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A.1 RF Components
A.1 RF Components
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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1GSM Phone REPAIR MANUAL. MODEL : 34repair so simply. This part is consist of
LG-500 Series. Baseband test, Trace test, SW version and
2Table of Contents. 1. INTRODUCTION so on. 34.
.………………………………… 1.1 Purpose 355. ENGINEERING MODE. 5.1 Baseband Test
.…………………………………..…... 1.2 Abbreviations [MENU 1] A. LED Test [1-2] This menu is to
………………………………... 2. TEST SETUP test the indicator LED on top left hand
………………………………..….... 2.1 Setup corner of a handset and backlight LED in
.…………………………………..….... 3. ASSEMBLY the LCD module. • Auto Test [1-2-1] •
INSTRUCTION …………………… 3.1 Disassembly of Indicator On [1-2-2] : Green light turns
upper case ………………… 3.2 Disassembly of on and menu is changed to “Indicator Off”.
upper-case components … 3.3 Disassembly of • Back Light On [1-2-3] : Back Light turns
lower case ………………… 3.4 Disassembly of on and menu is changed to “Indicator Off”.
lower case components … 3.5 Disassembly of • Back Light Degree [1-2-4] : This
PCB ……………………… 3.6 Assembly ……………….…………………… controls brightness of Backlight. When
4. DOWNLOAD .…………………………………… 4.1 Download entering into the menu, the present
Equipment ………………………… 4.2 Data Kit Download backlight-value in the phone is displayed.
Procedure ………………… 4.3 Using Download Use Left/Right key to adjust the level of
Program …………………… 3 4 5 7 8 12 14 16 18 20 brightness. The value of the brightness
22 24 25 26 27 28. 5. ENGINEERING MODE set at last will be saved. B. LCD Test
……………… 5.1 BB Test ……………………………… 5.2 Trace [1-3] This menu is to test the LCD module.
Test ………………………… 5.3 S/W Version ………………………… • Auto Test [1-3-1] • Font [1-3-2] • Icons
5.4 SIM Lock …………………………… 5.5 Call Timer [1-3-3] • Animation [1-3-4] • LCD
…………………………… 5.6 Fact. Reset ………………………… 6. Parameters [1-3-5] • Reset Period [1-3-6].
TROUBLE SHOOTING ……………… 6.1 Power 35.
Supply………………………… 6.2 Voice ………………………………... 365. ENGINEERING MODE. C. Keypad Test
6.3 Display ……………………………… 6.4 The Other [1-4] D. Melody Test [1-5] • Auto Test
Function ………………... Appendix A.1 RF [1-5-1] • Melody Pattern [1-5-2] • Melody
Components ……………………. A.2 Rx Test Volume [1-5-3] E. Vibrator [1-6] F.
……………………………… A.3 Tx Test ……………………………… 34 Battery Test [1-7] G. Serial Port Test
343737373737 38 38 40 48 51 65 66 69. 2. [1-8] H. Audio Gain Test [1-9] • Receiver
31. INTRODUCTION. 3. [1-9-1] : Voice[1-9-1-1],
41. INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Purpose This Keytone[1-9-1-2], Echo Control[1-9-1-3] •
manual provides the information necessary Earmic [1-9-2] : Voice[1-9-2-1],
to repair, description and download the Keytone[1-9-2-2], Echo Control[1-9-2-3] •
features of the LG-500 series, specially Loudspeaker [1-9-3] : Voice[1-9-3-1],
this book has the chip aim of our repair Keytone[1-9-3-2], Echo Control[1-9-3-3] •
men to improve their ability. Handsfree [1-9-4] : Voice[1-9-4-1],
Applicability This trouble shooting is Keytone[1-9-4-2], Echo Control[1-9-4-3] •
only applicable to professional engineer Default value [1-9-5] I. Deep Sleep Test
for repairing mobile phone. Maintenance [1-10]. 36.
