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UI example
UI example
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WTP Server Tools Open House

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1WTP Server Tools Open House. Tim 21Users of Server Tools APIs. Server
deBoer deboer@ca.ibm.com. Providers Add support for additional
2Agenda. Plugins Contributors API servers E.g. Tomcat, JBoss Module
Status Quality Current work items. 2. Providers Add additional module types and
3WST Server Plugins. Server Tools Run on Server support E.g. J2EE Tools
Framework org.eclipse.wst.server.core* Client App Providers Provide clients for
org.eclipse.wst.server.ui* Run on Server E.g. Web browser Client
org.eclipse.wst.server.util Adds notion of Users Use API to configure and launch
a “server” to Eclipse Starting/stopping servers, check runtime target, etc. E.g.
servers, publishing, targeting projects, Web Services, DD editors. 21.
adding & removing modules Framework 22Model Overview. Module 1. Server 1.
for adding new server types Servers view, Runtime 1. Module 2. Server 2. Module 3.
wizards, editor framework, etc. Ability to Server 2. 22.
choose resource and Run on Server Depends 23Modules. A module is content that can
only on Eclipse * Contains API. 3. be deployed to a server Typically a
4WST Internet Plugins. TCP/IP Monitor project or folder (e.g. Web module) within
org.eclipse.wst.internet.monitor.core** the workspace, but can consist of anything
org.eclipse.wst.internet.monitor.ui** Extension Points: moduleTypes Define a new
Monitor for Web pages, Web services Shows type of module moduleFactories Provide
request from client and the server’s factory for creating and discovering
response Useful for understanding modules of a specific type Provides module
applications, debugging, etc. Supports delegates with a specified interface. 23.
TCP/IP and HTTP View bytes, images, or XML 24Runtimes. A runtime is an installed
** Contains provisional API. 4. server on the local hard-drive
5WST Internet Plugins. Web Browser Executables, Jar files, etc. Used for
utilities build-time compilation, validation
org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser The Extension points: runtimeTypes Define a
internal Web browser and support for new type of runtime and delegate class
launching external browsers moved into runtimeLocator Automatically locate new
Eclipse in 3.1M6 Utilities for the Eclipse runtimes on disk runtimeTargetHandler
browser plugin Easily switch between Change what happens when a project
browsers, toolbar button to open internal (containing modules) is targeted to a
browser. 5. particular runtime Modify classpath,
6WST Internet Plugins. Proxy Settings validation, etc. 24.
org.eclipse.wst.internet.proxy Manage 25Servers. A server is an instance of
internet proxy configuration and JRE (handle to) a real server Add & remove
properties Preference page HTTP proxy modules Publish modules Usually supports
servers and firewalls Authenticating proxy starting & stopping Often based on a
servers SOCKS Likely to move to Eclipse local runtime Extension points:
3.2. 6. serverTypes Define a new type of server
7WST Internet Plugins. Internet Cache and delegate classes Handles publishing,
org.eclipse.wst.internet.cache Caches starting & stopping server, etc. 25.
documents requested from the internet 26Run on Server support. Run > Run on
Currently only used by the XML resolver. Server menu item allows users to quickly
7. choose/create a server and run module
8JST Server Plugins. J2EE server Allows user to choose or create a server
utilities org.eclipse.jst.server.core* Starts server, publish Launches client
org.eclipse.jst.server.ui Generic Server application (e.g. Web browser) To enable
support on a selection: Adapt object to
org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.core* ILaunchable to make Run menu appear (via
org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.serverdefin Eclipse debug support)
tion org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.ui ModuleArtifactAdapter extension point
Adds support for J2EE servers to be provides enablement support Adapt object
defined using plain XML files No code to IModuleArtifact Each server provides
required, add support for a new server in support via launchableAdapter ext. point
minutes .serverdefinition plugin contains Clients (e.g. Web browser) can add support
adapters for WebLogic, JONaS, and JBoss. via clients ext. point. 26.
8. 27UI Support. Provided by
9JST Server Plugins. Apache Tomcat org.eclipse.wst.server.ui Servers view for
Server support creating and configuring servers
org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.core Preferences and property pages, etc.
org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.ui Apache Extension points: images Provide images
Geronimo Server support for runtimes, servers, etc. editorPages
org.eclipse.jst.server.geronimo.core and editorPageSections Provide sections
org.eclipse.jst.server.geronimo.ui. 9. and pages for the server editor
10Server Tools Contributors. Gorkem wizardFragments Provide pages to appear
Ercan Generic server support and adapters when servers are created. 27.
for JONaS, WebLogic, JBoss Larry Isaacs 28Generic Server Introduction. Extension
(SAS) Tomcat support Tim deBoer (IBM) to WTP server tools RuntimeTypes
Server Tools framework, TCP/IP monitor, ServerTypes Design has its roots from
Tomcat support Elson Yuen (IBM) Server Lomboz, Community already familiar with
Tools framework Ted Bashor, Thomas Yip, its use A special server and runtime that
Konstantin Komissarchik (BEA) Server Tools can adjust behaviour Server type
API Tim Francis (IBM) Geronimo support. definition files determine behaviour. 28.
