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New Student Orientation (Also known as “Wolf Camp”)
New Student Orientation (Also known as “Wolf Camp”)
New Student Orientation (Also known as “Wolf Camp”)
New Student Orientation (Also known as “Wolf Camp”)
Things to Know For a Successful First Day of School
Things to Know For a Successful First Day of School
Things to Know For a Successful First Day of School
Things to Know For a Successful First Day of School
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Проект по английскому языку 8 класс you are what you eat

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1New Student Orientation (Also known as 15making threats, reckless violent behavior,
“Wolf Camp”). Welcome to Montgomery Middle extremely disruptive behavior, weapons
School. (real or toys), alcohol, tobacco, &
2WOLF CAMP September 2, 2015 8:30 – other drugs * What used to get you just a
11:00 A.M. AGENDA Welcome & reprimand may get you suspended in middle
Introductions What’s New in Middle School? school! *SAFETY is our #1 priority so you
Policies and Expectations Learning On The can learn without distractions and
Go Program Parent Involvement Things to disruptions. Tell an adult if you feel
Know on the First Day of School After unsafe! Get help.
School Programs Sign-Up Prep Stations. 16What’s New in Middle School? - Use of
3What’s New in Middle School? * computers & internet. Montgomery is
Schedule -No recess! -5 minutes to go from part of the i21 Technology Grant. LOGO, or
class to class -5 to 6 classes, each “Learning-On-The-Go” is part of that
period 55 minutes each -English block is 2 grant. -- all students will receive a
hours long for some 6th graders & for netbook to use at school and to bring home
students who are learning English every night -- students are responsible
(Beginners & Intermediate levels). for keeping netbooks safe and charged to
4BELL SCHEDULE – 7 PERIODS. use every day -- if damage or loss occurs
5SAMPLE SCHEDULE. to the netbooks OR to the carrying cases,
6Band after school at 3:20PM. What’s students/parents will assume financial
New in Middle School? ELECTIVES FOR 6TH responsibility for the deductible payment
GRADERS. to replace the damaged/lost part.
7What’s New in Middle School? *7th 17LOGO – MANDATORY MEETINGS. MANDATORY
& 8th graders - electives - Inventions PARENT/STUDENT MEETINGS – Attendance is
(MESA – Math & Science Projects) - mandatory, in order for your student to be
Project Lead The Way (Engineering) - AVID issued the computer in a timely manner.
(College Path Awareness) - Spanish (High Information will be shared and documents
School credit) - Yearbook (8th gr only) - will be signed at that time. - Dates &
Band (Before School) - ASB (After School). times to be determined.
8What’s New in Middle School? *7th 18Use of computers & internet -
& 8th graders – electives/extra respect all school property and equipment
academic support *Academic Language bring your netbooks to school every day -
Development *Literacy Academy * Math follow all rules and guidelines when
Academy * Study Skills. accessing websites {when in doubt, ask
9What’s New in Middle School? The your teacher} - any violation or misuse
Montgomery Way We believe in a just and will result in the withholding of your
fair process of learning. In order for our privileges, even suspension any damage or
students to receive a high-quality loss of your netbook OR carrying case will
education, we will do what it takes to result in your parents having to pay for
provide a safe and challenging learning replacement! (no writing or tears to the
environment. Therefore, all students and carrying case, please!). What’s New in
adults at Montgomery are expected to: Middle School?
Focus on learning and be prepared to 19What’s New in Middle School? Parent
learn. Respect the rights of others to Involvement *Coffee with the Principal
study and learn. Be kind to yourself and (parent meeting) *Explore Montgomery
others. Show respect for property. Behave (classroom visits) *PTSO – We need more
safely and have regard for the safety of members! *School Site Council *ELAC –
others. Follow the Montgomery Way and First meeting TBA.
you’ll stay on the path to success! You 20What’s New in Middle School? Parent
will earn Way to Go Cards, receive Involvement. Events (Back to School Night,
accolades, and be recognized at assemblies Spring Open House) Workshops, Seminars,
and celebrations. Parent Meetings, PTSO Powerschool Parent
10The hallways The auditorium The Portal – online access to check student’s
cafeteria The bathrooms The library Campus attendance, grades, & assignments
entry. What’s New in Middle School? PBIS Daily checking in with children – check
Positive Behavior Interventions and planner, check notebooks, check inside
Supports. Montgomery students learn, backpacks Read emails and listen to phone
practice, and know the policies that tell messages sent by the school Use email to
them how to be safe and happy. There are ask teachers about student progress.
