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Tab Chars & Tab Stops
Tab Chars & Tab Stops
Diagram of a Table
Diagram of a Table
Diagram of a Table
Diagram of a Table
Diagram of a Table
Diagram of a Table
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Автор: Rich Malloy. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока информатики, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Advanced Microsoft Word.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 665 КБ.

Advanced Microsoft Word

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1Advanced Microsoft Word. Greenwich 30mouse to move tab stops on ruler Be
Continuing Education Instructor: Rich careful not to insert new tabs, or delete
Malloy Tech Help Today 203-862-9411 existing tabs. 30.
malloy@techhelptoday.com. 31Editing a Tab Stop. Select paragraphs
2Goal of the Course. To learn more Click Page Layout > Paragraph Dialog
about Microsoft Word To learn how to do Box Launcher > Tabs Select Tab Stop you
more in less time To find out the best want to change Choose type (Left, Center,
approaches for further learning. 2. Right, etc.) Choose leader if desired
3Schedule. Five Monday evenings, two (e.g., ………) Press Set button Repeat
hours each, 7:30 – 9:20 pm Each evening, process for next tab. 31.
approx. 30 minutes lecture, 80 minutes 32
hands-on Practice at home. 3. 33Is There a Better Way to Present This
4Your Instructor – Rich Malloy. Information? Use a Table. ISDN requires an
Computer Consultant – Tech Help Today, installation charge of $600 and costs $55
Greenwich Adjunct Professor, Norwalk per month. DSL requires an installation
Community College Microsoft-certified charge of $600 and costs $80 per month. T1
Expert in Word 2002, certified Master in requires an installation charge of $4000
Microsoft Office XP Former Editor in and costs $1500 per month. 33.
Chief, Mobile Computing. 4. 34When Do You Use a Table? When you have
5References. Handouts Suggested book: similar data. Type of Connection.
MS Word 2003 for Dummies, $19 Web sites: Installation Cost. Monthly Charge. ISDN.
www.microsoft.com/office/word -- Official $600. $55. DSL. $600. $80. T1. $4000.
site http://word.mvps.org/ -- "Most $1500. 34.
Valuable Pros“ 35Tables. The better way to create short
http://office.microsoft.com/templates/-- columns of text. 35.
Templates Google: “Word Help and How To” – 36Diagram of a Table. 36.
Great help site. 5. 37What Is a Table? Information organized
6Software Needed. A recent version of by rows and columns Columns are sometimes
Microsoft Word: MS Word 97 MS Word 2000 MS called "fields" Each piece of
Word 2002 MS Word 2003 * MS Word 2007 – information is a Cell. 37.
very different Computer Lab uses Word 38Why Use Tables? Present similar data
2007. 6. concisely Avoids repetition Enables
7Buying Microsoft Word. Word 2003 Not special formatting Can do simple
available anymore Word 2007 Current calculations. 38.
version. 7. 39Disadvantages of Word Tables. Limited
8Microsoft Office. “Suite” Includes: features compared to Excel Limited
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Office calculating power If you need large
2003 Not available anymore Office 2007 tables, use Excel instead. 39.
New: ~$350. 8. 40Word Tables vs. Excel Tables. Word is
9? Best Deal ? Microsoft Office 2007 better for: Text tables Tables within text
for Students & Teachers (includes documents Excel is better for: Tables
Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Staples: ~$150 !! consisting mainly of numbers Tables with
9. many calculations Large tables. 40.
1010. 41Creating a Table. Place cursor where
1111. table should appear Click Insert >
12? Even Better Deal ? OpenOffice.org Table Enter data into each cell Use Tab
“Clone” of Microsoft Office 2003 Free Not key to go to cell at right At end of
exactly the same as Microsoft Office. 12. table, Tab adds new row. 41.
1313. 42Converting to a Table. Select a
1414. tabular text organized with tabs Click
15Learning Word. The best way to learn – Insert > Table > Convert Text Be
use it Use it with something important to sure that text separator is Tab Check for
you Your job Personal correspondence Work correct number of columns. 42.
for a non-profit organization Explore with 43Moving & Resizing a Table. Handles
the Help feature Certified Microsoft appear when pointer moves over table The
