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History of Apple, Inc
History of Apple, Inc
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Where is Apple Located
Apple Products
Apple Products
History of Apple Products
History of Apple Products
History of Apple Products
History of Apple Products
History of Apple Products
History of Apple Products
History of Apple Products
History of Apple Products
iMac All-In-One
iMac All-In-One
iMac All-In-One
iMac All-In-One
iMac All-In-One
iMac All-In-One
The iPod
The iPod
The iPod
The iPod
The iPod
The iPod
Welcome to Apple…
Welcome to Apple…
Welcome to Apple…
Welcome to Apple…
Welcome to Apple…
Welcome to Apple…
Welcome to Apple…
Welcome to Apple…
iPhone 3G Twice as Fast
iPhone 3G Twice as Fast
Other Apple Products
Other Apple Products
Other Apple Products
Other Apple Products
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Welcome to Apple…

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Welcome to Apple… 189.76B. Inventories. 1.05B. 776M. 791M.
2Apple, Inc. Mission Statement: “Apple 1.76B. 2.11B. Finished Goods. 1.05B. 776M.
is committed to bringing the best personal 791M. 1.08B. -. Work in Progress. 0. 0. 0.
computing experience to students, 0. -. Raw Materials. 0. 0. 0. 683M. -.
educators, creative professionals and Progress Payments & Other. 0. 0. 0. -.
consumers around the world through its -. Other Current Assets. 5.08B. 6.54B.
innovative hardware, software and Internet 9.04B. 10.34B. 14.12B. Miscellaneous
offerings.”. Current Assets. 4.93B. 5.82B. 7.84B.
3History of Apple, Inc. 1976 Apple 10.34B. 14.12B. Total Current Assets.
Computer Company founded. 1983 -1984 41.68B. 44.99B. 57.65B. 73.29B. 68.53B.
Enters Fortune 500. John Sculley becomes BALANCE SHEET Annual Financials for Apple
president and CEO. Apple airs “1984” Inc. View Ratios Assets.
during Super Bowl. 1985 Jobs forced out of 192010. 2011. 2012. 2013. 2014. 5-year
company 1993 Sculley forced out. 1997 trend. Net Property, Plant &
Steve Jobs returns to Apple. 2007 Apple Equipment. 4.77B. 7.78B. 15.45B. 16.6B.
changes name to Apple, Inc. 20.62B. Property, Plant & Equipment -
4SWOT. Opportunities: Stock Investments Gross. 7.23B. 11.77B. 21.89B. 28.52B. -.
Jobs-Moving Up Threats: Copy-Cat Products Buildings. 1.47B. 2.06B. 2.44B. 3.31B. -.
Market Share-PC’s Too Broad Steve Jobs Land & Improvements. -. -. -. -. -.
Health. Strengths: Retail Store Computer Software and Equipment. -. -. -.
Products/Branding Steve Jobs Marketing/ -. -. Other Property, Plant &
Advertising Innovation Weaknesses: Equipment. 2.17B. 2.78B. 3.71B. 3.97B. -.
Non-Compatibility Price Proprietary. Accumulated Depreciation. 2.47B. 3.99B.
5What Does Apple Do? Apple is an 6.44B. 11.92B. -. Total Investments and
innovative company that manufactures, Advances. 25.39B. 55.62B. 92.12B. 106.22B.
markets, and sells many kinds of consumer 130.16B. Other Long-Term Investments.
electronic devices. Apple has developed a 25.39B. 55.62B. 92.12B. 106.22B. 130.16B.
series of computers, phones, portable Long-Term Note Receivable. 0. 0. 0. 0. -.
media players, software, and many other Intangible Assets. 1.08B. 4.43B. 5.36B.
products that have advanced technology 5.76B. 8.76B. Net Goodwill. 741M. 896M.
from what it used to be, as well as 1.14B. 1.58B. 4.62B. Net Other
creating new needs from the consumers. Intangibles. 342M. 3.54B. 4.22B. 4.18B.
6Profile - Apple Corporation Financial 4.14B. Other Assets. 2.26B. 3.56B. 5.48B.