Limitations Maintenance limitations on the 375. ENGINEERING MODE. 5.2 Trace Test
LG-500 series must be performed only by [MENU 2] S/W Version [MENU 3] : This
the LGE or its authorized agent. The user displays software version stored in the
may not make any changes and/or repairs phone. 5.3 Eng Mode [MENU 4] 5.4 SIM Lock
expect as specifically noted in this [MENU 5] 5.5 Call Timer [MENU 6] A. All
manual. Therefore, note that unauthorized Calls [6-1] : This displays total
alternations or repair may affect the conversation time. User cannot reset this
regulatory status of the system and may value. B. Reset settings [6-2] : This
void any remaining warranty. Purpose. 4. resets total conversation time to this,
51. INTRODUCTION. 1.2 Abbreviations. [00:00:00]. 5.6 Fact. Reset [MENU 7] This
Abbreviations. BB Baseband LDO Low Drop Factory Reset menu is to format data block
Output LED Light Emitting Diode CC-CV in the flash memory and this procedure set
Constant Current–Constant Voltage CLA up the default value in data block.
Cigar Lighter Adapter DAC Digital to Attention Fact. Reset (i.e.Factory Reset)
Analog Converter DCS Digital Communication should be only used during the
System DSP Digital Signal Processing EL Manufacturing process. Servicemen should
Electroluminescence ESD Electrostatic NOT progress this menu, otherwise some of
Discharge FPCB Flexible Printed Circuit valuable data such as Setting value, RF
Board GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying Calibration data, etc. cannot be restored
GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus GPRS again. 37.
General Packet Radio Service GSM Global 38Failure : Power-ON button is not
System for Mobile Communications. UART working. +. -. Solution : - Check the
Universal Asynchronous voltage level of battery. - If voltage
Receiver/Transmitter IF Intermediate level < 3.32V, Charge the battery. - If
Frequency LCD Liquid Crystal Display PCB voltage level > 3.32V, Go on to the
Printed Circuit Board PSTN Public Switched next page. 6. Trouble Shooting. 6.1 Power
Telephone Network RF Radio Frequency RTC Supply. Power Supply. TOP. 38.
Real Time Clock SIM Subscriber Identity 39Failure : Power-ON button is not
Module SRAM Static Random Access Memory TA working. Solution : - Check the level of
Travel Adapter TDD Time Division Duplex U605.8 (ONnOFF) - If voltage level is
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access WAP low(<2V), Power-On sequence is not
Wireless Application Protocol IPUI executed properly.Try again. - If voltage
International Portable User Identity. 5. level is high(>3V) ,check the LCD
61. INTRODUCTION. Attention. ATTENTION module and backlights. 6. Trouble
Boards, which contain Electrostatic Shooting. Power Supply. 39.
Sensitive Device (ESD), are indicated by 40Failure : MIC is not working. Solution
the sign. Following information is ESD : - Connect the phone to the test network
handling: Service personnel should ground and make a call. - Check the signal level
themselves by using a wrist strap when at point R601(upper side) If voltage level
exchange system boards. When repairs are << 2.5V, Check the connectivity of
made to a system board, they should spread R601, R602. Go on to the next page. 6.
the floor with anti-static mat which is Trouble Shooting. 6.2 Audio. Audio. R601.
also grounded. Use a suitable, grounded R602. 40.
soldering iron. Keep sensitive parts in 41Failure : MIC is not working. Solution
these protective packages until these are : - Check the signal level at the U601.5
used. 6. and U602.5 after putting audio signal in
72. TEST SETUP. 7. MIC. A few hundreds of mV levels have to
82. TEST SETUP. Setup Figure. 8. PROBE. be measured. If not, replace U601 or U602.
92. TEST SETUP. A. Computer 1. Put GPIB Go on to the next page. 6. Trouble
card to the extended slot of personal Shooting. Audio. U601. 5. U602. 5. 41.
computer. If you have a notebook PC, you 42Solution : - Check the connectivity of
need PCMCIA card for GPIB. 2. Connect the MIC component. Replace the MIC. Try again.
RS-232 cable between COM port of your PC Failure : MIC is not working. 6. Trouble
and MON port or UART port of PIF. MON Port Shooting. Audio. MIC Contact PAD. MIC. 42.
: CAL Test, Auto Test, etc. UART : S/W 43Failure : Receiver is not working.
Download B. GSM TEST_SET(8960) 1. Connect Solution : - Connect the phone to the test
GPIB cables (from Computer and Power network and make a call. - Check the
Supply) to the rear panel of 8960. 2. signal level at the point U604.4 after
Connect mobile RF cable to RF In/Out port putting audio signal in MIC. A few
at the front panel of 8960. C. Power hundreds of mV levels have to be measured.
