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Apple IPhone 4G
Apple IPhone 4G
Steve Jobs – the head of Apple corp
Steve Jobs – the head of Apple corp
Steve Jobs – the head of Apple corp
Steve Jobs – the head of Apple corp
The iPhone 4 was Apple’s most successful product launch in its history
The iPhone 4 was Apple’s most successful product launch in its history
The iPhone 4 was Apple’s most successful product launch in its history
The iPhone 4 was Apple’s most successful product launch in its history
Например, на днях белый iPhone 4 исчез из предзаказа онлайновых
Например, на днях белый iPhone 4 исчез из предзаказа онлайновых
Следующая проблема – «высокопрочное» стекло, которым покрыты передняя
Следующая проблема – «высокопрочное» стекло, которым покрыты передняя
Напомним, что Apple утверждала, что корпус iPhone выполнен из
Напомним, что Apple утверждала, что корпус iPhone выполнен из
Use Apple's "Bumper" case Apple offers a $30 "Bumper" case which
Use Apple's "Bumper" case Apple offers a $30 "Bumper" case which
Еще одна проблема касается хваленого дисплея, созданного по технологии
Еще одна проблема касается хваленого дисплея, созданного по технологии
Standby Battery Life Issue on Unlocked iPhones
Standby Battery Life Issue on Unlocked iPhones
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IPhone 4G

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Apple IPhone 4G. N&N 01302. 14production is white devices, while the
2Steve Jobs – the head of Apple corp. production of their black counterparts all
presented to the russian president Dmitrii right, Apple does not specify.
Medvedev iPhone 4. 15Следующая проблема – «высокопрочное»
3The iPhone 4 was Apple’s most стекло, которым покрыты передняя и задняя
successful product launch in its history. поверхности устройства и которое на деле
The company sold 1.7 million phones in оказалось не слишком-то прочным. По
just the first three days, and the device утверждению блогера Брайана Блока,
remains sold out through most retailers. журналиста, на смартфоне,
4One of the iPhone 4G problems that has попавшем к ним на тестирование, царапины
been most reported has been holding the появились уже после нескольких часов
phone ‘incorrectly’. It seems Apple is использования. Next problem - the «high
aware of these iPhone 4G problems, as they strength» glass that is covered front and
have responded with: “Don’t hold it like back of the device and which in fact
that.”. turned out to be not too strong. According
5More and more people have been to blogger Brian Block, a journalist
reporting iPhone 4G Problems with, on a smartphone, got to him
reception, and Apple have released a for testing, scratches appeared after
statement relating to the ‘proper use’ of several hours of use.
the phone. With development stretching 16
back months and years, you would expect 17Напомним, что Apple утверждала, что
any iPhone 4G problems to have been ironed корпус iPhone выполнен из
out months ago. Not so. Thousands of users химически-усиленного алюмосиликатного
of the new iPhone 4 have reported problems стекла, которое «в 20 раз жестче и в 30
with a whole host of functions…let’s have раз прочнее обычного пластика». Однако, в
a look at the major ones: краш-тесте, проведенном ресурсом
6The next problem with Apple Inc.’s new iFixyouri, «суперпрочное стекло» выдержало
iPhone 4G is that is still doesn’t allow падение с высоты чуть больше 1 м всего 2
us to use flash. So half of the video раза, а на третий разбилось вдребезги.
content out there on the web is Recall that Apple claims that iPhone
unavailable to us. Steve Jobs has a casing is made of a chemically-enhanced
negative opinion of Adobe, but should that aluminosilicate glass, which « is 20 times
limit every iPhone user in such a tougher and 30 times stronger than
crippling, far-reaching way? Come on ordinary plastic» However, in crash tests
Steve, give the customer what they want. conducted by the resource iFixyouri,
Flash! «Super-glass» withstand a drop from a
7Another problem with the new iPhone height of just over 1 m only 2 times, and
4G, and this may have been totally the third smashed to smithereens.
unintended, is that it calls itself a 18Use Apple's "Bumper" case
fourth generation iPhone. Which it is, but Apple offers a $30 "Bumper" case
the uninitiated consumer is likely to which covers the edges of your iPhone
assume that the phone is capable of using 4—including those sneaky, evil antenna
4th generation 4G wireless internet points—and protects it from reception
standards, when if fact its still issues and glass-shattering bumps. This
plane-jane 3G. There may or may not be a case is not the most appealing of
deliberate misleading going on here. In solutions as it not only covers part of
either case it’s a good sales tactic for your iPhone's gorgeous design, but also
Apple. interferes with the usage of third-party
8Another problem is one that even Steve docks and charging cables. It's also a $30
Jobs himself struggles with – wifi. Apple dollar rubber band meant to fix the
has never had outstanding wifi on its problem that was engineered into the
products, but we hoped the iPhone 4G phone—which could be something you'd be
problems wouldn’t include problems with against buying, on principle. Use a
wifi. But they do. Steve Jobs that the third-party case or skin So far the most
unveiling conference for the iPhone 4G attractive pseudo-solution for the
couldn’t get the phone’s wifi to work, and reception issues appears to be a
commenting, “Well geez,” and to his tech third-party skin like StealthArmor. Such a
support, “Got any suggestions?” We hope it skin protects your iPhone from scratches
was just a network problem. and provides a barrier between your
9 fingers and the antenna points. You can
10Левая сторона. Widely covered across expect to shell out $25-$45 for such a
the net, the reception of the iPhone 4 skin.
