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Mercedes ISD Random Drug Testing Program [FNF(Local)]

содержание презентации «Mercedes ISD Random Drug Testing Program [FNF(Local)].ppt»
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1Mercedes ISD Random Drug Testing 19Confidentiality Assurances. Drug test
Program [FNF(Local)]. 2008-2009. results shall only be disclosed to the
2Purpose of the Drug Testing Program. student, the student’s parents, and
Prevent injury, illness, and harm from the designated school officials who need the
use of illegal and performance-enhancing information. Drug test results will not be
drugs or alcohol. Help enforce a drug-free maintained with a student’s academic
educational environment. Deter student use record or student folder. Results will not
of illegal and performance-enhancing drugs be released to treatment centers without
or alcohol. Educate students regarding the written request and consent of
harm caused by the use of illegal and parent/guardian.
performance-enhancing drugs or alcohol. 20Confidentiality Assurances cont.
3Standard Drugs of Abuse Panel. Results will be destroyed when the student
Amphetamines (uppers, speed, meth, pep graduates or transfers from the District.
pills) Methamphetamine Amphetamine Cocaine Results will not be transferred to another
(crack, coke, snow, rock, blow) district.
Cannabinoids (marijuana) Dope, weed, 21Substances tested for may include, but
grass, pot, reefer, mary jane Opiates are not limited to… Alcohol
Codeine Morphine Heroine (H, junk, smack, Performance-enhancing substances,
china white) Phencyclidine PCP, Angel including anabolic steroids Marijuana
Dust. Cocaine Methaqualone Benzodiazepines
4Other Drugs of Concern. Barbituates Phencyclidine (PCP) Methadone Barbiturates
(phenobarbital, butalbital) Propoxyphene Amphetamines Opiates
Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax) Exstacy Metabolites of any of these substances.
(MSMA, MDA) Oxycodone (Percocet) 22Selection Method. The drug-testing
Hydrocodone (Vicodin) Steroids. laboratory shall use a random selection
5How is drug testing done? Urinalysis method to identify students chosen for
is the most common drug testing method, random drug testing. Students shall not
and the only method currently allowed in receive prior notice of the testing date
federal drug testing programs. Other or time.
matrixes which can be used for testing: 23Absence/Refusal to Participate. If a
Hair Oral fluids Sweat patch Blood. student is absent on the day of the random
6Urine Drug Testing. Advantages Highest test, a sample shall be collected on the
assurance of reliable results Least next random testing date. A student who
expensive Able to test more drugs than the refuses to be tested when selected or who
standard 5 panel Disadvantages No dose is determined to have tampered with a
concentration relationship (can only sample shall be deemed to have a positive
determine presence or absence) Specimen test result and shall be subject to the
can be adulterated, diluted or substituted appropriate consequences depending on
Collection procedure may be considered previous positive test results, if any.
invasive and embarrassing Detection time 24Collection Procedure. Students
2-3 days. selected for testing will be escorted to
7Detection Times. Urine: 2-3 days the testing site and will remain under
(except THC – which can be detected in supervision until a sample is provided.
urine for up to 30 days after use) Hair: 7 Samples will be taken behind a restroom
days to 3 months Oral fluids: 10-24 hours stall. An adult of the same gender shall
Blood: 10-24 hours. be present when samples are collected.
8The Testing Process. Drug Testing is a 25Positive Test Result. An initial
four step process Collection Screening positive test will be confirmed before
Confirmation Reviewing. being reported as positive. A Medical
9The Testing Process. Specimen Review Officer (MRO) from the testing lab
Collection Identification Explanation of will contact the student’s parent. If the
testing process Specimen security required and appropriate medical
(tamper-evident bottle seals, initials) documentation is provided within five (5)
Chain of Custody. days, the MRO will report the new result.