Supply 1. Setup : Voltage 4.0V, max If not, replace U604. Go on to the next
Current 3A. 2. Connect GPIB cable at the page. 6. Trouble Shooting. Voice. U604. 4.
rear panel. 3. Connect power cable. How to 43.
setup. 9. -S - + +S GND. Power Supply 44Solution : - Check the connectivity of
Output Port. - +. PIF(510? JIG) PS Port. receiver component. Replace the receiver.
102. TEST SETUP. D. PIF(JIG for LG 500) Try again. Failure : Receiver is not
1. Connect I/O connector cable for 500 to working. 6. Trouble Shooting. Voice.
PIF phone port. 2. Connect the power cable Receiver Contact PAD. Receiver. 44.
ro PS port of PIF. 3. Connect the RS-232 45Failure : Melody is not heard.
cable ro PIF MON or UART. PIF DIP Switch. Solution : - Check the connectivity of
How to setup. DIP Switch. *H/F=Hands Free speaker. Go on to the next page. 6.
*PS=Power Supply. 10. Trouble Shooting. Voice. 45.
112. TEST SETUP. D. PIF(JIG for LG 500). 46Failure : Melody is not heard.
How to setup. JTAG2. JTAG1. AUDIO. MON Solution : - Check the signal level at the
Status. MON. TA. PHONE. UART Status. point U605.5 (VCC). If voltage level
Power. UART. TA. DC IN 12V. + PS -. 11. << 3V, replace the LDO(U605). Go on
123. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 12. to the next page. 6. Trouble Shooting.
133. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 13. Voice. 46.
143. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3.1 47Failure : Melody is not heard.
Disassembly of Upper Case 1. Push the Solution : - Check the melody signal level
battery locker, and then remove the at the point U603.12 or U603.11. A few
battery cover. 2. Pull the battery hundreds of mV levels have to be measured.
downward and lift it up. 3. Use your thumb If not, replace Melody IC (U603). -
to pull down the battery-locker hard. Replace the speaker. 6. Trouble Shooting.
Disassembly/Reassembly. 14. Voice. U603. 12 11. 47. Do not repaired.
153. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 4. Loosen the 48Failure : LCD display is not working.
4 screws as shown below. 5. While the Solution : - Normal state contact of LCD
Lower case is detached from the Upper module with LCD connector on PCB. - Check
case, twist the lower case to the right “Is LCD connector well soldered onto PCB?”
for disassembling a hook. Then twist it If not, re-soldering LCD connector. Go on
again to the left for disassembling the to the next page. 6. Trouble Shooting. 6.3
other hook. Finally, take out the lower Display. Display. Disassemble LCD module.
case from the upper case. Contact Pin. LCD connector. Contact PAD.
Disassembly/Reassembly. 15. 48.
163. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3.2 49Failure : LCD display is not working.
Disassembly of Upper-Case Components 1. Solution : - Check “Are R719 & R720
Release the screws and lift up the speaker well soldered onto PCB?” If not,
holder to remove the speaker. 2. Use a '-' re-soldering R719 and R720. Go on to the
type driver carefully to lift up the Lower next page. 6. Trouble Shooting. Display.
case of the vibrator spindle. Assembly : R719. R720. 49.
Make sure the terminal of Speaker is being 50Failure : LCD display is not working.
attached towards the Antenna. When Solution : - Check “Are R725~R729 well
inserting the earphone cap, place its soldered onto PCB?” If not, re-soldering
upper part into the hole first. And from R725~ R729. - Replace the LCD module. 6.
the inside, use a long nose to hold and Trouble Shooting. Display. R725. R727.
pull it. Disassembly/Reassembly. 16. R728. R729. R726. 50.
173. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3. Use a 51Failure : Vibrator is not working.
small '-'type driver to insert into the Solution : - Check in the Engneering mode
direction and lift it up to remove the [2945#*16]. - Check whether J701 is well
battery spring. 4. Also, for the SIM-card connected to the vibrator lines or not. If
cover, use '-'type driver to remove it. 5. not, resoldering… & Try again. Go on
Release the Volume BTN by pushing it with to the next page. 6. Trouble Shooting. 6.4
opposite force onto each side. And for the The Other Function. The Other Function.
