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ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I
ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I
ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I
ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I
ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I
ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I
Do I want this guy …
Do I want this guy …
Do I want this guy …
Do I want this guy …
Do I want this guy …
Do I want this guy …
Do I want to visit Egypt on my next vacation …
Do I want to visit Egypt on my next vacation …
Do I want to visit Egypt on my next vacation …
Do I want to visit Egypt on my next vacation …
Do I want to visit Egypt on my next vacation …
Do I want to visit Egypt on my next vacation …
Do I want to eat something healthy…
Do I want to eat something healthy…
Do I want to eat something healthy…
Do I want to eat something healthy…
Do I want to eat something healthy…
Do I want to eat something healthy…
Yeah, baby
Yeah, baby
Yeah, baby
Yeah, baby
Pick a pattern for your essay
Pick a pattern for your essay
Pick a pattern for your essay
Pick a pattern for your essay
Pattern B will look a bit different
Pattern B will look a bit different
Create a works cited page:
Create a works cited page:
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ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1This PowerPoint Presentation is ©2015 39“2015 Mazda 3 s Grand Touring 5-door
by Robin L. Simmons. All Rights Reserved. Window Sticker Your Mazda.” Mazda. Web. 16
2ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I. Nov. 2015.
Instructions for the Comparison or 40Now alphabetize your cards.
Contrast Essay. Do I want this car … ? … 41Create a works cited page: Use
or do I want that other car? MLA-style page numbering: your last name
3Do I want this guy … ? … or do I want and the page number. The works cited page
that guy? is the last page of the essay. Title the
4Do I want to visit Egypt on my next page: Works Cited. The entire page is
vacation … ? … or do I want to go to Las double spaced [with no extra spacing
Vegas? between entries]. For each entry, all
5Do I want to eat something healthy… ? lines after the first are indented five
… or do I want something bad? spaces. Punctuation and capitalization
6Requirements for Comparison/Contrast. require your careful attention. The list
Your memo (Paper #3) and contrast essay of entries is alphabetized.
(Paper #4) must detail the differences 42Note the format: Williams 4 Works
between two like things. The final draft Cited The Greatest Movie Ever Made. Dir.
of the memo will be worth 100 points. You John Bowman. Funtime Studios, 2010. DVD.
will do 100 points of prewriting for the Robertson, Zachary. “Wow Story.” The
essay. The final draft of the essay will Greatest Website Ever Made. Web. 29 Oct.
be worth another 100 points. Unit 3 is 2014.
worth 300 total points. 43Draft and type your real works cited
7Understand what comparison or contrast page. To earn all of the points you need a
requires you to do. Always choose two nearly flawless document. You get one free
equal items—two cars, two vacations, two format error and one free entry error—and
sports stars—not two unequal items, like a that’s it.
car and an octopus. Next, decide if you 44You will add support to your essay
want to compare or contrast as your with direct quotations: authority phrase +
primary strategy. The essay should be quotation + documentation.
80/20 in favor of one strategy, not 50/50. 45Introducing a Quotation. Every
Your job is to interest the reader. Choose quotation must begin with an authority
points to discuss that are not immediately phrase. A good option is to use the source
obvious. in your authority tag: According to the
8Now let’s test your understanding . . New York Times, As the New York Times
. explains, The New York Times makes this
9WRONG! A baby is like a vacuum point: The New York Times notes that … (no
cleaner. punctuation).
10Yeah, baby! Even though my little 46Introducing a Quotation. Or you can
brother Fred is 20 years my junior, he and use the author (if you have one) in your
I have much in common. authority phrase: According to Tony
11Boring! My sister and I look alike, Quiroga, a reviewer for Car and Driver, As
have common hobbies, and enjoy the same Tony Quiroga, a reviewer for Car and
foods. Driver, explains, Tony Quiroga, a reviewer
12Excellent! Even though Venus and for Car and Driver, makes this point: Tony
Serena Williams are both professional Quiroga, a reviewer for Car and Driver,
tennis stars, they differ in their notes that … (no punctuation).
opinions about men, movies, and music. 47Choosing a Quotation. Use the exact
13Make the comparison or contrast words from the source in quotation marks.
interesting. Be sure that your essay has a You can make small changes if you enclose
purpose. Ask yourself this important the changes in brackets like these: [ ]
question: Why would anyone want to read You can omit chunks of text with ellipses.
this comparison or contrast? Consider Use three periods in a row to indicate
giving the essay a specific audience. that you have removed words in the middle
Imagine the essay is a letter to a or at the end of your quotation. Together,
specific person. Dear Mom and Dad, My the authority phrase + quotation should
current car is a death trap! Do you want form a smooth, logical, grammatically
me to be the reason I-4 traffic is at a correct sentence.
