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YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself
YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself
YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself
YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself
YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself
YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself
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YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself

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1YouTube For Marketing Broadcast 9motivational lecture or slideshow about
yourself. By: Kanakamadala Bharath. your specific business practices to
2Agenda. History of YouTube YouTube demonstrate your client If you are a
Statistics YouTube Marketing Tips YouTube musician to sell a CD, create a music
for Small Business Online Advertising video If you are and artist, create photo
YouTube vs. Google Video Best Formats for slideshow.
Uploading. 10Sell Product Placement in Your Videos.
3History of YouTube. Founded in Just as movie studios and television
February 2005 and officially launched in networks sell product placement in their
December 2005 Consumer media company for movies and TV shows, You can also sell
the sharing, commenting, and viewing of them in your YouTube videos, especially if
original videos worldwide Purchased by you have a track record of high
Google October 9, 2006 YouTube still viewership. If you need extra resources to
operates independently Google bought sell product placements, you can use the
YouTube for $1.76 billion. services of Entertainment Media Works a
4What is YouTube...? YouTube is a video company that specializes in product
sharing web-site where users can upload, placements. You can use plinking, the
view and share video clips. Unregistered process of adding a link to a product or
users can watch most videos on the site by service to an object or image in a video,
visiting http://youtube.com, while such as a Cloths you're wearing.
registered users are permitted to upload 11Online Advertising. Online market
an unlimited number of videos, each with a steadily rising Consumers spending more
maximum length of 10 minutes. Making time on Web Shopping, Networking, Etc.
Youtube THE MOST DEMOCRATIC web-site on Companies shifting budget away from TV
the internet - so democratic, in fact, advertising and towards online video
that some governments have or are now market More opportunities for video
considering banning its use. sharing and advertising sites.
5 12
6YouTube Statistics. 1st largest video 13Competition. Major Competitors: MSN
site on the web, Around 100 Million Video Google Video Yahoo MySpace YouTube
Visitors visit YouTube per Month, 5 has had the greatest overall rise in
Billion Video Streams Every month - 40% of popularity between January and August of
all videos online,(Do the Math - 5 Billion 2006.
/ 300 million worldwide visitors = 17 14YouTube vs. Google Video. Uploading
streams a month per person) 15 Hours of Free with YouTube profile Advertisements
video uploaded every minute. Did you know: Banner Ads Access Categories and Tags
In August 2008, YouTube became the #2 Videos are easily accessible Appearance
search engines over Yahoo on Web (#1 is Viewing page appears more visually
Google). stimulating. Uploading Free with Google
7YouTube Statistics Shocking account Advertisements No ads Access
Statistics! People come to YouTube to Categories and Tags Videos are easily
visit 1 video, but end up watching several accessible Appearance Viewing page is a
videos like 7 or 15 videos you wonder bit outdated and very plain.
where the time has gone? Well we are not 15Major Differences. More advertising on
the person alone. 77% of users coming to YouTube’s page Banner Ads Other videos
YouTube come intending to watch 1 video Less “clicking” with YouTube Comments
but end up watching several. As of April listed on the same page Related videos
9, 2008, a YouTube search returns about appear in a sidebar YouTube has a more
83.4 million videos and 3.75 million user modern appearance YouTube has a larger
channels. YouTube uses 45 terabytes of customer base.
storage space which costs aprox. $1million 16Best Formats for Uploading. YouTube
a day, returning zero profit. In 2007, can accept almost any video format for
YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the upload, but for most users have found the
entire internet did in 2000. following settings give the best results.
8Make YouTube Marketing Pay off Without Video Format: H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4
Spending a Cent. Many companies will preferred Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9)
create a YouTube channel and then will Resolution: 640x360 (16:9) or 480x360
upload nothing but "commercials" (4:3) recommended Audio Format: MP3 or AAC
to their channel Many companies quickly preferred Frames per second: 30 Maximum
find that they are not successful with length: 10 minutes (we recommend 2-3
this type of marketing. Companies who minutes) Maximum file size: 1 GB.
create a "viral video" 17Conclusion. Online video is the wave
experience, where in they create of the future…… so, get out there and
characters and a storyline to start posting and watching!
"secretly" sell products and 18References.
services are 400 times more successful www.physorg.com/news164424171.html
with YouTube marketing The majority of http://blog.cleancutmedia.com/video/youtub
companies who have found great success -statistics-the-ultimate-time-suck
with YouTube marketing will upload http://www.allbusiness.com/operations/4112
anywhere between 1 and 3 videos per week! 07-1.html
The more updates that you create, the more http://ezinearticles.com/?YouTube-Marketin
people that you will reach and the more -Tips-How-to-Make-YouTube-Marketing-Pay-Of
traffic you will generate to your -Without-Spending-a-Cent!&id=2513742
business. http://www.vision6.com.au/download/files/1
9Promote your Products through YouTube 678/730517/Use%20of%20online%20videos%20an
videos. If you have a product to sell, %20YouTube%20as%20a%20marketing%20channel.
make the video in such a way that you df
should attract viewers Prominently display http://www.youtube.com/handbook_popup_prod
your phone number and webpage address in ce_upload?pcont=bestformats.
the video If you are a consultant and want 19
to promote your services, try to upload
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YouTube For Marketing Broadcast yourself

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