Recording BTN, just push one its side to Vibrator (J701). 51.
release it. Disassembly/Reassembly. 17. 52Failure : Vibrator is not working.
183. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3.3 Solution : - Check the R732 voltage level.
Disassembly of Lower Case 1. Use a '-' (high=approx. 3V) If not, replace R732. -
type driver to release from the hooks on Check “Is the R731 well mounted?” If not,
Lower case. Then, lift up the PCB for re-mount R709 - Check the T702 collector
final disassembly. 2. Insert a small level. (under 100mV) If not, replace T731.
'-'type driver between the shield-can and Go on to the next page. +. -. V. 6.
cover, and lift up along the flat side of Trouble Shooting. The Other Function.
the lower case. Disassembly/Reassembly. R732. C. T702. R731. 52.
18. 53Failure : Vibrator is not working.
193. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3. Lift up Solution : - Check the signal level at the
the rubber part of multi-key, and then the point R730, L701. (about 1V) If not,
Dial BTN will be disassembled from the replace R703 or L701 - Replace
Lower Case. 4. While holding the Lower J701(Vibrator). +. -. V. 6. Trouble
case with your left hand, use your right Shooting. The Other Function. R730. L701.
hand to twist the flip-cover to the 53.
hinges. Assembly : Leave the flip cover 54Failure : LED (Keypad Backight) is not
open and insert one side of the flip-cover emitted. Solution : - Check “Are R709
into the hinge as shown below. Then twist & R710 well mounted?” If not, re-mount
the flip-cover when inserting the other R709 and R710. - Check the T701.4 voltage
end. DO NOT use too much force onto it. level. (high=approx. 3V) If not, replace
Make sure the flip is working properly, T701… Try again. Go on to the next page.
after the assembly. 6. Trouble Shooting. The Other Function.
Disassembly/Reassembly. 19. T701. 4. R710. R709. 54.
203. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3.4 55Failure : LED (Keypad Backight) is not
Disassembly of Lower-Case Components 1. emitted. Solution : - Check LED pin 1
Use a pin to lift up the microphone to the voltage (= battery voltage) If not,
direction as shown below. 2. Use a pin to replace battery. - Replace D701~D708, one
release the Receiver. by one. 6. Trouble Shooting. The Other
Disassembly/Reassembly. 20. Function. D704. D703. D705. D701. 1. 1.
213. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3. Insert a D708. D706. D702. D707. 55.
'-'type driver between the hinge and the 56Failure : LED (LCD Backight) is not
Lower case, and lift it up to remove the emitted. Solution : - Check “Are R723
hinge. 4. See the cover from the & R724 well mounted?” If not, re-mount
A-direction as shown below, and assemble a R723 and R724. - Check the T704.6 voltage
pink hinge on its left and a green hinge level. (high=approx. 3V) If not, replace
on its right. Disassembly/Reassembly. 21. T704… Try again. Go on to the next page.
223. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3.5 6. Trouble Shooting. The Other Function.
Disassembly of PCB 1. Lift up the side R723. R724. T704. 6. 56.
hooks as shown in fig.4-9. Then the main 57Failure : LED (LCD Backlight) is not
PCB and the LCD Module will be emitted. Solution : - Check “Are R780~R783
disassembled. Assembly: - Insert well mounted?” If not, re-mount R780~R783.
guide-hooks of LCD Module into guide-holes - Replace D711~D714, one by one. 6.
of Main PCB and push it in until it Trouble Shooting. The Other Function.
clicks. - When placing Backup-battery onto R780. R783. R781. D711. R782. D713. D712.
Battery-hold, make sure the battery poles D714. 1. 57.
are facing the right direction. 58Failure : Charging is not working.
Disassembly/Reassembly. 22. Solution : - Check “Is the battery pack
233. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 2. Use a well connected to the phone?” If not,
'-'type driver to push away the antenna reassemble battery pack. - Check the
hook, and then disassemble the Antenna. battery voltage level. (3.2~4.2V) “YES”
Assembly : Push the Antenna into the hole Check indicator LED. “NO” Check TA, CLA,
until it clicks. Disassembly/Reassembly. DTC. -. +. 6. Trouble Shooting. The Other
23. Function. 58.
243. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION. 3.6 ASSEMBLY 59Failure : Charging is not working.
