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The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
The Members of Eclipse
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Add-in Providers
Web Services are About Interoperability
Web Services are About Interoperability
Web Services are About Interoperability
Web Services are About Interoperability
Interoperability with Multiple Vendors
Interoperability with Multiple Vendors
Interoperability with Multiple Vendors
Interoperability with Multiple Vendors
Rich Clients and Web Services
Rich Clients and Web Services
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An Open Development Platform

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1An Open Development Platform. Mike 16languages, runtimes Ex. How do you support
Milinkovich Executive the wide range of J2EE servers Supports
Director Eclipse Foundation. all of your favourite operating systems
2Agenda. Brief overview of Eclipse Why Has critical mass Broad ecosystem of
open source matters for Web Services and users, vendors, research, open source
SOA Web Services and Rich Clients How to developers, education, etc.
get involved. 17Eclipse Open Development Platform.
3Hidden Agenda. Open source Ecosystem.
implementations of standards-based 18Delivering the Vision. A sampling of
runtimes, tools and testing frameworks are Eclipse development solutions for: Web
vital to the pervasive success of Web Services J2EE Test and Performance Rich
Services. Client Platform.
4What is Eclipse? Eclipse is an open 19Eclipse Web Tools. Focus on making it
source community focused on developing a easy to create applications based on the
universal platform of frameworks and common web, Java and web services
exemplary tools that make it easy and standards HTML, XML, XSL, CSS SOAP, WSDL,
cost-effective to build and deploy WS-I Profile J2EE: Servlet, JSP, EJB Make
software in today’s connected and it easy to deploy and validate for the
unconnected world. Eclipse is a consortium common open source runtime environments
of major software vendors, solution and extensible for targeting commercial
providers, corporations, educational and ones JOnAS, JBoss, Apache Geronimo.
research institutions and individuals Eclipse Web Tools. W3C JCP WS-I. JOnAS
working together to create an eco-system JBoss Apache.
that enhances, promotes and cultivates the 20Eclipse Web Services. Creation wizard
Eclipse open platform with complementary based on W3C spec for WSDL and SOAP
products, services and capabilities. Validation tools for WS-I profile (Eclipse
5The Members of Eclipse. 9 Strategic WSVT Project) Deployment support based on
Members 62 Add-in Providers 14 Associate JSR 109 for JOnAS and Apache. Eclipse Web
Members (Publishers, Research Institutes, Tools. W3C WSDL WS-I Profile JCP. WSDL
Standards Org., etc.) Large community of File. JOnAS Apache Axis.
open source developers. 21Web Service Tools in Eclipse Web Tools
6Eclipse Eco-System – Community of Project. Web Standard Tools WSDL/XSD
Add-in Providers. Editor Web Service Explorer Discover, Test, Publish Web Service Wizard WS-I Test Tools WS-I Basic Profile 1.0/1.1, Simple 600+ available Eclipse SOAP Binding Profile 1.0, Attachments
add-ins 400+ Eclipse based projects on Profile 1.0 J2EE Standard Tools J2EE
SourceForge. Explorer JAX-RPC JSR 109 Axis 1.0.
7Examples of Eclipse Based Commercial 22Eclipse J2EE Tools. Creation wizard
Tools. Enterprise IT Borland Together for servlets, EJB, JSP Deployment support
Edition for Eclipse HP OCMP OClet to multiple J2EE runtimes Annotation based
Development Env. IBM WSAD SAP NetWeaver programming using XDOCLET. Eclipse Web
Studio Linux Novell/SuSE Linux SDK Red Hat Tools. W3C WSDL WS-I Profile JCP. Servlets
Developer Studio Intel Compiler for Linux. EJB JSP. JOnAS JBoss.
BPM Oracle Collaxa BPEL Designer IBM WBI 23Eclipse Test and Performance Tools.
Embedded PalmOS Dev Suite Monta Vista HTTP Load testing Support for JVMPI to
DevRocket Wind River Workbench QNX generate trace Support for JMX to monitor
Momentics TimeSys TimeStorm IDE Tensilica a Java runtime CBE (Common Base Event)
Xtensa Xplorer IDE Mentor Graphics Nucleus format support for correlating log files
Edge. Monitor Linux operation system Support for
8Why open source matters for Web U2TP (UML Test Profile) to define test
Services and SOA. cases and report on execution. Eclipse
9Web Services are About Test Tools. Open Standard. JOnAS Apache
Interoperability. Company B. Company A. Linux.
