Formatting Toolbars in Word 2003. have been added to this Menu Smart Art:
6The MS Office Button. The MS Office Similar to Visio, it adds pre-formatted
Button is a New Feature of Word 2007. This visual icons to show process or make
button is the access point for: Creating graphic points. This is a New Feature.
New Word Documents Opening Saving Printing Here’s a tutorial:
Closing This Button replaces the File http://office.microsoft.com/training/train
Menu. ng.aspx?AssetID=RC101772971033 Inserting
7The MS Office Button. The MS Office an image from the illustration group opens
Button also houses A list of Recently Used the Picture Tools tab.
documents Word Options (previously located 54The Picture Tools Tab. The Picture
under the Tools Menu) Prepare to finalize Tools Tab replaces the Picture Toolbar in
documents for distribution Send which Word 2003. The Adjust Group: Edits images
distributes documents through facsimile or brightness, contrast, color, image
email Publish to distribute a document to quality, replaces images, or resets image
a server, blog, or shared workspace. back to original settings The Picture
8Quick Access Toolbar. Located next to Styles Group: Adds frames, effects,
the MS Office Button, the Quick Access shadows and shapes to an image. This is a
Toolbar offers one-click access to the New Feature. The Arrange Group: Formats
most widely used office functions. By images that are imbedded within text. The
default, there are 3 buttons Save, New, Size Group: Edits an images size, and
and Open. Click on the arrow next to the allows an image to be cropped.
toolbar, to open the customize Menu Click 55The Insert Tab. The Links Group:
the checkbox next to each feature to add Places different types of links in a
and more options to the toolbar This is a document. This group replaces the same
New Feature. functions found in the Insert Menu
9Menus and Toolbars - 2003. Menu Bar. Hyperlink: Adds a hyperlink to another
Standard Toolbar. Formatting Toolbar. In page, document, or website. Bookmark:
Word 2003, different functions within Word Allows you to identify text to revise
are accessed through the Menu Bar, later Cross-Reference: Links to a
Standard Toolbar, and the Formatting reference, image or item found in another
Toolbar. location in a document.
10Menus and Toolbars - 2007. Office 2007 56The Insert Tab. The Header/Footer
is arranged differently. All Menus are Group: Inserts a header, footer, or page
located within tabs on a Menu bar called number in a document. Again, these
the Ribbon The three parts of the Ribbon features are located in the Insert Menu in
are Tabs, Groups, & Commands. Word 2003 Preformatted Header/Footers with
11The Ribbon. Tabs: 8 tabs representing colors and graphics that match the cover
common related activities. Groups: pages are accessed by clicking on the
Sections containing Related items or drop-down Menu. This is a New Feature. The
tasks. Commands: Buttons, boxes or Menus Page Numbering functions are simplified on
relating to specific functions within one dropdown Menu.
Word. 57The Insert Tab. The Text Group: This
12Help. In Office 2007, there is not a group Inserts several different text
Help Menu. Instead, each item on the items. Text Box: In addition to a plain or
ribbon has an expanded balloon that blank text box, a click on the drop –down
explains the feature or option. In some Menu reveals several pre-formatted text
cases, the F1 Button is also available. boxes. This is a New Feature. Quick Parts:
This opens a new window with an definition A series of User-defined document
and an expanded explanation of how to use properties, building blocks or fields that
the feature or option. can be inserted into a document at any
13The MS Office Button. time. This New Feature is a more advanced
14The MS Office Button replaces the File relative of the Auto Format function found
Menu. in Word 2003. Word Art: this feature has
15New and Open. New – Opens New Document not changed from Word 2003.
Open – Opens the browse function so you 58The Insert Tab. Drop Cap: Adds a Drop
can open an existing document (You may Cap (a Capital letter at the beginning of
also open a document by clicking on the a sentence or paragraph that is a larger
document name in Recent Documents). font that the other letters) Signature
16Save. Save – Saves Documents Save As – Line: Adds a digital signature to business
Saves document with another name or correspondence Date and Time: Replaces the
document extension. You MUST save Date and Time insert function, in one of
documents in Word 97-2003 format to open several formats Object: Inserts an object
them in older versions of Word. (text, graphic, Word slide, Excel
17Print. Print – Prints document and Document, or other document into the Word
offers a Menu to make adjustments to the document A drop down Menu next to these
print function (i.e. # of copies) Quick functions denotes a variety of additional
Print – Sends document directly to printer options for these features.