10. 29Server type definiton file. XML based
11API Status. Done! … almost API is meta information Validated against an XSD
basically ready to go. Based on past Introduced using
experience we’re reasonably comfortable “org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.core.serve
with the current content Reasonable definition” extension Virtually two parts
validation through several servers and API Properties Derived information Properties
users in WTP BEA and IBM are both in the are variables that users provide values
process of validating the API internally using server tooling UI Derived info is
Provisional APIs: TCP/IP Monitor Parts of information used by the generic server to
server tools relating to features. 11. perform server tooling functionality. 29.
12Quality. Initial code contribution was 30Server type definition file example. .
shipped in previous products. Although it . <property
has undergone lots of cleanup and id="serverRootDirectory"
refactoring since then, much of the code label="Application Server
is still stable We’ve been fixing bugs Directory:"
continuously to keep the code relatively type="directory"
stable throughout Bugs have been slowing context="runtime"
growing – 30 currently on queue Still some default="/your_server_root/appservers
work to do to get ship-ready. 12. jboss-3.2.3" /> . . <start>
13Current Work Items - Assembly. Each <class>org.jboss.Main</class>
server type has it’s own requirements on <workingDirectory>${serverRootDirect
assembly Does it happen on build or on ry}/bin</workingDirectory>
publish? Do utility projects get jarred <programArguments>-c
up? Does complete EAR file get created? ${serverConfig}</programArguments>
The current .deployables directory is <vmParameters></vmParameters>
server specific and should not be in the <classpathReference>jboss</classp
workspace Working with J2EE team and BEA thReference> </start> 30.
to define an assembly mechanism Provide 31Making sense of the server type
support to assemble modules in .metadata definition files. <classpath> :
Assembly can be done via a builder or as define a classpath used by other elements
part of a publish Everything is under the <start>: information for starting a
server’s control. 13. server(classpath,class,vmarguments, etc.)
14Current Work Items - Features. <stop>: information used for
Proposal from BEA to enable/disable fine stopping a server <port>:port(s) to
grained features on a module/component start server on <project>: classpath
Allows better control over classpath, UI, to provide when creating a project for
and which servers support a module that this runtime <module>: information
has extensions Recently deferred to 1.1 for each supported modules, such as
Marking affected classes as provisional publisher and type <publisher>: data
API Still investigating to keep options used by different publishers when
open and migration low. 14. publishing to this server
15For more information. Component <property>:define variable data to
overviews Overviews exist for all three be collected from user. 31.
components (wst.internet, wst.server, 32Using metadata for UI. Property type
jst.server) on the WTP website Some determines the type of widget used Context
documentation about specific function: Run determines whether this is a server or
on Server Generic servers EclipseCon runtime property Currently 4 types are
presentation API – javadoc in code or in supported Directory String Boolean File.
online help Bugzilla Feel free to open 32.
enhancement requests for unclear javadoc, 33UI example. <property
further documentation you’d like to see, id="jonasRoot" label="JonAS
etc. 15. Installation Directory:"
16Help Needed. We’re not done yet! If type="directory"
you are planning on using or building on context="runtime"
WTP, we can use your help with: API review default="/your_server_root/JOnAS-4.1.
Bug fixes Testing JUnit tests Feedback. " /> <property
16. id="jonasBase" label="JonAS
17Thank you. Questions & Comments. Configuration Directory:"
17. type="directory"
18Backup. 18. context="runtime"
19What exactly is Server Tools? default="/your_server_root/JOnAS-4.1.
Sub-component of WTP in both WST and JST " /> <property
Server Tools provides: Targeting id="classPath"
applications to a specific server Adding label="Classpath Variable:"
& removing projects from servers type="directory"
Publishing applications to a server context="runtime"
Starting & stopping servers default="/your_server_root/JOnAS-4.1.
Implementations for specific servers: " /> 33.
Tomcat, JBoss, … 19. 34Generic publishers. Handles publishing
20Server Tools Components. The server modules to servers Only part where you may
tools framework supports any server, not need to code Introduced using
just J2EE Support in both of the WTP org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.antpublishe
subprojects: wst.server Server Tools extension point Extend GenericPublisher
framework (.server.core) Server Tools UI class It is optional you may choose to use
(.server.ui) jst.server J2EE server tools an existing publisher ANT build file based
(.server.*) Generic J2EE server framework publisher is available part of the core
(.server.generic.*) Tomcat, JBoss support, package More general publishers to come...
… 20. 34.
WTP Server Tools Open House.ppt
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WTP Server Tools Open House

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