Results for 07’. 2007: Revenue-$9.6 5.15B. 3.76B. Tangible Other Assets.
billion & net quarterly profit of 1.46B. 1.96B. 2.48B. 5.15B. 3.76B. Total
$1.58 billion. 2006: Revenue-$7.1 billion Assets. 75.18B. 116.37B. 176.06B. 207B.
& net quarterly profit of $1 billion. 231.84B.
Gross margin increased from 31.2% to 34.7% 20Long-Term Debt. 0. 0. 0. 16.96B.
a year ago. International sales account 28.99B. Long-Term Debt excl. Capitalized
for 45% of revenue. Share Holders: As of Leases. 0. 0. 0. 16.96B. 28.99B.
November 2, 2007, there were 30,336 Non-Convertible Debt. 0. 0. 0. 16.96B. -.
shareholders of record. Convertible Debt. 0. 0. 0. 0. -.
7Where is Apple Located? Apple’s main Capitalized Lease Obligations. 0. 0. 0. 0.
headquarters is located at 1 Infinite -. Provision for Risks & Charges. 0.
Loop, Silicon Valley, California. 0. 0. 0. -. Deferred Taxes. 4.3B. 8.16B.
8Where is Apple Located? Apple has also 13.85B. 16.49B. -. Deferred Taxes -
expanded internationally with locations in Credit. 4.3B. 8.16B. 13.85B. 16.49B. 0.
Cork, Ireland and Silicon Valley, Deferred Taxes - Debit. 0. 0. 0. 0. -.
Singapore. Cork, Ireland. Silicon Valley, Other Liabilities. 2.37B. 3.63B. 5.47B.
Singapore. 6.34B. 27.86B. Other Liabilities (excl.
9Where is Apple Located? Apple has over Deferred Income). 1.23B. 1.94B. 2.82B.
200 retail locations across the U.S. To 3.72B. 24.83B. Deferred Income. 1.14B.
find a store nearest you, Apple’s main 1.69B. 2.65B. 2.63B. 3.03B. Total
website provides a search engine that can Liabilities. 27.39B. 39.76B. 57.85B.
provide that information. 83.45B. 120.29B. Non-Equity Reserves. 0.
10Apple Products. 0. 0. 0. -. Preferred Stock (Carrying
11History of Apple Products. TODAY… 1977 Value). 0. 0. 0. 0. -. Redeemable
Apple II (first personal computer) Cost Preferred Stock. 0. 0. 0. 0. -.
$1,298 1 MHz microprocessor and 4-48 KB of Non-Redeemable Preferred Stock. 0. 0. 0.
RAM. 1983-Lisa Cost $10,000 5 MHz 0. -. Common Equity (Total). 47.79B.
processor and 1 MB of RAM. 1984 Macintosh 76.62B. 118.21B. 123.55B. 111.55B. Common
Cost $2,495 8 MHz processor and 128-512 KB Stock Par/Carry Value. 10.67B. 13.33B.
of RAM. *1985 Steve Job’s forced out 1987 16.42B. 19.76B. 23.31B. Retained Earnings.
Macintosh II Cost $3,898 16 MHz processor 37.17B. 62.84B. 101.29B. 104.26B. 87.15B.
and 128-512 KB of RAM. *1997 Steve Job ESOP Debt Guarantee. 0. 0. 0. 0. -.
Returns. Cumulative Translation
12iMac All-In-One. 2008 iMac- All-In-One Adjustment/Unrealized For. Exch. Gain.
Cost $1,199-$2,199 20” – 24” screens. (217M). 313M. (232M). (280M). -.
2.4-3.06 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM, and Unrealized Gain/Loss Marketable
250-500GB of Storage Space. CD / DVD Securities. 171M. 130M. 731M. (191M). -.
burner drive. iSight camera- you can video Revaluation Reserves. 0. 0. 0. 0. -.
chat with friends and family. iLife Treasury Stock. 0. 0. 0. 0. -. Total
’08-photo, iDVD, iWeb: create a photo Shareholders' Equity. 47.79B. 76.62B.
book, make a movie, build a blog, compose 118.21B. 123.55B. 111.55B. Accumulated
a song, etc… Minority Interest. 0. 0. 0. 0. -. Total
13The iPod. 160 GB iPod Classic: $349 Equity. 47.79B. 76.62B. 118.21B. 123.55B.
