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DEV 301 Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio
DEV 301 Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio
Windows Development Environment Support
Windows Development Environment Support
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DEV 301 Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio

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1DEV 301 Oracle Developer Tools for 20(UseODP.NET If required). Stored
Visual Studio .NET. Christian Shay, Oracle Procedure, SQL .. Assembly foo.dll (proc
Corporation Alex Keh, Oracle Corporation. sp).
2Agenda. Introduction Oracle Developer 21Creating a .NET SP. 1) Use Visual
Tools for VS.NET .NET Stored Procedures Studio .NET to build a NET procedure or
Demo Oracle Data Provider for .NET New function in the usual way 2) If data
Features ODP.NET demo – DB Change access is required, use ODP.NET classes 3)
Notification. Result is a .NET Assembly 4) Run .NET
3Windows Development Environment Stored Procedure Deployment Wizard 5) Call
Support. DB. Develop. Deploy. IIS. Deploy. .NET SP as you would any other SP.
Database Development. Oracle Developer 22demo. Creating and Deploying a .NET
Tools for VS.NET. ODP.NET. Oracle DB Stored Procedure into Oracle.
Extensions For .NET. Oracle Services for 23Agenda. Introduction Oracle Developer
MTS. IIS (ASP ASP.NET). MTS/ COM+. C++, Tools for VS.NET .NET Stored Procedures
C#, VB .NET Application. Visual Studio Demo Oracle Data Provider for .NET New
Environment. Application. Features ODP.NET demo – DB Change
4Agenda. Introduction Oracle Developer Notification.
Tools for VS.NET .NET Stored Procedures 24ODP.NET 10g Release 2 Themes. Better
Demo Oracle Data Provider for .NET New ease of use More flexibility Access to
Features ODP.NET demo – DB Change advanced Oracle DB features Faster
Notification. performance.
5Oracle Developer Tools for Visual 25ODP.NET - RAC and Grid. Automatic
Studio .NET. Tightly integrated “Add-in” connection cleanup ODP.NET frees
for Visual Studio .NET Oracle is a connections to bad nodes automatically Set
premier-level partner in MS Visual Studio connection pool parameter “HA events =
Industry Partner Program (VSIP) Available true” Works with 10gR2 RAC Runtime
for free download now connection load balancing Connections
http://otn.oracle.com/dotnet. divided among nodes based on metrics and
6Develop on Windows, Database on any admin policies Set connection pool
platform. Windows. Linux. Unix. Windows. parameter: “load balancing = true” Works
Other. Oracle 10g, 9i, or 8i. Oracle with 10gR2 RAC.
Developer Tools for VS.NET. Visual Studio 26ODP.NET - DB Change Notification. When
Environment. a DB data change occurs, client app using
7Benefits. Easy to learn and intuitive the data is notified Change in a query
Leverage your SQL Server experience result set, schema objects, or the state
Powerful features that enhance of the database Works with 10gR2 DB
productivity – e.g. designers, code Properties Create/Remove DB change
generation Exposes native Oracle notifications Group multiple notifications
functionality not typically available in into one registration Persist
generic tools Stay in Visual Studio for notifications on DB server.
more of your project’s lifecycle. 27Change Notification Process. 1. When
8Feature Overview. Oracle Explorer – command is executed, the notification
browse and alter schema Wizards & registration is created in the DB 2.
Designers Automatic Code Generation PL/SQL ODP.NET starts the application listener
Editor with intellisense Oracle Data upon notification registration 3. When a
Window Oracle Query Window (Ad Hoc SQL) change occurs, the application is notified
Integrated Help System – SQL, PL/SQL through either Callback - event delegate
Keywords. assigned to the OracleDependency.OnChange
9demo. Oracle Developer Tools. event property Polling -
10Oracle Explorer. Tree control, similar OracleDependency.HasChanges property.
to “Server Explorer” View Oracle schema 28Setting up ODP.NET Change
objects Generate SQL for schema objects Notification. 1. Create OracleDependency
Filter hides unwanted schema objects A 2. Assign event handler to
starting place for most tasks View, alter, OracleDependency.OnChange event property
create schema objects Auto generate code Event handler invoked when the change
View and edit Oracle data Run stored notification is received 3. Set the port
procedures and functions. for the listener to listen on 4. Bind the
11Designers and Wizards. Table Designer OracleDependency instance to the
View Designer Stored Procedure/Function OracleCommand with the query Internally,
Wizard Package Wizards Sequence Designer the DB change notification request is
Synonym Designer Trigger Designer Data created and assigned to the
Adapter Wizard. OracleCommand.Notification property.
