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Introducing Oracle Regular Expressions
Introducing Oracle Regular Expressions
Introducing Oracle Regular Expressions
Introducing Oracle Regular Expressions
Introducing Oracle Regular Expressions
Introducing Oracle Regular Expressions
Performance Cont
Performance Cont
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Детский парк фон для

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1 23S T R A T I O N.
2Introducing Oracle Regular 24Performance. Pattern matching can be
Expressions. Jonathan Gennick, O'Reilly complex Need to compile to state machine
& Associates Peter Linsley, Oracle Lex and parse Examine all possible
Corporation. Session id: 40105. branches until match found Compiled once
3What are Regular Expressions? A per statement Can be faster than LIKE for
language, or syntax, you can use to complex scenarios Usually faster than
describe patterns in text Example: PL/SQL equivalent ZIP code checking 5
[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4} That which you can times faster.
describe, you can find and manipulate Unix 25Performance Cont. Some
ed, grep, perl, and now everywhere! poorly-performing expressions: 'a{2}' will
4Why Describe Patterns? Humans have be slower than 'aa' '.*b' on input that
long worked with patterns: Postal and doesn't contain a 'b' can also be quite
email addresses URLs Phone numbers Often time-consuming. Mastering Regular
it’s not the data that’s important, but Expressions By Jeffrey Friedl Chapter 6,
the pattern: Bioinformatics Validate Crafting an Efficient Expression.
format of URLs and email addresses Correct 26Using with Indexes. Use function-based
formatting of phone numbers. indexes: CREATE INDEX acre_ind ON park
5Pre-Oracle Database 10g. Find parks (REGEXP_SUBSTR( REGEXP_SUBSTR(description,
with acreage in their descriptions: SELECT '[0-9]+(-| )acre'),'[0-9]+')); To support
* FROM park WHERE description LIKE regular expression queries: SELECT * FROM
'%acre%'; Finds '217-acre' and '27 acres', park WHERE
but also ‘few acres’, ‘more acres than all REGEXP_SUBSTR(REGEXP_SUBSTR(description,
other parks’, 'the location of a '[0-9]+(-| )acre'),'[0-9]+') = 217;
massacre', etc. 27Using with Views. Hide the complexity
6Pre-Oracle Database 10g cont. Pattern from users: CREATE VIEW park_acreage as
matching with LIKE Limited to only two SELECT park_name, REGEXP_SUBSTR(
operators: % and _ OWA_PATTERN No support REGEXP_SUBSTR( description, '[0-9]+(-|
for alternation, ASCII only, relatively )acre'), '[0-9]+') acreage FROM park;
poor performance Non-native solutions 28Using with PL/SQL. REGEXP_LIKE acts as
External Procedures Difficult to deploy, a Boolean function in PL/SQL: IF
maintain, and support Client based REGEXP_LIKE(description, '[0-9]+(-|
solutions Pull all that data down across )acre') THEN acres := REGEXP_SUBSTR(
the network. REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, '[0-9]+(-|
7Oracle Database 10g. Four regular )acre'),'[0-9]+'); ... All other functions
expression functions REGEXP_LIKE does act identically in PL/SQL and SQL.
pattern match? REGEXP_INSTR where does it 29Longest Match vs Greediness.
match? REGEXP_SUBSTR what does it match? Greediness = each element matches as much
REGEXP_REPLACE replace what matched. POSIX as possible. For example: SELECT
Extended Regular Expressions UNIX Regular REGEXP_SUBSTR( 'In the
Expressions Backreference support added beginning','.+[[:space:]]') FROM dual; ?
Longest match not supported. In the.