policies for voice and movement levels in: 21Things to Know For a Successful First
11What’s New in Middle School? Day of School. The first day of school is
*Attendance & Tardy Policy -Breakfast- Tuesday, September 8, 2015. * Bring with
7:50 a.m. -First Bell - 8:10 a.m. -Tardy you: - backpack, pencils, notebook, the
Bell – 8:15 a.m. Be at school every day. yellow envelope with all forms signed by
If you are ill and can’t come to school, your parents, & your class schedule *
your parents need to call the attendance If you will eat breakfast at school, you
office to notify your reason for absence. need to arrive at 7:50 a.m. The warning
If you are late more than five minutes, bell will ring at 8:10AM.
come to the main office and get a pass 22Things to Know For a Successful First
using the touch screen computer on the Day of School. The first day of school is
counter. You will be assigned LUNCH Tuesday, September 8, 2015. *Always enter
DETENTION on days when you are tardy to a campus using the gate on Fulton Street
class more than 5 minutes. There will be a *Ask people for help to find your rooms if
bell one minute prior to the tardy bell at you are lost. Don’t be shy! * Be in your
each period to alert you. If you Period 1 classroom at 8:15 a.m. The tardy
accumulate 4 tardies, you will be assigned bell will ring by the time you are seated!
AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION or SATURDAY SCHOOL. 23Things to Know For a Successful First
12What’s New in Middle School? POLICIES Day of School. Check your schedule, if you
& EXPECTATIONS * Student Planner - see any problems let your Period 1 teacher
Read it, Sign it! – Bring it to school - know. Don’t come to the office! Someone
Use it every day! Replacements for will stop by all classrooms to get
planners and ID cards are sold in the information on schedules that need to be
financial office. * Physical Education fixed. Make friends on the first day of
uniform – suit up every day, wear sneakers school!
every day (store your stuff in the 24PREP STATIONS – Let’s Explore! Buy
locker). Suiting up is a part of your P.E. Clothes & Locks - Financial
grade in P.E. Office Pick up Class Schedule – Lunch
13What’s New in Middle School? * Dress Tables Take Picture I.D. – Cafeteria Sign
Code at a Glance. * Parents get called at up for before/after school programs YMCA
work to bring you appropriate items to PrimeTime – Room 307 Pay for PTSO
wear. Sorry, we only have a few sweaty membership, pre-order spirit shirts &
loaners! ;-{. yearbook – Room 110 Pick up Registration
14What’s New in Middle School? Envelopes – Main Hallway Explore
*Electronics, Cell Phones, & Toys Classrooms – Room 156 – Soc. Studies Room
Policy. This policy is strictly enforced 152 – Math Room 154 – English Room 303 –
every day. No exceptions are made. The Science.
school will not take financial 25MONTGOMERY MIDDLE SCHOOL “A Family
responsibility for items that are lost, Friendly School” 2470 Ulric St. San Diego,
damaged, or stolen. Leave all toys at CA 92111 Phone (858) 397-6600 Fax (858)
home. Cell phones MUST BE TURNED OFF at 397-6642 Website
all times while you are at school. No (currently
exceptions. Items will be confiscated and under construction) Principal: Stephanie
turned over to the Vice Principal. Brown Office Hours of Operation:
Scooters & skateboards – if used for 7:45am-4:00pm Bell Schedule: 8:15a.m. -
transportation, must be chained and locked 3:15p.m. Minimum Day: Wednesday –
in the bike rack area. dismissal at 1:15pm Please contact the
15What’s New in Middle School? We school to notify us of your child’s
practice THE MONTGOMERY WAY every day and absence. Visit and “like” Montgomery
with everyone! Zero Tolerance Policy -- We Middle School PTSO Facebook page, to keep
say NO WAY to: - bullying, playfighting, informed. Thank you!
Проект по английскому языку 8 класс you are what you eat.ppt
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Проект по английскому языку 8 класс you are what you eat

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