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PS4 Development Kit
PS4 Development Kit
PS4 Development Kit
PS4 Development Kit
Xbox One Development Kit
Xbox One Development Kit
Prev-Gen: PS3 Dev Kit
Prev-Gen: PS3 Dev Kit
Prev-Gen: PS3 Dev Kit
Prev-Gen: PS3 Dev Kit
Prev-Gen: Xbox 360 Dev Kit
Prev-Gen: Xbox 360 Dev Kit
Prev-Gen: Xbox 360 Dev Kit
Prev-Gen: Xbox 360 Dev Kit
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Maths Technologies for Games Console Development Middleware

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Maths & Technologies for Games 9Although Sony have a dev kit loan program.
Console Development & Middleware. Initial version looked like a tower PC
CO3303 Week 18. There have been several subsequent
2Today’s Lecture. Comparing PC & versions available GameMaker: Studio and
Console Development Development MonoGame (as well as Unity) are made
Environments Commercial Dev Kits Indie available for free to indie developers.
Development Middleware Note: All material 10Xbox One Development Kit. All retail
here can be found in the public domain. Xbox One’s can operate as a debug station.
3PC & Console Development. Simplest kind of dev kit, which can run
Historically, console development has been user code This may possibly be used later
much closer to the hardware than the PC to encourage indie development Fully
Known hardware specification Tendency to featured dev kits are available to
drive hardware with assembly language, developers. Again, the initial version
direct I/O, interrupts, etc. To get looked like a tower PC, but latest
maximum performance Early PC games were iterations look like ordinary consoles
similar, but gradually moved to higher Although current dev kits are more
level programming Due to wide range of powerful than retail consoles Indie
possible hardware Two layer approach – API developers can get two dev kits free.
<-> Driver. 11Prev-Gen: PS3 Dev Kit. Playstation 3
4PC & Console Development. Lifespan dev kits (called the PS3 Reference Tool)
of a console is up to 7-8 years Between eventually dropped in price to ~?1,000
release and eventual fall from use E.g. each: Included development tools (SN
PS1: 1994->2002, PS2: 2000->2008, Systems): ProDG – development environment
PS3: 2006/7->2014/15 XBox One & PS4 Distributed C++ compiler, linker, build
2013->2021? Hardware barely changes tool Can compile and link on multiple PCs.
during this time Need to gain maximum Final Dev Kit is same shape as standard
performance, especially during latter PS3. Original Dev Kit.
years Low level work essential for best 12Prev-Gen: PS3 Dev Kit. Two graphics
performance PC hardware constantly evolves libraries are part of the SDK: libgcm:
Can increase minimum spec slightly every low-level – direct access to RSX chip and
year Higher level approach more suitable. graphics memory PSGL: [rarely used]
5Current Gen: PC vs Console. However, implementation of OpenGL ES (full source
the current generation of consoles are code provided) Also a full game engine –
very close in specification to a PC PhyreEngine is available (free for
Multi-core CPU Powerful GPU (similar to PC developers) Use a special debugging
variants) Concurrent programming very station for testing Standard console that
important Shader programming key for can run user code or discs burned by the
graphics Ability to develop using higher developer (effectively no copy
level APIs Xbox One uses a variant of the protection).
Windows 8 APIs Games of the standard of a 13Prev-Gen: Xbox 360 Dev Kit. Much like
moderately powerful PC Although PC games the Xbox one, an Xbox 360 dev kit looks
usually have better graphics now Latest similar to the retail console Compiles C
gen titles, so far, do not seem to be or C++ using Visual Studio variant. Uses
outstripping recent PC titles. This is variations of PC libraries: DX 9+: like
unusual so early in console lifetime… DX9 with low level extras (command buffer,
6Current Gen: PC vs Console. Still some predicated tiling) XAudio2: Successor to
differences between PC / console DirectSound Many low level tools provided.
development: Hardware is known So little Old Version. New Version.
need to query hardware, run performance 14Indie Development. The cost &
tests. Assumptions about available licensing of professional development kits
features are OK More requirements on the used to limit hobbyist, homebrew or indie
operation of software e.g. being locked games However, in the latest gen, Sony and
into the platform holders UI (e.g. Sony’s Microsoft have begun to make indie
XMB) Closer integration between parts E.g. development easier Lower price points,
CPU / GPU memory have symmetrical loans, or even free kits Lower barriers to
performance (shared on 360 / Xbox One), register as a developer More indie
unlike a PC Low-level development can developer support, conferences etc. Still,
still be key Especially for commercial the support for indie development may not
games, and later in the console lifetime be as rich as that offered for AAA titles.
Custom development environments help with Maybe limited tools, generic or simplified
this. libraries Possible less low-level hardware
7Commercial Development: Dev Kits. access Too early to tell which platform
Commercial console development requires a will be better. Microsoft have the “all
Development Kit (Dev Kit) A special form consoles are dev kits” advantage, but Sony
of console that can be hooked into a PC have been very active in supporting
for programming / debugging etc. Various indies…
types: from a basic console that can just 15Middleware. Middleware traditionally
run user code, to machines with additional describes software used to connect
hardware to assist debugging Supplied with different components or applications
a custom SDK Development environment However, in games development, the term
Compiler and linker Graphics, Sound, middleware is used differently, describing
Storage and other libraries Complete self-contained software libraries
technical and software documentation Note Performing distinct tasks, e.g. AI,
that console development can emulated on a physics or rendering I.e. Use middleware
PC Testing on a development kit in the instead of own technology Typically this
later stages. allows the developer to cut costs Less
8Commercial Development. Dev kits must technology to develop Rely instead on a
be licensed: Apply to platform holder Only pre-built, robust solution At the expense
experienced & viable developers of flexibility for their own needs.
accepted Licensing is easier later in 16Middleware. Middleware ranges from
console lifecycle Developer must sign NDA very general engines, to specialist
(Non-Disclosure Agreement) Dev kit details technologies There are many middleware
are a trade secret Until the current gen, options, choosing an appropriate one is
dev kits have been expensive ?10,000+ each often a challenge Here is a random
at launch, price dropping with time Fair selection of popular middleware: Unity
sized team could expect outlay > [free], Unreal [free], Source, etc. (game
?100,000 However, the costs for engines) Havok, Bullet, Box2D (physics
development on the latest gen have been [free]) Euphoria (human animation
greatly reduced, or even disappeared To synthesis) Speed Tree (Tree rendering)
boost indie development (see later). fmod (audio [free]) ScaleForm, Coherent UI
9PS4 Development Kit. Note: limited (vector UIs) [Those noted as free are for
public domain info on latest gen dev kits non-commercial use only].
Playstation 4 dev kits cost ~$2,500 each
Maths Technologies for Games Console Development Middleware.ppt
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Maths Technologies for Games Console Development Middleware

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