Print Preview - Shows you what the 59The Insert Tab. The Symbols Group:
document will look like prior to printing. This group replaces the Insert Symbol
18Prepare. Prepare – Prepares the function on the Insert Menu bar Insert
document for distribution. There are Equation: includes several pre-formatted
several functions within this Menu algebraic and scientific equations. There
Properties: Feature previously located in are a dozen common pre-formatted
the File Menu in 2003 Inspect Document: equations. Clicking on Insert Equation at
This is a New Feature Encrypt Document: the bottom of the Equation Menu opens the
Feature previously located in the Security Equation Tools Tab opens Equations may
tab of the Options Menu in 2003. also be saved as Building Blocks in the
19Prepare. Restrict Permission: Feature Equation Gallery. This is a New Feature.
previously located in the File Menu in 60The Insert Tab. Insert Symbol: Offers
2003 Add Digital Signature: Feature users access to several types of commonly
previously located in the Security tab of used symbols After clicking on the
the Options Menu in 2003 Mark as Final: drop-down arrow, and a click on More
This feature previously located in the Symbols, opens up the Symbols Menu for all
Track Changes tab of the Options Menu in of the font styles in your computer.
2003. 61The Page Layout Tab. The Themes Group:
20Prepare. The Run Compatibility Checker Similar to Design Templates in PowerPoint,
checks to see if a feature used in the Themes are a series of designs that for
Word 2007 document is compatible with background color, font color and effects
earlier versions of Word in case the Themes were located under the Format Menu
document needs to be saved in an earlier in Word 2003. Themes can be changed in
format. their entirety or edited by individual
21Send. Send: Transmits the document to characteristics.
MS Outlook Internet Fax transmission. 62The Page Layout Tab. The Page Set-up
22Publish. Blog: This is a New Feature Group: Page set up replaces the Page Setup
which creates a post to your Blog when the function under the File Menu in Word 2003.
document is completed and transmitted Click on the drop down menu, and Page
Document Management Server: This is a New Set-up offers access to Margins: Office
Feature, and it replaces the File>Save 2007 adds several default margin options
as step, by sending the document directly Page Orientation: (Portrait or Landscape)
to Document Management server Create Paper Size: Several paper options are
Document Workspace: Creates a separate, available Columns: (This function was also
online workspace for the a Word document on the Standard Toolbar).
and all related office (i.e. Excel, Word) 63The Page Layout Tab. The Page Set-up
documents related to that document. This Group: To the right of the page setup
feature was originally located in the options are three additional options:
Shared Workspace Task Pane in Word 2003. Breaks( Replaces the Insert Page Break
23Publish. Close: Closes a Document. function). This is where Section Breaks
24Word Options. Word Options – Opens the are located. In addition, there is a
Options Menu previously located on the visual explanation of the different types
Tools Menu. These options have changed of page breaks Line Breaks: located on the
significantly in 2007, so take a minute to page options Menu in Word 2003
look over the changes. Hyphenation: Sets parameters for using
25Word Options. Word 2007. Word 2003. hyphens (for APA and MLA formatting) also
26Word Options. There are 9 categories located on the page options Menu in Word
of Word Options: Popular Display Proofing 2003.
Save Advanced Customize Add-Ins Trust 64The Page Layout Tab. Click on the Page
Center Resources. Command and the Page Setup Menu Opens,
27Popular. Top Options for Word: This is containing all of the functions found in
a New Feature. Choose options by clicking the group.
the checkboxes Personalize your copy of MS 65The Page Layout Tab. The Page
Office: Replaces the User Information tab Background Group: This replace the Format
on the Word 2003 Options Menu Language Background function of Word 2003. There
Settings replaces the Set Language option are 3 options with dropdown menus which
on the Word 2003 Tools Menu. provide additional options: Watermark Page
28Display. Page Display Options, Always Color Page Borders (Originally located in
Show Formatting Marks, and Printing the Format Menu, this opens the Borders
Options replace the options in the View and Shading Menu).
