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Apple Computer: Transformation towards GUI
Apple Computer: Transformation towards GUI
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Apple Computer: Transformation towards GUI

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1Apple Computer: Transformation towards 10Weakness. Apple’s Marketing Costs vs.
GUI. Analysis and Revised Strategy Rivals SG&A to Sales (%).
presented by Walter J. Ferrier, Ph.D. CEO, 11Apple Strengths. Best GUI O/S Brand
Thoroughbred Consulting Group. name loyalty.
2Apple’s Historical Competitive 12Revised Mission. To position Apple as
Advantage. Unique, Proprietary Software the world leader in man-machine interfaces
GUI Interface Graphics/desktop publishing though the development of ergo- and
software WYSIWYG Screen-Printer Interface cerebro-nomic software and interface
Networking Capabilities Multimedia devices required for electronic and
Capabilities. electromechanical applications.
3Strategic Group Map Pre-Windows. 13Goals. 20% ROS by 1994 40% Share of
Price. Strategic Focus - Differentiation. O/S Market by 1994 Develop 3 New Interface
Premium. Sun. Apple. Compaq. IBM. Clones. Devices by 1994 Achieve full
Low. Broad. Narrow. interoperability with Intel and RISC
45-Forces Model of Computer Industry. microprocessors by 1993 Top 4 Software
Potential Entrants Low Entry Barriers Vendors by 1993.
Apple No Longer Protected from Clones. 14Revised Strategy. Milk Mac Target O/S
(-). (?). Buyers Price Sensitive Mass Market License System 7 - Pursue “open
Merchandisers Mail Order. (-). Suppliers system” Pink Interface Devices Copiers
Apple owns O/S Motorola / RISC Processor Manufacturing Automation Medical Equipment
Software Firms want to write for largest Aerospace.
installed base. (-). Rivalry. Substitutes 15Milk Mac. No new manufacturing and
Workstations Palm-tops/ PDA’s. (-). New R&D investment in existing hardware
Products More Marketing Price Cutting products Outsource next 3 years’
Outsourcing IBM Compatible Clones Ability production to Malaysia: Send VP Mfg. and 3
to Differentiate Disappearing. Engineers on “Sourcing Mission”. Benefit:
5Threats to Apple. Windows 3.0 Narrowed Decrease COGS from 53% to 33%.
the interface “performance gap” Cheap 16Target PC O/S Market. License System 7
clones now almost as good as Mac Lack of Motorola-based clone sales RISC-based
Application Software Largest applications clone sales Create new brand: Apple
vendor is Microsoft Independent vendors “Core”.
want to write for O/S with largest 17Apple Core. “Open system” O/S (a.k.a.
installed base. Pink) not processor specific head-to-head
6Opportunities. Attack operating system with Windows increase installed base
market for Intel and RISC processors increase ISV applications Shift 80% of
Alternative technologies requiring GUIs R&D budget to Core. Benefit: Increase
Office machines (copiers, FAX, etc.) PDAs ROS from 5% to 20% (NOTE: O/S production
Telephone switchboards Home has COGS average 19% percent of sales vs.
electronics/appliances Robotics. 66% in hardware manufacturing.).
7Apple Weaknesses. Level of uniqueness 18Interface Software and Devices. Form
is eroding Inability to keep pace with product development alliances with: Canon
R&D spending IBM’s R&D = $6,644 (copiers) Sharp/Casio (PDAs) Northern
mil Apple’s Revenues = $6,309 mil Small Telecom (PBXs and cell phones) Kawasaki
installed base vs. IBM “compatibles” Lack (Robotics servers and teach pendants)
of dominant market share position High Volvo (Automated material carriers)
SG&A to Sales. Honeywell (Avionics and flight control
8Weakness. Strategic Group Map equipment) GE (Magnetic resonance imaging
Post-Windows. Price. Strategic Focus - equipment) Devote 20% of R&D budget to
Differentiation. Premium. Sun. Apple. new products. Benefit: New interface
Compaq. IBM. Clones. Low. Broad. Narrow. device products.
9Microprocessor Volume Millions of 19Projected Revenues, Costs, and Income
Units. Weakness. (in $ millions).
Apple Computer: Transformation towards GUI.ppt
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Apple Computer: Transformation towards GUI

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