8REGEXP_LIKE. Determine whether a 30Longest Match vs Greediness. Longest
pattern exists in a string Revisiting the match = find the variations resulting in
acreage problem: SELECT * FROM park WHERE the greatest number of matching
REGEXP_LIKE(description, '[0-9]+(-| characters: SELECT
)acre'); Finds '217-acre' and '27 acres' REGEXP_SUBSTR('bbb','b|bb') FROM dual; ? b
REJECTS ‘few acres’, ‘more acres than all SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR('bbb','bb|b') FROM
other parks’, 'the location of a dual; ? bb.
massacre', etc. 31Optional Parameters. All but
9Useful for Constraints. Filter REGEXP_LIKE take optional parameters for
allowable data with check constraint Only starting position and occurrence:
allow alphabetical characters: CREATE REGEXP_INSTR (source, pattern, start,
TABLE t1 (c1 VARCHAR2(20), CHECK occurrence, match) REGEXP_SUBSTR (source,
(REGEXP_LIKE(c1, '^[[:alpha:]]+$'))); pattern, start, occurrence, match)
INSERT INTO t1 VALUES ('newuser'); ? 1 row REGEXP_REPLACE(source, pattern, replace,
created. INSERT INTO t1 VALUES start, occurrence, match) For example:
('newuser1'); ? ORA-02290: check REGEXP_SUBSTR('description','[^[:space:]]+
constraint violated. ,1,10).
10Metacharacters. Operator Description. 32Match Parameter. All functions take an
. match any character a? match 'a' zero or optional match parameter: Is matching case
one time a* match 'a' zero or more times sensitive? Does period (.) match newlines?
a+ match 'a' one or more times a|b match Is the source string one line or many? The
either 'a' or 'b' a{m,n} match 'a' between match parameter comes last.
m and n times [abc] match either 'a' or 33Case-sensitivity. Case-insensitive
'b' or 'c' (abc) match group 'abc' \n search: SELECT * FROM park WHERE
match nth group [:cc:] match character REGEXP_LIKE( description, '[0-9]+(-|
class [.ce.] match collation element )acre', 'i');
[=ec=] match equivalence class. 34Newline matching. INSERT INTO park
11REGEXP_INSTR. Find out where a match VALUES ('Park 6', '640' || CHR(10) ||
occurs: SELECT REGEXP_INSTR(description, 'ACRE'); SELECT * FROM park WHERE
'[0-9]+(-| )acre') FROM park; REGEXP_LIKE( description, '[0-9]+.acre',
--------------------------------- 6 20 0 … 35Yes! String anchors. INSERT INTO
12REGEXP_SUBSTR. Determine what text employee (surname) VALUES ('Ellison' ||
matched: SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, CHR(10) || 'Gennick'); SELECT * FROM
'[0-9]+(-| )acre') FROM park; EMPLOYEE WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(
REGEXP_SUBSTR(DESCRIPT surname,'^Ellison');
---------------------- 217-acre 27 acre … 36No! String anchors. INSERT INTO
13REGEXP_SUBSTR Cont. To extract just employee (surname) VALUES ('Ellison' ||
the acreage value: SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR( CHR(10) || 'Gennick') SELECT * FROM
)acre'),'[0-9]+') FROM park; surname,'^Gennick');
REGEXP_SUBSTR(REGEXP -------------------- 37Yes! String anchors. INSERT INTO
217 27. employee (surname) VALUES ('Ellison' ||
14REGEXP_REPLACE. Convert acres to CHR(10) || 'Gennick') SELECT * FROM
hectares: UPDATE park SET description = EMPLOYEE WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(
REGEXP_REPLACE( description,'([0-9]+)(-| surname,'^Gennick','m');
)acre', TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( 38Locale Support. Full Locale Support
REGEXP_SUBSTR( REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, All character sets All languages Case and
'[0-9]+(-| )acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || accent insensitive searching Linguistic
'hectare'); range Character classes Collation elements
15REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. Convert acres to Equivalence classes.
hectares: UPDATE park SET description = 39Character Sets and Languages. For
REGEXP_REPLACE( description,'([0-9]+)(-| example, you can search for ukrainian
)acre', TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( names beginning with Ґ and ending with к:
'[0-9]+(-| )acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || surname, '^ґ[[:alpha:]]*к$','n');
'hectare'); 40Case- and Accent-Insensitive
16REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. This 217-acre Searching. Respect for NLS settings: ALTER
description = REGEXP_REPLACE( With this sort, case won't matter and an
description,'([0-9]+)(-| )acre', expression such as:
TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( REGEXP_SUBSTR( REGEXP_INSTR(x,'resume') will find
REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, '[0-9]+(-| "resume", "r?sum?",
)acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || 'hectare'); "R?sume", etc.
17REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. This 217-acre 41Linguistic Range. Ranges respect
park is wonderful. 217-acre. UPDATE park NLS_SORT settings: a,b,c…z. [a-z].
SET description = REGEXP_REPLACE( a,A,b,B,c,C…z,Z. NLS_SORT=GERMAN.
description,'([0-9]+)(-| )acre', NLS_SORT=GERMAN_CI.
TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( REGEXP_SUBSTR( 42Character Classes. Character classes
REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, '[0-9]+(-| such as [:alpha:] and [:digit:] encompass
)acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || 'hectare'); more than just Latin characters. For
18REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. This 217-acre example, [:digit:] matches: Latin 0
park is wonderful. 217-acre 217. UPDATE through 9 Arabic-Indic?through ? And more.
park SET description = REGEXP_REPLACE( 43Collation Elements. ALTER SESSION SET
description,'([0-9]+)(-| )acre', NLS_SORT=XSPANISH; SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(
TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( REGEXP_SUBSTR( 'El caballo, Chico come la tortilla.',
REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, '[0-9]+(-| '[[:alpha:]]*[ch][[:alpha:]]*', 1,1,'i')
)acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || 'hectare'); FROM dual; ?caballo.
19REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. This 217-acre 44Collation Elements. ALTER SESSION SET
park is wonderful. 217-acre 217 217 * NLS_SORT=XSPANISH; SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(
0.4047 = 87.8199. UPDATE park SET 'El caballo, Chico come la tortilla.',
description = REGEXP_REPLACE( '[[:alpha:]]*[[.ch.]][[:alpha:]]*',
description,'([0-9]+)(-| )acre', 1,1,'i') FROM dual; ?Chico.
TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( REGEXP_SUBSTR( 45Equivalence Classes. Ignore case and
REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, '[0-9]+(-| accents without changing NLS_SORT:
)acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || 'hectare'); REGEXP_INSTR(x,'r[[=e=]]sum[[=e=]]') Finds
20REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. This 217-acre 'resume', 'r?sum?', and 'rEsumE'.
park is wonderful. 217-acre 217 217 * 46Conclusion. String searching and
0.4047 = 87.8199 87.8199\2hectare. UPDATE manipulation is at the heart of a great
park SET description = REGEXP_REPLACE( many applications Oracle Regular
description,'([0-9]+)(-| )acre', Expressions provide versatile string
TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( REGEXP_SUBSTR( manipulation in the database instead of
REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, '[0-9]+(-| externalized in middle tier logic They are
)acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || 'hectare'); Locale sensitive and support character
21REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. 1. 2. This large objects Available in both SQL and
217-acre park is wonderful. 217-acre 217 PL/SQL.
217 * 0.4047 = 87.8199 87.8199\2hectare 47Next Steps…. Recommended sessions
87.8199-hectare. UPDATE park SET Session #40088 New SQL Capabilities
description = REGEXP_REPLACE( Session #40202 Oracle HTML DB Recommended
description,'([0-9]+)(-| )acre', demos and/or hands-on labs Database
TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( REGEXP_SUBSTR( Globalization Pod R See Your Business in
REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, '[0-9]+(-| Our Software Visit the DEMOgrounds for a
)acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || 'hectare'); customized architectural review, see a
22REGEXP_REPLACE Cont. This 217-acre customized demo with Solutions Factory, or
park is wonderful. 217-acre 217 217 * receive a personalized proposal. Visit the
0.4047 = 87.8199 87.8199\2hectare DEMOgrounds for more information. Relevant
87.8199-hectare This 87.8199-hectare park web sites to visit for more information
is wonderful. UPDATE park SET description http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007904
= REGEXP_REPLACE( description,'([0-9]+)(-| 75/basedefs/xbd_chap09.html.
)acre', TO_CHAR(0.4047 * TO_NUMBER( 48Shameless Plug. Oracle Regular
REGEXP_SUBSTR( REGEXP_SUBSTR(description, Expressions Pocket Reference Jonathan
'[0-9]+(-| )acre'),'[0-9]+'))) || '\2' || Gennick & Peter Linsley Free! At the
'hectare'); O'Reilly & Associaties Booth.
23Oracle Regular Expressions. D E M O N
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Детский парк фон для

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