Tab on the Word 2003 Options Menu These 66The Page Layout Tab. The Paragraph
items can also be selected by clicking on Group: This group contains functions for
the Show Formatting Icon on the Home indentation and character spacing Click on
Ribbon. the arrow on the Paragraph Command, and
29Proofing. AutoCorrect Options replaces the Paragraph Menu opens.
the AutoCorrect tab on the Word 2003 Tools 67The Page Layout Tab. The Arrange
Menu Spelling and Grammar Options replace Group: Formats images that are imbedded
the Spelling and Grammar tab on the Word within text. These options were located
2003 Options Menu. within the Draw Menu in Word 2003 (The
30Save. Save Options replaces the Save Draw Menu was located at the bottom of the
tab on the Word 2003 Options Menu Click page, on the left), the Format Picture
Save in this Format to change the file Menu or the Picture Toolbar.
type to Word 97-2003 document. This way, 68The Page Layout Tab. There are several
all of your documents can be edited in options Position: Place the images either
both Word 2003 and 2007. in line with text (as a text object) or in
31Advanced. The Advanced Tab has several one of 9 pre-formatted options with text
options, scroll down to view all of them wrapping. Bring to front: places a
Editing Options and Cut, Copy & Paste selected image at the from of a group of
replace the Edit tab on the Word 2003 images (foreground) Send to back: Move an
Options Menu. image to the back of a group (as a
32Advanced. Show Document Content background) Text wrapping: Opens the Text
replaces the View tab on the Word 2003 wrapping Menu which allows you to position
Options Menu Display replaces functions an image wherever you need it Group:
found under both the View and General tabs Clusters several images together, as one
on the Word 2003 Options Menu. image Ungroup: Un-clusters images Rotate:
33Advanced. Print options replace the Allows image to be moved from 1 to 360
Print tab on the Word 2003 Options Menu degrees.
Save and Preserve Fidelity options are New 69The References Tab. The Table of
Features General Options replace the Contents Group: This group contains all of
General tab on the Word 2003 Options Menu the functions for creating a Table of
Compatibility Options replace the Contents (TOC). This feature is found in
Compatibility tab on the Word 2003 Options the Insert/Reference section of Word 2003.
Menu. Table of Contents: Clicking on the arrow
34Customize. Customize replaces the next to this function opens a second Menu
Customize option on the Word 2003 Tools with a variety of TOC formats. Add Text:
Menu. adds levels to the TOC Update Table:
35Add-Ins. Add-Ins are customizable by Updates a TOC as new TOC items are added.
user There are lists of both active and 70The References Tab. The Footnotes
inactive Add-In To activate an Add-In, Group: Options to insert, add, edit, and
choose from the Manage drop down Menu at revise footnotes and endnotes. These
the bottom of the page Click Go Check the options were located under the
options that you want to Add-In and click Insert/References section in Word 2003 The
Ok. Footnotes Command: Click on the arrow at
36Trust Center. The Trust Center allows the bottom of the command bar to reveal a
you to choose security settings for your footnote/endnote formatting Menu.
documents. There are several tutorials 71The References Tab. The Citations and
that can be accessed by clicking on the Bibliography Group: This feature contains
links. options for formatting citations and the
37Resources. The Resources Page is a bibliography This is a New Feature. Insert
one-stop location for Downloading updates, Citation: Includes options for inserting
Troubleshooting software problems Help citations or place holders for citations
online. Manage Sources: Opens a Menu to managed
38The Ribbon. sourced materials Style: Formats
39Key Tips. Key Tips are shortcuts to references in a variety of citation
Tab and Menu options on the Ribbon. This formats including APA and MLA
is a New Feature Push the alt key to show Bibliography: Inserts a reference page in
the Key Tips, then push the corresponding Bibliography or Works Cited format, based
letter on the keyboard to activate the Key on citations in the document.
Tip. 72The References Tab. The Captions
40The Ribbon. As Noted earlier, the Group: Options to add, edit, revise and
Ribbon is broken up into he three parts: insert Captions, a Table of Figures, or
Tabs, Groups, & Commands. Tabs: 8 tabs Cross-references. These options were
representing common related activities located under the Insert/References
Groups: Sections containing Related items section in Word 2003.
or tasks Commands: Buttons, boxes or Menus 73The References Tab. The Index Group:
relating to specific functions within Options to insert, add, edit or revise an
Word. Index. These options were located under
41The Ribbon Tabs. Home: Popular Word the Insert/references section in Word
options found on the Standard and 2003.