12Automatic code generation. Drag and 29demo. DB Change Notification.
drop a schema object from Oracle explorer 30ODP.NET - Connection Pool Management.
Generated code uses OracleDataAdapter Explicitly refresh connections in a pool
class (ODP.NET) Data Adapter Wizard can be or pools Clear connections from a pool or
run to customize Generate “typed datasets” pools One pool - Execute
as needed. OracleConnection.ClearPool method All
13PL/SQL Code Editor. Syntax Coloring pools – Execute
Collapsible regions Intellisense Context OracleConnection.ClearAllPools method
sensitive help for SQL and PLSQL Keywords Works with 10gR2 and earlier DBs.
and Datatypes Intelligent Error display in 31ODP.NET - LOB (and LONG) Retrieval.
task list Context sensitive help for Faster performance Fewer DB round trips
Oracle error numbers. for LOB retrieval Transparent to developer
14Data Window. View and Update Table Works with 10gR2 DB More tunable and
data Run Stored procedures and view data usable Full LOB functionality when
Supports Oracle datatypes View complex InitialLOBFetchSize > 0 GetOracleBlob()
data types such as Ref Cursors. and GetOracleClob() methods in
15Oracle Query Window. Execute “Ad Hoc” OracleDataReader supported
SQL Drag and drop objects from Oracle InitialLOBFetchSize can be up to 2GB Works
Explorer to generate SQL Result of select with 10gR2 DB.
statements in choice of grid or text 32ODP.NET - Security. Application
format Execute multiple statements in a security context ODP.NET can set the
row Run scripts (“@myscript.sql”). Client Identifier in the Application
16Integrated Online Help. Getting Context for every database session Similar
started Walkthroughs Oracle Developer to proxy user authentication, but requires
Tools Reference Guide Context sensitive only one session and no pre-created proxy
help for UI elements Context sensitive SQL user Set OracleConnection.ClientIdentifier
and PLSQL keywords Oracle Error Manual = “gold customer” Works with 10gR2 and
Oracle SQL Reference Guide Oracle PL/SQL earlier DBs.
Reference Guide. 33ODP.NET - Additional Features. Input
17Coming Soon. PL/SQL Debugging Many REF Cursors into PL/SQL Only works when
other features….. REF Cursor is output from PL/SQL first
18Agenda. Introduction Oracle Developer Works with 10gR2 DB ODP.NET works with
Tools for VS.NET .NET Stored Procedures .NET Stored Procedures Additional ADO.NET
Demo Oracle Data Provider for .NET New 2.0 features for ODP.NET in 2nd half 2005.
Features ODP.NET demo – DB Change 34Next Steps. Come to the Oracle booth
Notification. (Exhibition Hall Stand A21) for a one on
19Oracle Database Extensions for .NET. one demonstration with .NET experts Next
Oracle 10g Release 2 on Windows Supports Session: SVR340 Oracle on Windows Thu Jul
C#, VB.NET, C++ Stored Procedures Build 7 10:15 - 11:30 Room: 2c .NET Developer
assembly in Visual Studio .NET Deploy from Center - free downloads, demos,
Visual Studio .NET using Deployment walkthroughs, and whitepapers
Wizard. http://otn.oracle.com/dotnet Oracle
20Write .NET Stored Procedures for Developer Tools & .NET Stored Proc
Oracle. Develop. Invoke. Invoke. Deploy. questions? Email:
Build. Oracle Developer Tools for VS.NET. christian.shay@oracle.com Oracle Data
Oracle DB Extensions for .NET. Stored Provider (ODP.NET) questions? Email:
Proc. Client Application. Visual Studio alex.keh@oracle.com.
Environment. C#,VB.NET,C++ Server Project
DEV 301 Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio.ppt
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DEV 301 Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio

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