standstill? For this reason, I want you to 48Documenting the Quotation. Follow with
consider helping me pay for my dream car, an in-text citation [aka parenthetical
a 2011 Honda Accord … reference] If you have an author, use the
14Pick a pattern for your essay. Pattern last name in parentheses: (Quiroga) If you
A is a typical 5-paragraph essay. The do not have an author, use the abbreviated
thesis statement will read like this: title of the article in parentheses:
Because of X, Y, and Z, Subject A is (“2014 Mazda 3”) Citations help convince
similar to [or different from] Subject B. your reader that you haven’t committed
Each body paragraph will discuss both plagiarism, a serious academic offense.
Subject A and Subject B. Introduction. All 49Format the quotations like this: As
about Point X. All about Point Y. All __________ explains, “Exact words”
about Point Z. Conclusion. (In-text citation). According to _____,
15Pattern B will look a bit different. “Exact words” (In-text citation). As Car
Pattern B has only 4 paragraphs. Alas, the and Driver explains, “[T]he 155-hp engine
essay must still be 500 words. The thesis has enough muscle to pull itself to
statement should not include restrictions, freeway speeds without eliciting any worry
like this: Subject A is similar to [or from the driver. . . . There’s no waiting
different from] Subject B. One body for the power to arrive [in the Mazda3],
paragraph will discuss X, Y, and Z for but rather a smooth, steady stream of
Subject A; the other body paragraph will pull” (Quiroga). According to Motor Trend,
do the same for Subject B. Introduction. the Mazda3 has “an EPA rating of 30 mpg in
Conclusion. All about Subject A. All about the city and 41 on the highway” (“2014
Subject B. Mazda3”).
16Point X Subject A Detail 1 Detail 2 50On a blank sheet of paper, find three
Detail 3 Subject B Detail 1 Detail 2 quotations from your car review article.
Detail 3. Format the Pattern A outline Set them up using authority phrase +
correctly. Roman numerals address the X, quotation + documentation.
Y, and Z from the thesis statement. 51Draft the introduction. Tell a very
Capital letter A is always for the first brief story that indicates a problem with
subject; capital letter B is always for your current method of transportation.
the second subject. A detail for Subject A This story should lead up to your thesis
must correspond to a detail for Subject B. statement, which explains that your
17Disney. Grimm Brothers. VS. Decide the current method of transportation is
topic for your Pattern A outline: Your different from your dream car. Write a
first outline will discuss the differences minimum of 5 sentences. Don’t go overboard
between the Disney version of Cinderella with the story. (Bring it in 8 sentences
or Snow White and the corresponding or under.).
Brothers Grimm version. 52It was a beautiful summer day here in
18Remember that you need a purpose for Orlando, Florida, and I was excited to go
the contrast. So decide which fairytale to work after a good shower. I went
version you would share with a specific outside and, as all Orlando residents
child. know, it was a typical 102 degrees, and I
19Point X Disney Grimm Brothers. II. was wearing a long sleeve, button down
Point Y Disney Grimm Brothers. III. Point shirt under that flaming sun. I ran to my
Z Disney Grimm Brothers. Thesis statement: car, turned it on right away, and jacked
The two stories of Cinderella, one from up the A/C. But of course with the luck
Disney and the other from the Grimm that I was having, my A/C was broken. Once
Brothers, have three important points of I got to work I was sweating and smelling
contrast: X, Y, and Z. Because of these like a wet dog. I had to work like that
differences, I would read the Grimm for eight hours. I used perfume from one
version to my snotty niece Beatrice. of my co-workers to smell a little bit
20Consider these points of comparison or better (though a little girly) for the
contrast: Characters Animals Costume and day. With that in mind, my 2007 Toyota
setting Violence Parents and step-parents Corolla S is not even close to my dream
Lessons Reading and viewing. car, the 2015 Shelby Mustang GT500,
21Now let’s create two works cited because of differences in engine, comfort,
entries . . . and audio.
