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Sensors - Accelerometer
Sensors - Accelerometer
Sensors - Accelerometer
Sensors - Accelerometer
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iPhone Details

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1iPhone Details. Hardware Capabilities 14each purchase. Apple Push Notification
Sensors Limitations considerations. service Alert your users of new
2Hardware Limitations. Memory Screen information, even when your application
Size One application at a time Application isn't running. Send text notifications,
performance. trigger audible alerts, or add a numbered
3Tech Specs – iPhone 3GS. Height: 4.5 badge to your application icon.
inches (115.5 mm) Width: 2.4 inches (62.1 Accessories Applications can now
mm) Depth: 0.48 inch (12.3 mm) Weight: 4.8 communicate with your accessories either
ounces (135 grams). through the 30-pin dock connector or
4Location Awareness. Assisted GPS wirelessly using Bluetooth. Build an app
Digital compass – on the new ones Wi-Fi that retrieves data from external sensors
Cellular – it can even make calls! or even control accessories with a
5Power and battery. Built-in sophisticated, Multi-Touch interface.
rechargeable lithium-ion battery Charging 15iPhone OS 3.0. Peer to Peer
via USB to computer system or power Connectivity Add multi-player capabilities
adapter But no built-in wireless charging to your games using the peer to peer
like the Palm Pre Wireless charging is network connectivity and in game voice
cool. communication features of Game Kit. This
6Storage and Display. 16GB and 32GB powerful new framework allows any
capacity Display 3.5-inch (diagonal) application, not just games, to
widescreen Multi-Touch display communicate between devices using
480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppi Bluetooth-no pairing required. Maps You
Fingerprint-resistant coating Support for can now embed maps within your
display of multiple languages and applications using the new Map Kit
characters simultaneously. framework. Map Kit works with the Google
7Camera. Camera located on back of Mobile Maps Service and features panning
iPhone. Put one on the front eventually? 3 and zooming, custom annotations, current
megapixels Autofocus Tap to focus – tap on location and geocoding. iPod Library
a part of the image Video recording, VGA Access Access music, podcasts, or audio
up to 30 fps with audio Photo and video books in a user's iPod library directly
geotagging Interesting image search from your application using the updated
possibilities Microsoft Photosynth iPhone Media Player framework. You can play,
and third-party application integration. repeat and shuffle songs or whole
8Sensors. Proximity sensor Deactivates playlists, or create sequences of songs
the display and touchscreen when the using custom searches.
device is brought near the face during a 16iPhone 3GS. Open GL ES 2.0 Games and
call. This is to save battery power and to other graphics-intensive applications can
prevent inadvertent inputs from the user's now take advantage of OpenGL ES 2.0, the
face and ears. Now if we can get a ‘don’t latest version of the standard for
call the most recently dialed number when hardware-accelerated graphics designed for
the phone is in my pants pocket’ sensor. mobile devices. OpenGL ES 2.0 adds
9Sensors. Ambient light sensor adjusts programmable shaders that give you more
the display brightness which saves battery control over the look of your scenes,
power. allowing you to create more complex
10Sensors - Accelerometer. A 3-axis renderings and spectacular visual effects.
accelerometer senses the orientation of Accessibility Make your applications
the phone and changes the screen accessible to everyone—even those with
accordingly allowing the user to switch impaired vision. New to iPhone OS 3.0,
between portrait and landscape mode. The VoiceOver helps users navigate through
3.0 update will add landscape support for your application by translating standard
other applications, such as email, and gestures and providing spoken descriptions
introduce shaking the unit as a form of you include. Using the updated developer
input. Accelerometer can also be used to tools, you can easily adapt your iPhone
control apps, notably games. applications to work with VoiceOver.
11Speed is critical. Motivated by User 17iPhone 3GS. Video Recording Embed a
Interface considerations Performance is video recorder into your application using
critical on mobile devices Competitive the new interface used in the Camera
nature Once you get a reputation as application. The new interface provides a
‘slow’, you are doomed Remember Sun switch to toggle between still photos and
Solaris User experience. video mode, giving your users the
12For our Applications. Shutdown quickly flexibility to capture the moment the way
5 seconds from user closing to write all they want. Once the video has been
data to non-volatile storage Otherwise captured, users can choose the videos they
iPhone shuts the app down regardless Fast want from the updated Media Picker.
performance – incoming calls. Compass Add heading information to your
13It’s always changing… iPhone OS 3.0 location-aware application. Core Location
adds new features, and the new hardware has been updated to allow your
(3GS) has new capabilities. applications to track which direction the
14iPhone OS 3.0. In App Purchase – More user is facing using iPhone 3GS's built-in
$$! Sell extra content and services from digital compass. While incredibly useful
your application using the Store Kit for any navigation-based application, when
framework. This new framework helps you combined with the accelerometer the
keep track of your product catalogs, compass can also be used to capture
processes the payment transaction with the iPhone's true orientation.
iTunes Store and returns information about
iPhone Details.ppt
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IPhone Details

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