1. Hang the Main PCB onto the hook on Solution : Check indicator LED. - Check
Lower case and push it down. 2. Connect the indicator LED (state:ON) when charger
the lead wire of Speaker and Vibrator to is connected. If not, replace the battery.
the Main PCB. Make sure that the poles are - Check whether Indicator LED has ON state
facing right directions. 3. As shown within 3 minutes or not. If not, replace
below, insert Lower case to the hooks on the battery. Go on to the next page. 6.
the top of Upper case. 4. Finally, tighten Trouble Shooting. The Other Function.
the cases with 4 screws. Assembly. 24. Indicator LED. 59.
254. DOWNLOAD. 25. 60Travel Charger Cigar Jack Adatpor Desk
264. DOWNLOAD. 4.1 Download Equipment 1. Top Charger. Failure : Charging is not
Data Kit 2. Desktop or Notebook PC 3. working. Solution : Check TA, CLA, DTC -
Download Monitor Program 4. LG-500 mobile Check TA, CLA, DTC voltage (5.2V, 800mA)
phone. Download Setup. 26. If not, replace TA, CLA and DTC. Go on to
274. DOWNLOAD. 4.2 Data Kit Download the next page. 6. Trouble Shooting. The
Procedure General Purpose: This document Other Function. 60.
gives a guideline for upgrading software 61Failure : Charging is not working.
of LG-500 GSM/DCS Dual-band mobile phone Solution : - Check the T501 voltage level.
using UART port. Download Environment: In (0.65~0.9V) If not, replace T501. - Check
order to download software of LG-500, the the D501 voltage level. (<0.3V) If not,
following working environments should be replace D501. Go on to the next page. -.
prepared : LG-500 Data Link Kit, DK-10G +. V. +. V. -. 6. Trouble Shooting. The
that is connected to COM1 or COM2 serial Other Function. T501. D501. < 0.3V. 61.
port in the Desktop or Notebook PC. LG-500 62Failure : Charging is not working.
Data Kit Download Monitor Program that is Solution : - Check the R508 voltage level.
copied to Desktop PC or Notebook PC. (<0.12V) If not, replace R508. - Check
Target SW* downloaded to LG-500 mobile “Are the J502, J503 well connected to
phone. Warning You MUST use the Data Link PCB?” If not, re-mount J502 or J503. -
Kit (DK-10G) and UART Download Monitor Upgrade Software to the latest version. +.
program that are provided from LGE. V. -. 6. Trouble Shooting. The Other
Otherwise downloading process won't work Function. J502. (I/O Connector). J503.
properly. How to download. 27. R508. R508. 62.
284. DOWNLOAD. 4.3 Using Download 63Failure : Receiving Signal Failure.
Program 1. Unzip LG-500 UART Download Solution : - “no RSSI or weak signal”
monitor program (monitor632.zip) in PC. 2. Check contact between antenna spring and
Execute monitor632.exe. And then select pad at PCB. : Stretching the spring to the
the "Target" Menu shown below. direction of PCB pad. Go on to the next
Then, choose "Connect" in the page. 6. Trouble Shooting. The Other
Target Menu. Using Download Program. 28. Function. Antenna spring. Antenna pad. 63.
294. DOWNLOAD. 3. A table will be 64Failure : Receiving Signal Failure.
displayed as shown below. Then press the Solution : - Upgrade Software to the
arrow-button and choose a correct serial latest version & Test again… - (If
port. And press "OK" button. possible) RF Calibration & Test again…
Using Download Program. 29. 6. Trouble Shooting. The Other Function.
304. DOWNLOAD. 4. As the following 64.
window shown in Fig A is displayed, 65A.1 RF Components. Appendix. RF
connect LG-500 Phone to Data Link Kit, Components. BPF400,403:DCS SAW filter
DK-10G and power on LG-500. If the BPF401,402:GSM SAW filter BPF404:IF SAW
connection is succeeded, the following filter SW300:Ant. Switch U400:VCTCXO
screen will show the contents as shown Fig U401:PLL U402:TRF6053 (Main chip)
B. Fig A. Fig B. Using Download Program. U403:TXVCO U301:Dual PAM IC300:APCIC
30. N300:Directional coupler. 65.
314. DOWNLOAD. 5. Click on 66A.2 Rx Test. Appendix. Receiver RF
"Flash" on the top menu and Levels. GSM : CH40, -60dBm DCS : CH700,
select "Erase and Program Appli -60dBm. Rx Test. 9. 10. 2. 3. 4. 1. 12. 5.