10Interoperability with Multiple 24Rich Clients and Web Services. Rich
Vendors. Different implementation of clients will supplant portals as the
standards ‘Value add’ proprietary primary interface to Web Services &
extensions Implementation of a web service Service-oriented functionality in the
does not conform to standard Result: Lots enterprise by the end of 2007 Projected
of interoperability testing. market size of $932M by 2010 for
11Where problems may arise. standalone rich client technology Over 80%
Implementation of Web Service Runtime of business application products sold
(SOAP Engine) Each vendor implements between 2005 and 2008 will be Service
standards differently Different Oriented Business Applications (SOBA)
interpretation of standards ‘Value add’ (Gartner). Workplace Competitive Analysis:
proprietary features Optimization to Lotus Competitive Project Office, November
certain environments (security, 3, 2004.
transactional, reliability, XML 25Custom development of rich client
compression) Implementation of specific applications. User Experience. Ease of
web service Is the web service using well deployment and management. Sophisticated.
formed WSDL? Does the web service support Simple. Difficult. Easy. Fat Client
the WS-I Basic Profile? E.g. exclude SOAP Applications Rich User Experience
encoding. Difficult to manage and update Difficult
12Learn from the Past: Success of the to support multi-platforms. Rich Client
Internet. Open source provides the Applications Rich user experience Works
platform. Early 1990’s Internet starts to disconnected Native platform support Ease
take off TCP/IP and HTML become accepted to update Consumer of Web services.
standards Most major software vendors Browser Applications Easy to Deploy Need
develop HTML web servers Apache evolves to be connected Limited user interface.
from NCSA and becomes dominant web server 26Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Generic
It was good and free! Commercial friendly workbench Extensible infrastructure
license Software vendors adopt Apache or Editors, hierarchical lists, template for
ensure interoperability IBM, Oracle, etc views and layouts Runs on variety of
adopted Apache The result: an Internet platforms Integrated help system Pluggable
which is pervasively available and free. component model Based on OSGI standard
13Key to Success for Interoperability. Update manager Discovery of new plug-ins
Open Standards OASIS, W3C, WS-I Pervasive Product packaging allows for custom
open source reference implementations branding of deployed applications Native
Forces vendors to adhere to standards to support for Windows, Linux GTK and Motif,
ensure interoperability Royalty free Mac OS X, AIX, HP/UX, and Solaris.
software promotes quick adoption Open 27Custom Development of Rich Client
source implementation must be commercial Applications. ISVs are moving towards
quality Freely available tools to create, building rich client applications for
test and deploy web services Ensures web their power users Require support for
services conform to standards, ex WS-I Linux and Windows Require component model
Basic Profile. Require ability to update Enterprises
14Open Source Platform. Open Standards. looking towards building rich client
Open Source Runtimes. ObjectWeb, Apache applications on Linux Need a coexistence
Consistent execution environment. OASIS, strategy with Windows.
W3C, WS-I XML, SOAP, WSDL Consistent 28Eclipse Open Community. Become an
Meta-data. Eclipse user and tell your friends Test
15Characteristics of a Development and report bugs Write tutorials, articles
Platform. Based on a managed runtime Fix bugs Become a committer Develop
Operating system neutral and portable plug-ins based on WTP or others Help
Semantically rich component model wanted, e.g.: Axis 1.1/1.2 support WSDL
Application frameworks which are 2.0 test suite (W3C) and validator New
extensible Support update and management WS-I profiles Attend EclipseCon 2005.
capabilities Rich, extensible toolset 29Open Communities: Engine of
appealing to both ISVs and application Innovation. Level playing field encourages
developers Broad industry support and an participation from all Shared intellectual
active ecosystem. property reduces cost and risk when
16And in a Perfect World…. The adopting new technologies for both vendors
development platform provides tools that and customers Openness that makes it
cover the entire software development difficult for a single vendor to control
life-cycle. Model, Design, Develop, Test, Result is a powerful platform for open
Deploy, Monitor, Manage Provides choice at innovation. Open Standards. Open Source
each point in the tool chain Single vendor Runtimes. Open Source Development
tools suite vs. integrating best of breed Platform.
Is customizable for specific tasks, 30Questions. Thank you!
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An Open Development Platform

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