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Machaut and the Ars nova
Machaut and the Ars nova
Machaut and the Ars nova
Machaut and the Ars nova
Notre Dame School
Notre Dame School
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Machaut and the Ars nova

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1Machaut and the Ars nova. Please take 9rhythm and meter. secular lyrics. 2.
handout. Virelai (one of several formes fixes). =a
2 Refrain Form (Refrain = words and music
3Notre Dame School. Leonin & return, typically 2 or more times). Form
Perotin. Paris, ca. 1200 A. D. Organum of the Virelai.
(pl. orgamum). Tripla/Quadrupla. 10Form of the Viralai: A refrain. A bb’a
Organum/Discant Style. A refrain stanza refrain. bb’a stanza.
414th-century. Centers of musical Phrases: 4. asymmetrical 8+8+8+12. Music
activity shift from cathedral to court. of A w/ new words.
5I. Ars nova (lit., The New Art). Ars 11III. Isorhythmic Motet (Quant en moy)
nova = Music in Late Middle Ages in France (central musical genre of Ars nova). A.
(1300s). B. Ars nova named after treatise Polyphonic (usually 3 voices). B.
by. opposed to Ars antiqua (Notre Dame Polytextual. C. Employs Isorhythmic
School, Leonin, Perotin, 1200s). Philippe Technique (usually in Tenor).
de Vitry. =compositional technique of Ars nova.
6 based on the separability of pitch &
7II. Guillaume de Machaut. A. rhythm. 1. Borrowed Pitches = Color (30).
Biography. B. Poetry. 1. Ca. 1300-1377. 1. 2. Rhythmic Pattern = Talea (5). Triplum:
courtly, complex, chivalric. Musical top voice: poem #2, most active. Motetus:
analogy = “My End Is My Beginning”. middle voice, poem #1 moderate speed.
8If I love you with true faithful Tenor: lowest voice, least active, based
courage As I have loved and will love you on chant. 2 poems (triplum/motetus) +
still, And you have taken another in chant text (implied). Falsetto voice.
marriage, Must I be sent from you far? And viol.
will I be not even a memory? No, no, 12D. Other Features: triple meter;
indeed: since there is in me A heart so dissonance. Talea or Rhythmic Pattern: L.
true it eschews false art, You mustn’t L. R. R S. L. L.
divorce me from your heart. Rather, keep 13E. Hocket (Hoquet) (= lit. hiccup).
me here to serve on suffrage, As a slave Short rest in one voice filled by notes in
you’ve bought, and paid the bill, Whose another. She’s _____ up ______ dress-ing.
wish it is to commit no outrage. And you she’ll be down in a jiffy. Look_____
must love, and this thought fulfil, Your her_____ face could launch 1000 ships.
husband as husband see, And your friend as Espoir________d’avoir To hope to have
friend, dear as could be. And since in Doubter________celer Fearing pretending.
this you take honour’s part You mustn’t 14F. Layers of meaning in Quant en moy:
divorce me from your heart. And if your L. L. R. R S. L. L. Mathematical
heart should learn to stray, No love would pattern/proportion. Complex interplay of 3
be ever betrayed so ill, As I should be: poetic texts. Biblical references in tenor
but you are so sage And your heart so (chant). Hocket (more double meaning).
gently nurtured, it will never dare to Text = Advice on chivalric love. Poems
deceive me. In order to love elsewhere. So that are structurally complex. Purely
hear me: Since your sweet form, above all, musical interest: Musical counterpoint of
I chart, You mustn’t divorce me from your 3 voices/3 speeds. Dissonance and hollow
heart. 10 9 10 9 8 9 9 9. 5ths at cadences.
9II. Guillaume de Machaut. A. 15
Biography. B. Poetry. C. I Should Lead a 16
Happy Life (Je vivroire lement). 1. Ca. 17
1300-1377. 1. courtly, complex, chivalric. 18
Basic features: monophonic texture. clear
Machaut and the Ars nova.ppt
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Machaut and the Ars nova

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