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Youth is a very important period in the life of man
Youth is a very important period in the life of man
Young people of today do not directly accept the standards of their
Young people of today do not directly accept the standards of their
There are 28 million children in Russia today
There are 28 million children in Russia today
With its strong presence in 155 countries, UNICEF is the world's
With its strong presence in 155 countries, UNICEF is the world's
In March 2011 Russia must submit to the UN Committee on the Rights of
In March 2011 Russia must submit to the UN Committee on the Rights of
Rehabilitation centers for disabled youth aged 18-25
Rehabilitation centers for disabled youth aged 18-25
On 16 March 2009 President Medvedev said at the Meeting dedicated to
On 16 March 2009 President Medvedev said at the Meeting dedicated to
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1. “OUR HAPPY CHILDHOOD…” Abuzyarova 9Report - 2011; the Group is chaired by
Nelly 9 “A” School 1 Ershov, 2011. Deputy Minister Maxim Topilin. They will
2Youth is a very important period in have problems to find something good to
the life of man. This is the time when a write about, and children’s rights
person discovers the world and tries to advocates of Russia will surely prepare
determine the place in the universe. Young their Alternative Report after State
people face lots of problems which are Report will be submitted to Committee on
very important for them and do not differ the Rights of the Child (CRC). The main
much from those that once their parents message of the Alternative Reports 1998
had to deal with. At the same time every and 2005 was the following: Russia
generation is unique. It differs from the systematically ignores and not implement
one that preceded it in its experience, the recommendations of the CRC’s
ideals and a system of values. Concluding Observations of 1993 and 1999
3Young people of today do not directly correspondingly. Unfortunately the same
accept the standards of their parents who must be repeated today as regards to the
believe that they are right because they CRC’s Concluding Observations - 2005. In
are older. The adults don't want their the end of 2009 and mostly in 2010 the
values to be questioned. The young on the Hope appeared that real measures will be
other hand can not accept the values of taken to improve Russian system of
their "fathers". All these protection of children’s rights.
differences generate a generation gap when 10Now let us look at some basic issues
the young and adult do not understand one of non-fulfillment by Russia of the CRC’s
another. The majority of the young people recommendations: The repeated (in 1993,
do not want to live in the past. They have 1999, 2005) advices to pass the laws on
their own ideals. They want to make their Juvenile justice are still ignored.
own mistakes rather than to listen to the According to the State Federal statistics
warnings of the adults and repeat the in the year 2009 there appeared 114715 of
mistakes of the older generation. They new children deprived of parental care
want to overcome their own difficulties (314 per day in average), among them 50323
without looking back. However, the life of (138 every day in average) became orphans
the young is frequently determined by the because of the Courts’ decisions on
adults . deprivation of their parents of parental
4There are 28 million children in rights. And only 9578 kids (8,4%) were
Russia today. In the year 2009 there returned back to their biological parents
appeared 114715 of new children deprived during the year 2009.
of parental care (314 per day in average), 11Saratov region : 51 Children’s Homes
among them 50323 (138 every day in average Internats 8360 children live there 3233
) became orphans. About 600,0 thousand children – orphans and children deprived
children are situated in different child of parental care 40 per cent children with
welfare institutions. Numbers of homeless problems of health Our school : 6 children
children increased last time. 2, 17 per deprived of parental care 21 children
cent of total number of children in Russia belong to extended families 37 per cent
are homeless. It ‘s the level of the Civil children with problems of health. Number
War (not even the Great Patriotic War). of orphans and children deprived of
5States Parties shall respect and parental care (Saratov region) (thousand
ensure the rights set forth in the present persons). 2000. 2003. 7,176. 7,578.
Convention to each child within their 12Rehabilitation centers for disabled
jurisdiction without discrimination of any youth aged 18-25. Morbidity of youth with
kind, irrespective of the child`s or his mental and behavioral disorders caused by
or her parent`s or legal guardian`s race, use of phychoactive substances ( per
colour, sex, language, religion, political 100000 person). Morbidity of youth aged
or other opinion, national, ethnic or 15-17 (registered diseases diagnosed for
social origin, property, disability, birth the first time in patient’s life). 1995
or other status. 2.States Parties shall (thousand persons). 2009 (thousand
take all appropriate measures to ensure persons). Per 100000 youth of respective
that the child is protected against all age. All diseases. 4653,2. 6751,8. 1995.
forms of discrimination or punishment. 3. 2009. All diseases. 71010,1. 141504,0.
States Parties shall ensure that the year. 2000. 2009. Numbers of centers. 23.
institutions, services and facilities 10. 15-17 (years old). 15-17 (years old).
responsible for the care or protection of 18-19 (year old). 18-19 (year old). 2000.
children shall conform with the standards 2009. 2000. 2009. Alcoholism. 23,4. 31,4.
established by competent authorities, 285,3. 238,6. Narcomania. 155,0. 22,6.
particularly in the areas of safety, 768,7. 240,1. Toxicomania. 57,5. 62,6.
health, in the number and suitability of 53,0. 62,4.
their staff, 13In Russia, in spite of many times
6With its strong presence in 155 repeated recommendation of CRC, it is not
countries, UNICEF is the world's leading created yet the Federal Interdepartmental
advocate for children. They have the Body responsible for implementation of
global authority to influence Convention on the Rights of the Child, and
decision-makers, and the variety of authorized in particular to read
partners at the grassroots level to turn attentively the Concluding Observations of
the most innovative ideas into reality. the UN Committee.
They believe that nurturing and caring for 14On 16 March 2009 President Medvedev
children are the cornerstones of human said at the Meeting dedicated to
progress . UNICEF works to build a system prevention of violence against children:
of services to support families with “Russia vitally needs modern system of
children, decreasing the number of ‘social protection of childhood. At present we
orphans’ (children not living with their don’t have system at all!”. With his
families but who actually have at least Decree from 1 September 2009 the new
one living parent) and decreasing the position of the President’s Ombudsman for
number of residential institutions Children’s Rights was established. In
(children’s homes and orphanages). They January 2010 President Medvedev signed the
also support services to protect street National Educational Initiative “Our New
children and children living in shelters, School” where most positive things were
7Youth population (thousand persons). declared, including the necessity of
age. 1995. 2009. 15. 2268. 1454. 16. 2207. “individual approach” in the ordinary
1450. 17. 2194. 1676. 18. 2155. 1841. schools .
Youth age structure (% of total number of 15We must fight against the stigma and
youth). age. 1995. 2009. 15-19. 35,5. discrimination in society that prevents
25,8. children from enjoying the rights they all
8Youth population (thousand persons) have . Our government should promote
(Saratov region). Age. 1995. 2009. 15-29. social inclusion of children from
570. 592. especially poor and vulnerable families,
9In March 2011 Russia must submit to migrant children, disabled children
the UN Committee on the Rights of the Ensuring their access to kindergartens,
Child (CRC) its combined “Forth & schools and other social services, where
Fifth State Periodic Report on Realization they pose no harm to others and where
in Russian Federation of the Convention on ignorance is the main barrier. Social
the Rights of the Child in 2003-2010”. On exclusion is a major obstacle to
12 August 2010 Ministry of Health Care and maximizing the potential of any child. A
Social Development of Russia formed the cohesive society where differences are
Interdepartmental Working Group with a respected and celebrated benefits every
task to draft ASAP the State Periodic person – man, woman and child.
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Нелли 2011

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