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Power and battery
Power and battery
Картинки из презентации «Apple IPhone 4s» к уроку экономики на тему «Компании»

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Apple IPhone 4s

содержание презентации «Apple IPhone 4s.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Iphone 4s. By SiBingchen. 9A4 processor used in the iPhone 4. It has
2Introduction. The iPhone 4S is a 512 MB of RAM, the same as its
touchscreen slate smartphone developed by predecessor.
Apple Inc. It is the fifth generation of 10Features.
the iPhone, a device that combines the 11Gaming. Gaming on the iPhone 4S has
3.5-inch (89 mm) iPod Touch with mobile been likened to the PlayStation Vita, that
phone capability. features the same SGX GPU only in a
3Design. The iPhone 4S retains almost quad-core configuration, and the Nintendo
all of the same design features as its 3DS handheld game consoles. Further, the
predecessor, the iPhone 4.The front and iPhone 4S’ ability to process 30 million
back are both flat, the screen being made polygons per second.
of glass. There is a camera on the back 12Siri. The iPhone 4S introduced a new
and the sides are stainless steel with automated voice control system called
metal buttons. It keeps the 3.5 inch (8.89 "Siri", unique to the 4S, that
cm) screen of past iPhones with the allows the user to give the iPhone
"home" button at the bottom. commands, which it can execute and respond
4Hardware. to.
5Antenna. Apple has redesigned the 13Messaging. On the iPhone 4S, texting
antenna in the iPhone 4S, so that the can be done aided by the voice assistant
cellular radio in the phone can alternate which allows speech-to-text. In addition
between two antennas, depending on which to regular texting, messaging on the
is sending/receiving the best signal. iPhone 4S is supported by iMessage, a
6Camera. The camera on the iPhone 4S specialized instant messaging program and
can shoot 8 MP stills (3264 by 2448 service that allows unlimited texting to
pixels) and record 1080p videos at 30 other Apple iOS 5 products.
frames per second with upgraded quality 14Language. At announcement plans were
(30% better clarity, 26% better white in place for the iPhone 4S to support many
balance, color accuracy) due to an languages from around the world.
additional lens, IR filter, a wider f/2.4 15Network. The device is a world phone
aperture, and Image signal processor and can work on both GSM & CDMA
(built-in A5). networks. On a 2G (on GSM) network it
7Input and output (I/O). Like the supports up to 14 hours of talk time.
iPhone 4 the 3.5 inch 960 by 640 pixel 16Operating system.
Retina display supports multitouch, a 17Operating system. iPhone 4S was
technology that allows multiple announced with Apple’s iOS 5 operating
simultaneous touch inputs. Siri, a voice system, which Apple claims as having over
control feature exclusive to the iPhone 200 new features compared to the prior
4S, interprets voice commands and can give version. On the 4S, the Apple A5 processor
visual and auditory feedback.The iPhone 4S and iOS 5 work together to support many
has two volume buttons and a ring/silent subsystems of the device, such as data
switch on the left side. processing for the camera.
8Power and battery. The iPhone 4S is 18Accessories.
stated to have 200 hours standby time 19Bumper. An iPhone 4/4S Bumper is a
(iPhone 4 300 hours), 8 hours talk time on ring of rubber and plastic that surrounds
3G (iPhone 4-7 hours), 14 hours talk time the edge of the iPhone 4S. The inner part
on 2G, 6 hours 3G browsing, and 9 hours is synthetic rubber with the external band
Wi-Fi browsing. Additionally, it can made of plastic.
sustain up to 10 hours of video playback 20Conclusion. The Apple change the world
or 40 hours of audio playback. and make our life complete. Therefore,
9Processor, memory, and storage. The iphone is important creation in the world.
iPhone 4S has a dual-core Apple A5 That 's why we said apple change the
processor, compared to the one-core Apple world.
Apple IPhone 4s.ppt
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Apple IPhone 4s

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