10The Testing Process. Specimen 26Positive Test Result cont. Without the
Collection/Chain of Custody Documentation appropriate medical documentation, the MRO
of specimen collection, transport, will report a positive test result to the
testing, and storage Specimen school administrator.
identification started at the point of 27Parent Notification. A conference will
collection and continued through entire be scheduled with the student and the
process Eliminates the possibility of student’s parent, an administrator, and
specimen mix up. the coach or sponsor of the
11The Testing Process. Screening extracurricular activity to discuss the
Specimen seals verified intact; chain of test result and the
custody complete A portion of the specimen consequences/provisions of the Drug
is removed for analysis Specimen is Testing Program.
checked for the presence of any unusual 28Consequences – First Offense. The
characteristics or adulterants Initial student shall be suspended from any
testing done by immunoassay, ELISA, or affected extracurricular activities for
similar technique. five (5) school days following the date
12The Testing Process. Confirmation Any the student and parent are notified of the
specimen which tests non-negative is test results. During the period of
forwarded for confirmation testing by gas suspension, the student shall not be
chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) permitted to participate in practices. If
or GC/MS/MS. To be a positive test result, the student wishes to return to
specimen must both screen positive and participation in the affected
confirm positive Data review by certifying extracurricular activities, the student
scientist. must be retested at the end of the period
13Medical Review Officer (MRO). Review A of suspension and have a negative test
positive result must be reviewed to result; the student shall be retested on
determine if it is due to use of illegal the next two (2) random test dates.
substances or by other; legal substances. 29How do I regain eligibility? The
The review may be done by a trained student will be retested at the end of the
professional or by a Medical Review suspension. To regain eligibility, the
Officer (MRO). An MRO is a licensed student must have a negative result. The
physician who has received additional student will be retested on the next two
training in drugs of abuse testing and is (2) random test dates and must produce two
certified in drug test results (2) negative results.
interpretation. 30Consequences – Second Offense. The
14Drug Testing in Schools. “We can not student shall be suspended from any
build the future for our youth but we can affected extracurricular activities for
build our youth for the future.” Franklin fifteen (15) school days following the
D. Roosevelt 32nd president of US date the student and parent are notified
(1882-1945). of the test results. If the student wishes
15Who is included in the MISD Drug to return to participation in the affected
Testing Program? Students in grades 7-12 extracurricular activities, the student
who participate in extracurricular must be retested at the end of the period
activities. Students with required, signed of suspension and have a negative test
consent by parent/guardian to participate result; the student shall be retested on
in extracurricular activities. the next two (2) random test dates.
School-sponsored extracurricular 31Consequences – Third Offense. The
activities for which testing is required student shall be suspended from
include all University Interscholastic participation in any extracurricular
League (UIL) sanctioned activities, as activity for the remainder of the school
well as cheerleading and dance/drill team. year following the date the student and
16Requirements for Staff. Provide each parent are notified of the test result.
parent and student in grades 7-12 a copy 32Use of Drug Testing Results. Drug test
of the random drug testing policy at the results shall be used only to determine
beginning of each semester. Provide each eligibility for participation in the
parent and student a copy of the consent affected extracurricular activities.
form each semester. Conduct meetings with Positive drug test results shall not be
parents and interested students each year used to impose disciplinary sanctions or
prior to beginning the program. academic penalties.
17Requirements for Staff cont. Provide 33Student Grades. A student’s grade will
copies of the policy and consent form to not be affected in any course associated
each student and their parent. Conduct an with the extracurricular activity. If
orientation of the program with each participation is included as a part of the
student and their parent. student’s grade, the student is required
18Requirements for Students. Attendance to satisfy attendance and course
at an annual orientation meeting (Parent requirements for required course grade.
attendance is mandatory). Before a student 34Questions… Mercedes ISD Central Office
is eligible to participate in the affected Ms. Barbara Hinojosa, Parent/Community
extracurricular activities, the student Specialist 956-825-5077 Mercedes High
shall be required annually to sign a School Mr. Rafael Leal, MHS Principal
consent form agreeing to be subject to the 956-514-2100 Mr. Gilberto Leal, Athletic
rules and procedures of the drug-testing Director 956-514-2100 Mercedes Jr. High
program. If the student is under the age School Ms. Jeanne Venecia, MJHS Principal
of 18, the student’s parent/guardian shall 956-514-2200.
also sign a consent form.
Mercedes ISD Random Drug Testing Program [FNF(Local)].ppt
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Mercedes ISD Random Drug Testing Program [FNF(Local)]

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