Only" item as shown in Fig 5. Using 8. 6. 7. 11. 66. -40dBm. -46dBm. -65dBm.
Download Program. 31. -50dBm. -55dBm. LNA. IF Filter. EGSM.
324. DOWNLOAD. 6. Finally choose the -63dBm. IRF. DCS. -63dBm. -55dBm. -63dBm.
target SW that you want to download. And -65dBm. -50dBm. Antenna Switch.
then you can see the following window in (SHS-L090DE). VCTCXO. Synthesizer.
Fig 6. Using Download Program. 32. (XRF2253). -10dBm. Transceiver. (TRF6053).
334. DOWNLOAD. 7. If the downloading RF Filter. /2. 564MHz. 1225MHz for GSM.
procedure is succeeded, then the following 1560.8MHz for DCS. IF. IFX. RXIN. RXIP.
window is shown. Using Download Program. 1225MHz. 0. 90. +. RXQN. RXQP. 1560.8MHz.
33. 564MHz. PFD. IF. /13, LF. Output. /65.
34Enter : 2945# *. 5. ENGINEERING MODE. Divider. IF /N. PFD. /65. VCO_TANK+. LF.
A. About Engineering Mode Engineering mode VCO_TANK-. Power Down. Control. AFC. RF1
is designed to allow a service /N. Serial. PFD. Interface. /65. LF.
man/engineer to view and test the basic 22-bit Data. Register. RF2 /N. MIX_LO.
functions provided by a handset. B. Access 67Appendix. Test Points of Rx Levels. Rx
Codes The key sequence for switching the Test. 2. 1. 6. 5. 3. 4. 67.
engineering mode on is 2945#*#. Pressing 68Appendix. Test Points of Rx Levels. Rx
END will switch back to non-engineering Test. 12. 11. 9. U401 : PLL. 12. 10. 11.
mode operation. C. Key Operation Use Up 8. 7. 68.
and Down key to select a menu and press 69A.3 Tx Test. Appendix. Transmitter RF
'select' key to progress the test. Levels. Tx Test. 69.
Pressing 'back‘ key will switch back to 70Appendix. Test Points of Tx Levels. Tx
the original test menu. This mode is used Test. 11. 6. 2. 10. 1. 5. 2. 9. U401 :
to certify that which part is needed to PLL. 1. 3. 7. 8. 4. 70.
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Фоны для для мальчиковскачать

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«Анализ финансовой деятельности предприятия» - Оценка управления капиталом. Исходные данные для расчетов. Кому предназначена программа - целевая аудитория. Данные импортируем в ФинЭк Анализ. Импорт данных внешних файлов. Преимущества программы: С помощью программы Вы можете: Система ФинЭк Анализ автоматически рассчитывает более 40 показателей. Основные элементы диалоговых окон.

«Информационная система» - Информационные потоки в ИС. Человек. Информационно-вычислительная работа – деятельность, связанная с использованием информационных продуктов. 3.3.2. Обеспечивающие подсистемы ИС. Функциональная структура Информационное обеспечение. Обычно выделяют функциональные и обеспечивающие подсистемы. Информационные системы в менеджменте.

«Организация уплаты налогов» - Элементы налогообложения. Полные и детальные ответы на возникающие в процессе практической работы банков вопросы по налогообложению различных видов деятельности Все вопросы и ответы разбиты на темы и подтемы, что облегчает поиск нужного вопроса Информация приводится со ссылками на источники разъяснений.

«Автоматизация агентства недвижимости» - Роль профессиональных риэлторских инструментов. Скрипт. Выполнение требований стандарта. Автоматическая статистика работы риэлтора. Сравнительный рыночный анализ. Заметки и итоги звонков. Стандарт. Карточка объекта. Идея стандартизации работы риэлторской компании. Влияние инструментов портала. Внутренний и внешний стандарт.

Информационная система

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