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Developing services for children and young people with diabetes
Developing services for children and young people with diabetes
National policy
National policy
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Developing services for children and young people with diabetes

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1Developing services for children and 7she can’t. When she went back to school
young people with diabetes. IDF Europe her teacher had been to the library and
General Assembly Together we are stronger got a book for himself and the classmates
Dublin, Ireland, 22 September 2007. to read. She has been on a school trip for
Douglas Smallwood Chief Executive, a week, with … good control all week. She
Diabetes UK. has been encouraged to take part in all
2National policy. England and Wales sports and is in many teams. She can test
Standard 5 of the National Service her blood in the classroom…Office staff
Framework requires that all children and check she has recorded her levels, and the
young people with diabetes will receive dinner ladies make sure she picks the
consistently high quality care and they, healthy options.”.
with their families and others involved in 8National audit conclusions - 2002.
their day-to-day care, will be supported “Care currently does not meet nationally
to optimise the control of their blood agreed standards and this will continue to
glucose and their physical, psychological, cause health problems for children with
intellectual, educational and social diabetes now and in the future. Children
development. Source: Diabetes UK, experience both blood glucose levels that
Diabetes: State of the Nations 2006. are too low which impairs their
3National policy. Northern Ireland The development and too high which can lead to
joint CREST / Diabetes UK Report on long-term complications if not addressed..
Diabetes (2003) identified children and It appears that only one in seven to one
young people within the key theme of in five of children, depending on age
targeting vulnerable groups. Source: group, are meeting the recommended HbA1c
Diabetes UK, Diabetes: State of the level of below 7.5 per cent…” Diabetes UK
Nations 2006. National Paediatric Diabetes Audit (2002).
4National policy. Scotland The Scottish 9National audit conclusions - 2006. “84
Diabetes Action Plan commits to a per cent of children aren’t achieving
programme of work focussing on children recommended blood glucose levels, putting
and adolescents, including: Improved them at risk of serious complications like
access to out-of-hours services An audit heart and kidney disease, blindness,
of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) New strokes and amputations.” Healthcare
national DKA management guidelines for Commission 2006.
adolescents and adults with Type 1 10NHS “Making every young person with
diabetes A national best practice diabetes matter” April 2007
initiative in collaboration with the www.dh.gov.uk/publications Report of the
Scottish Study Group for the Care of the findings of the Working Group set up in
Young with Diabetes. Source: Diabetes UK, 2005.
Diabetes: State of the Nations 2006. 11Contents Why prioritise children and
5Experience of young people and their young people with diabetes? Policy context
families. “My daughter is now 14 and has Commissioning services for children and
had diabetes for five years. At first she young people with diabetes Provision of
was well controlled and seemed to accept services and organisation of care
her condition. Now we have times when she Workforce planning and development Audit
refuses to inject, gets angry with Information and information technology
everybody and blames us for her condition. Research and development.
In clinic all they seem interested in is 12What does Diabetes UK do for young
getting her A1c down to an acceptable people? Careline Publications Website:
level. When I mention how she feels they www.diabetes.org.uk Local campaigning
just say, ‘Let’s get the A1c down first Pumps Paediatric diabetes specialist
and we’ll discuss this next time.’ Maybe nurses Support events for parents and
if they looked at the psychological effect families Family voluntary groups
on a teenager it would help with her A1c Fundraising and awareness Runs and walks
count.”. School talks cont’d.
6Experience of young people and their 13What does Diabetes UK do for young
families. “When I go to clinic it doesn’t people? Local authorities Guidelines for
feel like my consultant really does schools Northern Ireland Children's’ camps
anything to help me emotionally. The 18-30s focus group Scotland Young person’s
diabetic nurses only ring me once a year. summit Wales Policy guidance for schools
I just wish they’d give us as teenagers Research projects cont’d.
more information on what to do when you’re 14What does Diabetes UK do for young
going out, drinking alcohol etc, because people? Campaigning Discrimination in
it is so hard to deal with it. There’s so schools Insulin pumps as part of Diabetes
many other things to deal with I just Week Volunteer achievement awards Young
sometimes get so sick of it. I sometimes person’s category Free membership.
just stop taking my injections, but then I 15What are the gaps to be filled by
feel really ill…”. Diabetes UK? Information provision
7Experience of young people and their External communication Schools Healthcare
families. “My daughter has been Type 1 for professionals Government bodies Practical
the last two years; she is now in Year 6 guidance on implementing policy
and we are lucky that we have a good recommendations Increased engagement of
school. My daughter’s friends can take her young people and carers Recommendations
blood level if needed (her hands shake) for blood glucose monitoring in schools.
and one teacher can do her injection if 16
Developing services for children and young people with diabetes.ppt
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Developing services for children and young people with diabetes

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