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Hello World in MusicXML and MEI
Hello World in MusicXML and MEI
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XML Music Notation Encoding Standards: MusicXML and MEI

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1XML Music Notation Encoding Standards: 10beatrpt | btrem | chord | ftrem | note |
MusicXML and MEI. Constantine Zavras. pad | rest | space | tuplet)* | layer* |
2Questions. What is musical notation (msrest | msrpt | multirest |
encoding? Why is it needed? Why is an XML multirpt)?)), ossia*, (annot | arpeg |
standard needed? beam2 | bend | dir | dynam | gliss |
3Musical Instrument Digital Interface hairpin | harm | lyrics | midi | mordent |
(MIDI). MIDI MIDI is a format used for octave | pedal | phrase | reh | slur |
sending and receiving musical event tempo | tie | trill | turn)*, (curve |
information Used to display music audibly line | symbol )*)>
in a digital format At the basic level 11MusicXML Limitations. MusicXML is
MIDI states: When a note starts When a adequate, not optimal, for diverse music
note stops How loud the note is The pitch applications Problems exist when reading
of the note Limitations MIDI encodes a certain rhythms composed in MusicXML by
single performance It can’t display visual Finale and Sibelius, especially with
layouts, it requires a music application tuplets Very long files.
It was not intended as an interchange 12MEI Limitations. Does not have the
format, but as a mechanism for sending and backing of a commercial endeavor. Not as
receiving musical event information MIDI human readable as MusicXML MusicXML -
cannot distinguish between the same note <octave>2</octave> MEI -
such as a C# or Db This is because it has <oct =”2”>
no concept of notes, every note is an 13Elements vs. Attributes. MusicXML
event, and it is either off or on Current Elements – Logical Domains Attributes –
notation programs have to guess at what Visual and Performance Domains “Terseness
MIDI is saying XML can represent a is of minimal importance” Constantly being
specific note. updated, elements make the update process
4Older Standards. SMDL - Standard Music easier MEI Attributes – Logical Domains
Description Language WEDELMUSIC XML Elements – Performance Domains Smaller
Notation Enhanced Musical Notation Markup Files Attributes can be constrained by
Language (EMNML) eXtensible Score Language type and value, as well as defaulted
(XScore) OASIS Discussion List for Music values, very useful in music.
Notation XML TC Music and Lyrics Markup 14Schema vs. DTD. Both MusicXML and MEI
Language (4ML) Music Markup Language (MML) use DTD’s MEI has a few competing schema
FlowML: A Format for Virtual Orchestras proposals that are not operable.
MusiXML IMS MUSIC-XML Project ChordML, 15Hello World in MusicXML and MEI.
Actos, and ChordQL XChords Notation MusicXML Hello World MEI Hello World.
Interchange File Format (NIFF) MusicML 16MusicXML Example. <measure
Musical Notation Markup Language (MNML). number="1">
5MusicXML. Created by Recodare Goal To <attributes>
create a file format for musical <divisions>24</divisions>
representation and interchange between <key>
musical applications that would be <fifths>-3</fifths>
Internet-viewable and non-binary Based off <mode>major</mode>
of MuseData and Humdrum The DTD was </key> <time>
developed at the same time as the software <beats>3</beats>
MusicXML has become the commercial <beat-type>4</beat-type>
replacement for NIFF which was the XML </time> <clef>
format that was implemented in musical <sign>G</sign>
program such as Sibelius Used to augment <line>2</line> </clef>
specialized proprietary formats. </attributes>
6MusicXML (cont.). MusicXML is 17MusicXML Example (cont.). <note>
available under a royalty-free license <pitch> <step>B</step>
modeled on W3C MusicXML 2.0 is currently <alter>-1</alter>
in beta test This version will expand <octave>4</octave>
MusicXML's focus from being an interchange </pitch>
format to being a distribution format for <duration>24</duration>
digital sheet music. <voice>1</voice>
7MusicXML Support. Finale Sibelius <type>quarter</type>
Dolet SharpEye Notion TabEdit Guitar Pro. <stem>down</stem> <lyric
8Music Encoding Initiative (MEI). number="1">
Developed and updated by Perry Roland, a <syllabic>single</syllabic>
researcher at the University of Virginia’s <text>Auf</text>
Digital Library project. Goals Create a </lyric> </note>
framework for the encoding of music data </measure>
Enable content-based searching, analysis, 18MEI Example. <bar
visual presentation, etc. MEI supports a n="1"> <staff
large array of forms in which music exists id="s1"> <voice
(logical, visual, performance, and id="s1v1"> <note
analytical). MEI can ignore information it pname="b" acci="f"
does not need Noncommercial. oct="4" dur="4" />
9MEI (cont.). MEI utilizes a number of </voice> </staff> </bar>
existing standards, both XML and not. The 19Examples I Created. Trumpet Score-Part
metadata of the DTD - TEI and Dublin Core. MusicXML MEI – Couldn’t get the
Pitch attribute names - Acoustical Society transformation to work.
of America (ASA) Performance data - MIDI. 20The Future. MEI XSL Transformation
10Basic MEI DTD. <!ELEMENT mei from MusicXML MEI Transformation Sheet 1
(meihead, work)> <!ELEMENT meicorpus MEI Transformation Sheet 2.
(meihead, mei+)> <!ELEMENT meihead 21The Future. Common Western Musical
(meiid, filedesc, projectdesc?, Notation (CWMN) Music from any time period
editorialdecl?, profiledesc?, before the 17th century is impossible to
revisiondesc?, sourcedesc*)> encode with the standards that exist now.
<!ELEMENT work (front?, (music|group), Both MEI and MusicXML have stated that
back?)> <!ELEMENT group they stay within the bounds of CWMN in
((work|group), (work|group)*)> order to not overextend their limits. May
<!ELEMENT music (mdiv+)> be possible to do this in the future, or
<!ELEMENT mdiv (score?, parts?)> develop new standards based on existing
<!ELEMENT score (div*, (section, ones to incorporate other forms of
ending*, div*)* | (measure?, notation into XML. Potential for expansion
(pb|sb)?)*)> <!ELEMENT parts Music analysis tools, which MEI has some
(part)+> <!ELEMENT part (div*, operability in Ability to sequence music
(section, ending*, div*)* | (measure?, with no external software beyond a text
(pb|sb)?)*)> <!ELEMENT section editor. Music players written in Flash and
(div*, (section, ending*, div*)* | Java Can read MusicXML or MEI and play the
(measure?, (pb|sb)?)* | staff* | app*)> result online Convert to MIDI Create
<!ELEMENT app (rdg, rdg+)> playlists Encode in MPEG.
<!ELEMENT rdg (div*, (section, ending*, 22Resources.
div*)* | (measure?,(pb|sb)?)* | staff* | http://xml.coverpages.org/xmlMusic.html
app*)> <!ELEMENT ending (div*, http://www.musicxml.org/
(section, ending*, div*)* | http://www.lib.virginia.edu/digital/resnde
(measure?,(pb|sb)?)* | staff* | app*)> /mei/.
<!ELEMENT measure (((staff* | (beam |
XML Music Notation Encoding Standards: MusicXML and MEI.ppt
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XML Music Notation Encoding Standards: MusicXML and MEI

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