22For a movie, the entry needs this 53As summer approached, my best friend
information: The Title. [in italics] Dir. Jazz and I planned a road trip from
Director’s First Name and Last. [Dir. Orlando, our home town, to Miami. We were
stands for Directed by.] Studio Name, Year minutes away from our destination when my
of Release. Publication Medium. car started shaking on the highway. I
23The entry will look like this: Title immediately pulled over, only to discover
of Film. Dir. Director’s First and Last my 2000 Honda Civic was on its last drop
Name. Studio Name, Year of Release. DVD. of gas. My gas gauge quit working years
24Your two movie options: Title: ago, so I am never sure when it is time to
Cinderella Directors: Clyde Geronimi, fill the tank. There we were, two girls in
Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske the middle of the night, pulled over on
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Year: 1950. the highway in a strange city and at the
Title: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs mercy of whatever person, Good Samaritan
Director: David Hand Studio: Walt Disney or serial killer, who came along. My
Pictures Year: 1937. current Honda Civic gets the job done,
25For a document within a website, the I’ll give it that. However, my dream car,
entry needs this information: Author’s a 2015 BMW x6 series, will allow me to
last name, first name. “Title of Story.” travel in style.
[in quotation marks] Title of Website. [in 54Blend your personal information with
italics] Publication Medium. Date quotations from your sources.
accessed. [Day Month Year]. 55My dream car, the 2015 Mercedes E350
26The entry will look like this: Coupe, is in a class all its own. In terms
Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of of appearance, the E350 will be completely
Story.” Website Name. Web. 29 Oct. 2014. new and show no signs of wear and tear.
27Your author information: Authors: The paint on it will be fresh, shiny,
Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm Title: sleek, and attractive. Also, the overall
“Cinderella” or “Little Snow White” design of the E350 is, plainly put,
Website: National Geographic. visually appealing in every respect. A
28A Pattern B outline looks a little review from Car and Driver notes that
different: Subject A First Point of C/C 1. “[the E350’s] aggressive-looking fenders …
Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail Second Point of visually emphasize the rear-wheel-layout”
C/C 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail Third (Meiners). On the inside, my dream E350
Point of C/C 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. will have an HD radio and a leather and
Detail. II. Subject B First Point of C/C wood steering wheel. Unlike my Explorer,
1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail Second Point the interior will be luxurious, with no
of C/C 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail Third rips in any of its heated leather seats.
Point of C/C 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. 56You must have a minimum of three
Detail. Thesis Statement: Subject A is quotations in the essay.
different from Subject B. 57Any information that is not common
29Pattern B Outline Topics: Expectation knowledge—something people know off the
vs. Reality. Vacation Class Date Car tops of their heads—must also include a
Friend Pet Job. Computer School parenthetical reference.
Scholarship Church Concert Sports event 58Specific prices, number of horsepower,
Membership. MPGs, cubic feet of cabin space, etc. will
30Commit to either Pattern A or B. Then require a reference.
draft a thesis statement for your essay. 59My first concern in choosing my dream
31Consider these points of contrast: vehicle is safety. Since I regularly
Appearance Price Maintenance costs Gas chauffeur the very precious cargo of my
mileage Engine performance Safety features eight-year-old daughter, I want to make
Comfort Sound equipment Passenger needs. sure that the crash test ratings will
32Current method of transportation vs. appease my concerns about being in an
your dream car. Because of X, Y, and Z, my accident. I am happy to report that the
current method of transportation is 2015 Ford Focus Electric was a top safety
different from my dream car. My current pick for the year. Moderate overlap front,
method of transportation is different from side impact, and roof strength test
my dream car. results all scored a good (“2015 Ford
33Separate your car articles into two Focus”). I never want to be in a vehicle
piles: those that have an author and those collision, but knowing that I am driving
that don’t. in a vehicle with a high safety rating
34For a document with an author, the does calm my worries about my passengers
entry needs this information: Author’s and me surviving a major collision. And I
last name, first name. “Title of Article.” get this piece of mind with the great
[in quotation marks] Title of Website [in price of $34, 245 (“Build Your Own”).
italics] Original Date of Publication. 60First Draft Directions. Be sure to
[Day Month Year] Publication Medium. Date include a correct heading at the top left
accessed. [Day Month Year]. of the first page. Be sure that your essay
35The entry will look like this: Patton, has a correct and interesting title. My
Phil. “Reimagining a Brawny Jeep for a Dream Car (boring) My Lean Mean Dream
Less Rugged Landscape.” New York Times 12 Machine (interesting) From Hades to
Dec. 2014. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. Mercedes (interesting) Remember that rough
36If you don’t have an author, begin drafts can be messy. Be sure that you
with the article title, like this one for reach the conclusion and have 500+ words.
safety ... Be sure to work in at least three
37“2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 4WD.” quotations with authority phrases and
Safercar.gov. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. parenthetical references. Also, use all of
38Here’s a sample from a car your sources at least once.
manufacturer ... 61The End.
ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I.ppt
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ENC 1101, Freshman Composition I

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