Formatting Toolbars in Word 2003 Insert: 74The References Tab. The Table of
Items associated with the Insert Menu Page Authorities Group: Options to insert, add,
Layout: Items relating to how a document edit or revise a Table of Authorities.
is set up before any text is typed on the These options were located under the
screen References: Functions found on the Insert/references section in Word 2003.
Insert/References Menu. These include 75The Mailings Tab. The Mailings Tab:
Tables of Contents Indexes, and The Mailings tab replaces the Mail Merge
Bibliographies Mailings: Replaces the Mail Task Pane in Word 2003. The pane is
Merge Task Pane Review: Options for arranged chronologically, so begin with
Proofing, Comments, Tracking Changes and the Create Group (Letters or Envelopes),
Document protection View: Options for how and continue until the merge is completed
you see documents on the screen Add-ins: (the Finish Group).
Converts document to PDF or Flash Paper 76The Review Tab. The Proofing Group:
format. This group contains potions for revising a
42The Home Tab. Clipboard Group: Options document. These options were previously
to cut, copy and paste text, plus the located on the Standard Toolbar and the
Format Painter. This group replaces the Research Task Pane. Spell check Thesaurus
cut, copy and paste options on the Translate: Translates English into another
Standard Toolbar and in the Edit Menu in language. Set language: Sets language for
Word 2003 Additional Paste Functions are the document. Word Count.
activated by clicking on the arrow. These 77The Review Tab. The Comments Group:
include Paste Special and Paste as Comments were located on the Insert Menu
Hyperlink options. Click on the arrow on and on the Track Changes Toolbar in Word
the Clipboard Command, to open the 2003 Options include: Insert New, Delete,
Clipboard task pane. Up to 24 items can be and Skip to Next or Back to Previous
saved on the Clipboard. comment.
43The Home Tab. The Font Group: Options 78The Review Tab. The Tracking Group:
to edit fonts, font colors and font sizes Replaces the Track Changes Toolbar. These
& font styles. It replaces the font options were located in the Tools Menu in
formatting functions on the Formatting Word 2003 Track Changes Icon: Opens Track
Toolbar and under the Format Menu in Word changes. Click on the arrow to open the
2003 The Font Menu is accessed by clicking Track Changes option menu. There are new
on the arrow on the Font Command bar. features such as the ability to change a
44The Home Tab. The Paragraph Group: username, and new color designations for
Options to edit bullets and numbering, multiple revisions Balloons: Options for
indentation, sorting, show/hide paragraph changing how a revision is displayed. This
marks, text alignment, line spacing, is a New Feature Markup/Show Markup:
shading, and borders. Clicking on the Markup options are the same as in Word
arrows next to line spacing, shading, and 2003 Reviewing Pane: Option to show
borders, opens additional Menu options reviewing pane (a list of document
Click the arrow next to the Paragraph changes), on the bottom or the left side
command to open a Menu with additional This is a New Feature.
paragraph editing options. 79The Review Tab. The Changes Group:
45The Home Tab. The Styles Group: Once Changes are reviewed, this group
Options to insert or change formatting allows for the review, acceptance o
styles in a Word Document. The group rejection of changes, as a whole, or
highlights the 5 most popular formatting individually. These options were located
styles. This is a New Feature. It replaces on the Track Changes Toolbar in the Tools
the Formatting Styles Menu on the Menu in Word 2003.