40,000 songs for Weighs 5.7 ounces 200 hrs 111.55B. Liabilities & Shareholders'
of video Photo Album 2.5-inch Color Equity. 75.18B. 116.37B. 176.06B. 207B.
Display 4 GB iPod Nano: $199 2,000 songs 231.84B.
for iPod nano commercial 2 GB iPod 21Analyses-QR. Quick ratio=(Current
shuffle: $69 500 songs. Assets-Inventories)/(Current liabilities)
14 QR=(73.286-1.764)/(43.658)=1.6382
15 Conclusion: Apple has enough cash and
16iPhone 3G Twice as Fast. Half the liquid assets to cover its short-term debt
Price. 16 GB G3 iPhone $349 Cell phone obligation.
iPod Touch GPS App Store Calendar 22Analyses-Working Capital ratio.
Internet: browse the web, e-mail, weather, Working Capital ratio=(current
take notes, view maps, etc... assets)/(current
17Other Apple Products. MacBook Air liabilities)=73.286/43.658=1.67
Commercial Cost $1,799 0.16-0.76” in total Conclusion: Apple can pay all of its
thickness and weighs only 3 pounds. 1.8GHz current liabilities and still have current
processor. Wireless- 802. 11n2 and assets left over.
Bluetooth 2.1. No CD ROM access-Remote 23Fixed assets to Equity Ratio. Fixed
Disc- but it allows you to access a CD or assets to Equity ratio=(fixed
DVD drive from nearby PC. MacBook Cost assets)/(stockholder’s
$1,099-$1,499 with 13” screen 2.1-2.4 GHz equity)=(124.389/123.549)=1.0068.
processor and 2 GB of RAM 120-250 GB of 24Current ratio. Current ratio=current
Storage Space. CD / DVD burner drive. assets/current
iSight camera- you can video chat with liabilities=73.286/43.658=1.67.
friends and family. iLife ’08- provides 25Equity. Equity=total assets-total
photo, iDVD, iWeb: allows you to create a liabilities=207.000-83.451= 123.549 B.
photo book, make a movie, build a blog, 26Debt to Equity. Debt to equity=total
compose a song, etc… debt/total equity=83.45/123.5=0.68.
18Fiscal year is October-September. All 27Return on equity. Average
values USD millions. 2010. 2011. 2012. stockholder’s
2013. 2014. 5-year trend. Cash & equity(2013)=(2013+2012)/2=(123.55+118.21)
Short Term Investments. 25.62B. 25.95B. 2=120.88 Net profit=37b Roe=net
29.13B. 40.55B. 25.08B. Cash Only. 1.69B. profit/average stockholders
2.9B. 3.11B. 8.71B. 13.84B. Short-Term equty=37/120.88=0.3060.
Investments. 23.93B. 23.05B. 26.02B. 28Return on assets. Roa(2013)=net
31.84B. 11.23B. Total Accounts profit/average total
Receivable. 9.92B. 11.72B. 18.69B. 20.64B. assets=37/191.53=0.19318 Net profit:37B
27.22B. Accounts Receivables, Net. 5.51B. Average total
5.37B. 10.93B. 13.1B. 17.46B. Accounts assets(2013)=(207+176.06)/2=191.53.
Receivables, Gross. 5.57B. 5.42B. 11.03B. 29Profitability. Net profit=37b Sales
13.2B. 17.55B. Bad Debt/Doubtful Accounts. volume=170.87B Profitability=Net
(55M). (53M). (98M). (99M). (86M). Other profit/sales volume=37/170.87=0.2165.
Receivables. 4.41B. 6.35B. 7.76B. 7.54B.
Welcome to Apple….pptx
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Welcome to Apple…

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