Office Specialist For more info: Move handle (upper left) The Resize handle
www.microsoft.com/traincert/. 15. (lower right) Move cursor over vertical
16The Different Versions of Word. MS border to reveal column-width handle The
Word 97 MS Word 2000 MS Word 2002 (XP) same occurs for row-height handles Also,
Includes Smart Tags, Task Panes MS Word use the Table Tools > Layout ribbon
2003 Minimal changes from 2002 MS Word Click the arrow buttons in the Cell Size
2007 Major changes in user interface, file area. 43.
formats. 16. 44Fast Formats for Tables. Select any
17When to Use Word. Most paper-based cell in a table Select the Table Tools
documents Letters Simple tables Simple > Design ribbon Choose desired Table
brochures and publications Email Outlook Style. 44.
usually uses Word as its editor Electronic 45Table Borders. Borders are useful for
documents Simple Web pages. 17. highlighting cells To use: Select cells
18When NOT to Use Word. Complex that require borders Open the Table Tools
publications Instead use Microsoft > Layout ribbon Click the Borders
Publisher, Adobe PageMaker, or Quark button in Table Styles. 45.
Complex tables Use Microsoft Excel Complex 46Special Table Properties. Adjust text
Web pages Use Microsoft Front Page. 18. alignment within cells Vertical and/or
19Goals for Advanced Users. Take horizontal alignment To use: Select cells
advantage of special features Automate that require alignment Right-click one of
repetitive tasks. 19. the cells Choose Cell Alignment option.
20Course Agenda. Tabs and Tables Mail 46.
Merge Graphics Power Tips Macros and Your 47Tabs and Tables. In Tables, Tabs
Choice. 20. provide special indentation But — you
21Session 1 – Tabs & Tables. cannot use the Tab key Instead type Ctrl
Advanced Microsoft Word. Tab With ruler, you can also set hanging
22Tabs. Question: How can you put one indents. 47.
word on the left margin of a line, and 48Sorting Table Rows. Select rows that
another word on the right? Like This. 22. you want to sort Select Table Tools >
23Things Hardly Anybody Knows. Rocket Layout > Sort Choose column by which
Science Brain Surgery Strategy for NY you want to sort. 48.
Knicks How to use Tabs in Microsoft Word. 49Exporting & Importing Tables.
23. Select and copy Word table Then paste into
24Tabs. Traditional way to create Excel worksheet Or, Select and copy Excel
columns Tabs must have two components: Tab table Then paste directly into Word
Characters Tab Stops. 24. document. 49.
25Secret: How to Use Tabs. Type tab 50Calculations. Select cell where you
characters in text Select lines of text want Sum Click Table Tools > Layout
Set which type of tab stop you want Insert > Formula Check the Formula dialog box,
tab stops on ruler w/ mouse. To edit the click OK NOTE: If the numbers in the table
tab stop, just double-click it. 25. change, the formulas have to be updated:
26Tab Chars & Tab Stops. Center Tab Right-click the sum or average Select
Stop. Decimal Tab Stop. Right Tab Stop. Update Field. 50.
Left Tab Stop. Tab Button. Default Tab 51Common Formulas. =SUM(ABOVE) — Adds up
Stop. Tab Character. Ruler. 26. column of numbers immediately above
27Tab Characters. Special non-printing =SUM(LEFT) — Adds up row of numbers
characters ( ? ) To create: Press Tab key immediately to the left =AVERAGE(ABOVE) —
on keyboard To view: Press Show/Hide Averages the column of numbers immediately
button ( ¶ ). 27. above =AVERAGE(LEFT) — Averages the row of
28Tab Stops. Indicated on Ruler ( View / numbers immediately to the left. 51.
Ruler ) Can be different for each 52Review. Create table or convert text
paragraph Types of Tab Stops: Left Center to table Move and resize tables Format
Decimal Right. 28. tables Adjusting table borders Special
29Setting a Tab Stop. Select paragraphs table properties. 52.
Click tab button to select type of Tab 53Review (cont.). Using the Table Menu
Stop (Left, Center, Right, etc.) Click & Table Toolbar Using tabs in Tables
ruler where you want the Tab Stop Repeat Sorting tables Exporting and importing
process for next tab. 29. tables Adding formulas to tables. 53.
30Adjusting Tabs. Select paragraphs Use
Advanced Microsoft Word.ppt
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Advanced Microsoft Word

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