Formatting Toolbar The Styles Command, 80The Review Tab. The Compare Group:
accessed with a click on the arrow under This options allows users to compare two
Change Styles or the Style Command Bar. documents side by side. Compare Button:
46The Home Tab. The Edit Group: The Allows documents to be compared side by
find, replace, go to and select options side or merged into a single document Show
are located here. It replaces above Source Documents: Allows the original and
mentioned options on the Edit Menu Find: the revised document to be compared side
Will locate a text item within a document by side These options were located in the
Replace: Will replace the found item with Tools Menu in Word 2003.
a different item (i.e. you can change a 81The Review Tab. The Protect Document
Word that is repeated multiple times Group: Allows for shared documents to be
within a document using the find and protected from change without permission.
replace functions) Go To: Locates and Click on the Protect Document option to
browses to another page in a document choose the level and type of document
Select: Will select (highlight) all of the protection. These options were located in
text or similarly formatted text or the Tools Menu in Word 2003.
objects in a document This is a new 82The View Tab. The Document Views
feature. Group: This group replaces the options
47The Insert Tab. The Pages Group – found in the View Menu in Word 2003. There
Inserts pages into a document Cover page: are 4 options: Print Layout Full Screen
Inserts a pre-formatted color cover page Reading Web Layout Outline Print.
for your document. This is a New Feature. 83The View Tab. The Show/Hide Group:
Blank Page: Inserts a blank page and page This group replaces options found under
break Page Break: Inserts a page break. the View Menu in Word 2003 Ruler: Shows
48The Insert Tab. The Table Group: margins and tabs Gridlines: Shows a grid
Inserts tables into a document. After the pattern over the entire document. Useful
table is created, The Table Tools Tab with the formula option on the Insert Tab.
opens with two additional ribbons, Design This is a New Feature Document Map: Shows
and Layout. This is a New Feature. These document formatting Thumbnails: Shows each
tabs replace the table Menu bar. page as a thumbnail image on the left side
49The Table Group. Insert Table: Mouse of the screen.
over the cells to create a table Insert 84The View Tab. The Zoom Group: Replaces
Table: Click on this icon to create a the Zoom function on the Standard Toolbar.
table using the insert table menu Draw Options are similar to those found in the
Table: Click here to draw a table manually Print Preview function, however this is a
Convert Text to Table: Select text and New Feature Zoom: Opens a Menu of zoom
click this icon to convert it to a table options 100%: Increases document to fill
Excel Spreadsheet: This is a New Feature. screen One page: Displays document as a
Click on this icon to imbed an Excel full page 2 Pages: Shows two pages at once
spreadsheet into your document. When Page Width: Adjusts how wide the page
chosen The Excel programs opens within appears on the screen The Zoom Function is
Word Quick Tables: This is a New Feature. also located at the bottom right of the
Opens a Menu with 8 preformatted tables, document screen.
including 4 calendars. 85The View Tab. The Window Group: This
50The Table Tools Tab - Design. Design group allows users to view multiple
Tab: This ribbon features table design documents at the same time. this is a New
options that replace the Table Menu Feature New Window: Opens a document in a
options and Table Options on the Standard new Window Arrange all: Arranges documents
Toolbar in Word 2003. Table Style Options horizontally or vertically. Split: Splits
Group: Click on the appropriate checkbox the screen so that two different parts or
to choose the cells and rows that will be pages of the same document can be seen at
shaded. This is a New Feature. Table the same time Switch Windows: Allows
Styles Group : A series of shading options documents windows to change in prominence.
accessed by mouse click. This is a New 86The View Tab. The Macros Group: Click
Feature. This group also includes options on the icon to open the Macro function for
for Borders and Shading on the Format recording or editing a Macro Macros were
Borders and Shading Menu and Formatting located on the Tools Menu in Word 2003.
Toolbar in Word 2003 Draw Borders Group: 87The Add-Ins Tab. Add- Ins: Allows for
Replaces the Draw Table option on the document to be converted to Flash Paper
Table Menu and the Tables Toolbar. objects or PDF documents This function was
51The Table Tools Tab. Layout Tab: As located on the Acrobat Menu in Word 2003.
with the Design Tab, the groups on this 88The Mini Toolbar. The Mini Toolbar is
ribbon replace options on the Table Menu a Menu of frequently used formatting tools
and the Tables and Borders Toolbar The that appears when text is highlighted in a
Table Group: Includes Table Properties and Word document. This is a New Feature.
the View/Hide Gridlines option. There is 89Brought to You By.. Instructional
also a Select option that allows you to Technology at the University of the
select (highlight) a cell, row, column, or Incarnate Word Terry Peak 829-3920
an entire table. This is a New Feature The tpeak@uiwtx.edu.
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Word 2003 Vs 2007

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