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Describe the ultimate interface…
Describe the ultimate interface…
R&D cycle
R&D cycle
Level of interaction
Level of interaction
Video As Input
Video As Input
Enhanced Reality
Enhanced Reality
EyeToy: research to product
EyeToy: research to product
EyeToy: Play
EyeToy: Play
EyeToy: Play
EyeToy: Play
Just around the corner
Just around the corner
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You Are Player One User Interfaces in Interactive Entertainment

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1You Are Player One User Interfaces in 13Input (VAI) joystick replacement user does
Interactive Entertainment. Richard Marks not see video applicable to existing games
Manager, Special Projects. Enhanced Reality (or augmented reality)
2An Interface Revolution is beginning. live video mixed with computer graphics
Graphics have improved dramatically movie-like special effects new
Interface is limiting the interactivity entertainment genre Real-time Motion
Interface is limiting the fun. Capture direct interaction enables
3Describe the ultimate interface… Fun physical interaction.
Intuitive Interactive Flexible Enabling 14Video As Input. User does not see the
Fun! PS9 commercial shows what people video Video quality only important for
think is “futuristic” Blurring of processing Only need to capture/process
distinction between real and virtual useful info Frame rate and latency are
Sensory enhancement Gaming anywhere and critical Immediate and obvious visual
everywhere Experiential Describe the feedback is important.
system by describing its interface. 15Enhanced Reality. Augmented reality,
4Background: Games are big busine$$. but with an entertainment focus Minimize
For the last 2 years, video game sales encumbrance Utilize common hardware
revenue has exceeded box-office receipts Simplify setup/calibration Create an
FY 2004, Electronic Arts reports… Revenue enjoyable user experience.
of $2.96 billion Net income of $577 16Video interface design goals.
million In less than 4 years worldwide…. Accessible Affordable Easy-to-use
70 million PlayStation2 hardware units 572 Unobtrusive Targeted Lens good for low
million PlayStation2 software units 1 in 4 light Compression specific to PS2 hardware
American homes has PlayStation2. Video size appropriate for PS2 processing
5Accelerating adoption rate. PS2. power Multi-purpose Communication (e.g.
32/64bit Game. CD Player. PC. Walkman. EyeToy: Chat) Snapshots.
Million units. years. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 17EyeToy: research to product. 1999-2000
4. 3. 2. 1. 0. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. initial research and prototyping 2001 join
9. the London game team for 3 months learn
6PlayStation R&D (SCE America). about their world L transfer my
Mission Catalyze new ideas for interactive technology, but more importantly, they
entertainment Focus 0 to 5 years Groups absorb how I think, so they can extend the
Advanced Graphics Distributed Processing ideas 2002 experienced game team creates
Developer Tools (compilers, optimizers) games, not technologist 2003 EyeToy
Special Projects Animation and physical launches globally 2004 5 million EyeToys
simulation Man-machine interface. shipped to date.
7R&D job description. Improve 18EyeToy: Play. Easy to jump in and play
existing experience Enable new experiences Not too serious Very social Amazing
“We don’t make games, we make them better” demographics Young children, parents,
Give game developers more tools to use for girls, grandparents.
creation Create software that game 19Mature video technology. Motion
developers can use Prototype tech demos to detection Color segmentation Simple-object
inspire game developers. pose recovery Sphere, position only
8R&D cycle. Matched to PlayStation Cylinder, position+orientation Gesture
platform cycle (5-6 years) 2-3 years recognition Pattern matching Basic
research Focused on about a 5 year video/graphics compositing.
look-ahead Intended to raise the bar of 20Recent video technology. Freeform
computer entertainment 2 years development mouse-like input (e.g. Minority Report)
Hardware specification, proving workloads Retro-reflection The “Clam” deformable
Advanced libraries, technology demos, input device Face detection Face tracking
samples 1 year production Maintenance, Better color tracking Demos (clam, view
support of our releases. tracking).
9Research models. Push Research group 21Just around the corner. PSP + camera
pushes technology out of lab and into PSP is your window to an enhanced world
product groups Tough because product Mobile augmented reality Mobile video
groups have schedules Example: EyeToy Pull communication Face tracking for animation
Tends to be evolutionary, not communication Next generation console +
revolutionary Less freedom, but certainty camera Much more CPU Much higher input
of usefulness Example: PlayStation Voice bandwidth Camera should be higher res,
Recognition Stockpile What do we do with faster, more sensitive New interfaces an
this? Don’t know, save it for later. Most important design criterion.
common model for large research groups. 22Future video technology. Per-pixel
10Level of interaction. Games now…. “L1 distance measurement RGBZ video Allows
o ?”. PS2. “42”. true mix of graphics with video using Z
11Interface Modalities. Inertial buffer Easy per-pixel
(accelerometers, rate gyros) Touch background/foreground (user) segmentation
(haptics, force-feedback) Audio Speech Video: Enhanced Reality special effects –
(speech recognition, speaker id) Waveform play movie Video: Real-time motion capture
(frequency, amplitude, rhythm) Video – play movie.
Familiar Fast Physical Personal 23Concluding remarks. Interface a key
Multipurpose. element of design Blend of technology and
12Voice Input. Voice recognition psychology Impacted by real-world
Command/control, user-independent, considerations Entertainment is a great
isolated word, text authored Used in NFL way to try new technology Especially the
GameDay, NCAA Gamebreaker, NBA Shootout game industry A revolution is already
Online adaptation to user’s voice underway Now, my 4-year-old waves his hand
Far-microphone voice input in noisy in front of the TV, expecting it to turn
environments Acoustic Echo Cancellation on Next year, he’ll be talking to it Soon,
Multi-microphone techniques Speaker all this will fit in his pocket And he
identification Voice fonts. thinks nothing of it….
13Video interface categories. Video As 24Thank you! Questions?
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You Are Player One User Interfaces in Interactive Entertainment

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