seems to drop out when holding the phone 19
with the left hand. No problem, says Steve 20Еще одна проблема касается хваленого
Jobs – “Stop holding it like that”. дисплея, созданного по технологии Retina
11What is going on? Depending on how you display: покупатели первых партий iPhone 4
hold your iPhone 4 during calls you may or обнаружили на нем коричневые пятна.
may not notice your reception drop. Some Another problem concerns the vaunted
haven't seen it at all, but many of our display, built on technology Retina
readers and our staff have definitely display: buyers of the first batches
experienced it while browsing, emailing or iPhone 4 found it brown spots.
using apps. We think it has a bit to do 21И, наконец, огромная масса владельцев
with your initial reception and people in iPhone 4 жалуется на то, что когда iPhone
stronger coverage areas are affected less. 4 находится в руках пользователя, мощность
But we're also pretty sure — and Apple сигнала быстро падает до нуля: падение
confirms it — that touching the antenna сигнала с 5 до 0 «кубиков» происходит
does affect things — whether or not it has меньше, чем за минуту. Если снова положить
the final result of killing calls or speed смартфон, например, на стол – уровень
of data connection. сигнала восстанавливается. And finally,
12 the great mass of the owners of the iPhone
13iPhone 4G Problems. Во-первых, у 4 complains that when the iPhone 4 in the
некоторых экземпляров в нижней части hands of the user, the signal strength
экрана Retina видны желтые пятна drops rapidly to zero: the fall of the
неизвестного происхождения. Во-вторых, signal from 5 to 0 «cubes» is less than a
задняя панель хоть и выполнена из minute. If we again put a smartphone, such
закаленного стекла, но все же легко as a table - the level of the signal is
царапается. В-третьих, передняя панель из restored. Apple объясняет проблему не
«стекла, который в 30 раз прочнее падением уровня сигнала, а
пластика» не такая уж и защищенная. И, самопроизвольным некорректным отображением
в-четвертых, конструкция антенн iPhone 4 его уровня на экране – в силу
хоть и необычная, но все же далеко не несовершенства программного обеспечения, и
идеальная. Firstly, in some instances at утверждает, что некорректная индикация
the bottom of Retina visible yellow stains абсолютно не влияет на качество приема.
of unknown origin. Secondly, the back Apple says the problem does not fall in
panel, though made of tempered glass, but the level of the signal and spontaneous
still easily scratched. Thirdly, the front incorrect display its level on the screen
panel of the \u0026quot;glass, which is 30 - because of imperfect software, and
times stronger than plastic,\u0026quot; argues that the incorrect indication
not so secure. And, fourthly, the design absolutely no effect on the quality of
of antennas iPhone 4, though unusual, but reception.
still far from ideal. 22Standby Battery Life Issue on Unlocked
14Например, на днях белый iPhone 4 исчез iPhones. After using Ultrasn0w 1.0-1 to
из предзаказа онлайновых магазинов. unlock the iPhone, people started seeing
Сегодня Apple официально прокомментировала considerable loss in battery life of their
ситуацию и сообщила, что белый смартфон devices. The iOS 4 has already been
действительно снят с продаж примерно до criticized for its poor performance and
середины июля. Объясняется это «проблемами the new unlock makes devices useless.
с производством устройства», какие Solution: To solve this issue, install
проблемы возникли с производством именно Ultrasn0w 1.1-1 through Cydia and run it
белых аппаратов, в то время как с to unlock the iPhone. The updated version
производством их черных аналогов все в of Ultrasn0w helps stabilize the standby
порядке, Apple не уточняет. For example, battery life of the devices. I think these
recently the white iPhone 4 disappeared are some of the tips and tricks that you
from the pre-order on-line shops. Today, should implement on your devices. If you
Apple officially commented on the are facing any other bugs/errors, do let
situation and reported that a white smart me know in the comment section below.
indeed withdrawn from sale until the 23Although the iPhone 4 signal problems
middle of July. This is due to are still present, consumers still flock
\u0026quot;problems with manufacturing the to retailers to buy the product.
device, what problems have arisen with the
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IPhone 4G

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