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L’eccellenza sulle tecnologie Microsoft
L’eccellenza sulle tecnologie Microsoft
L’eccellenza sulle tecnologie Microsoft
L’eccellenza sulle tecnologie Microsoft
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
Dove sono le e-mail
E-mail “store”
E-mail “store”
Personal Archive Funzionalit
Personal Archive Funzionalit
Archive Autodiscover
Archive Autodiscover
Archive Autodiscover
Archive Autodiscover
Un esempio
Un esempio
eDiscovery ricerca Multi-Mailbox
eDiscovery ricerca Multi-Mailbox
eDiscovery ricerca Multi-Mailbox
eDiscovery ricerca Multi-Mailbox
© 2009 Microsoft Corporation
© 2009 Microsoft Corporation
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Exchange Server 2010 E-Mail Archiving

содержание презентации «Exchange Server 2010 E-Mail Archiving.pptx»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Exchange Server 2010 E-Mail Archiving. 18s-BL
Alessandro Appiani Microsoft TechNet ms-Exch-OWA-Remote-Documents-Internal-Doma
Speaker & Certified Trainer email: n-Suffix-List-BL Pulsar IT Founder ms-Exch-OWA-Transcoding-File-Types-BL
& CEO sip/im/email: ms-Exch-OWA-Transcoding-Mime-Types-BL ms-Exch-Parent-Plan-BL
2L’eccellenza sulle tecnologie ms-Exch-RBAC-Policy-BL
Microsoft. Pulsar IT ? stata tra le prime ms-Exch-RMS-Computer-Accounts-BL
societ? in Italia a certificarsi sulle ms-Exch-Server-Association-BL
infrastrutture di rete Microsoft (1995) e ms-Exch-Server-Site-BL
sulle soluzioni in area Server Pulsar IT ? ms-Exch-SMTP-Receive-Default-Accepted-Doma
specializzata sulle soluzioni per la n-BL ms-Exch-Supervision-DL-BL
comunicazione, la collaborazione e la ms-Exch-Supervision-One-Off-BL
sicurezza Le persone di Pulsar IT sono ms-Exch-Supervision-User-BL
Speaker tecnici in conferenze ed eventi ms-Exch-User-BL
Microsoft da oltre 15 anni Pulsar IT ? ms-Exch-X500-Access-Control-List
Microsoft Voice-Ready Partner ms-Exch-Availability-Org-Wide-Account-BL
specializzato nell’integrazione delle ms-Exch-Availability-Per-User-Account-BL
tecnologie Microsoft Unified ms-Exch-Delegate-List-BL
Communications con i sistemi VoIP e legacy ms-Exch-Device-Access-Control-Rule-BL
PBX. ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Source-MDB-BL
3Agenda. E-mail store & archive ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Target-MDB-BL
esigenze Exchange 2010 Archiving & ms-Exch-Mobile-Remote-Documents-Allowed-Se
Retention obiettivi e design goal Exchange vers-BL
Personal Archive principi e funzionalit? ms-Exch-Mobile-Remote-Documents-Blocked-Se
configurazione e management Archiving vers-BL
Policies criteri di archiviazione, ms-Exch-Mobile-Remote-Documents-Internal-D
conservazione e gestione dei contenuti main-Suffix-List-BL
eDiscovery search e multi-mailbox search. ms-Exch-Organizations-Address-Book-Roots-B
4E-mail store & archive. ms-Exch-Organizations-Global-Address-List
Introduzione e obiettivi. -BL
5Dove sono le e-mail? SharePoint. ms-Exch-Organizations-Template-Roots-BL
Outlook PSTs. Webmail. Third Party ms-Exch-OWA-Allowed-File-Types-BL
Archive. Backups. Exchange Server. ms-Exch-OWA-Allowed-Mime-Types-BL
6E-mail “store”. Mailbox Highly ms-Exch-OWA-Blocked-File-Types-BL
Available/Reliable Rich Client Access. ms-Exch-OWA-Blocked-MIME-Types-BL
PSTs Circumvent Quota Highly Portable. ms-Exch-OWA-Force-Save-File-Types-BL
Personal Archive Circumvent Quota Allow ms-Exch-OWA-Force-Save-MIME-Types-BL
Org Control. Organization Archive Keep all ms-Exch-OWA-Remote-Documents-Allowed-Serve
E-mail Allow Org Control Optimized for s-BL
Search. End User Access. Exchange (MBs). ms-Exch-OWA-Remote-Documents-Blocked-Serve
Outlook PSTs (GBs). Personal Archive s-BL
(TBs). Org Archive (PBs). Backup. Backup. ms-Exch-OWA-Remote-Documents-Internal-Doma
Replication Common Backups Less Common. n-Suffix-List-BL
Backups uncommon and hard Users do manual ms-Exch-OWA-Transcoding-File-Types-BL
backups IT does unsupported backups. ms-Exch-OWA-Transcoding-Mime-Types-BL
Tape/Disk Backups Common Item Level ms-Exch-Parent-Plan-BL
Backups Common. Replication Only Choice ms-Exch-RBAC-Policy-BL
Datasets Require Replication. Replicated ms-Exch-RMS-Computer-Accounts-BL
Backups. Replicated Backups. ms-Exch-Server-Association-BL
7Le problematiche. Mailbox. PSTs. ms-Exch-Server-Site-BL
Personal Archive. Org Archive. Poor End ms-Exch-SMTP-Receive-Default-Accepted-Doma
User Experience. Poor End User Experience. n-BL ms-Exch-Supervision-DL-BL
Poor End User Experience. Poor End User ms-Exch-Supervision-One-Off-BL
Experience. Cost and Compliance Toolset ms-Exch-Supervision-User-BL
for IT Pro/Records Mgr. Cost and ms-Exch-User-BL
Compliance Toolset for IT Pro/Records Mgr. ms-Exch-X500-Access-Control-List
Cost and Compliance Toolset for IT Garbage-Coll-Period
Pro/Records Mgr. Cost and Compliance ms-Exch-Alternate-Mailboxes
Toolset for IT Pro/Records Mgr. Quotas ms-Exch-Approval-Application-Link
painful Forwards to keep mail User burden ms-Exch-Archive-Database-Link
of legal hold. Only available locally ms-Exch-AutoReply
Search degraded Data Loss (>5GB PST). ms-Exch-Delegate-List-Link
OLK/OWA Integration No user search for ms-Exch-Deleted-Item-Flags
data Issues with stubs. NA. SANs cost ms-Exch-Dumpster-Quota
limits size Backup costs limit size High ms-Exch-Dumpster-Warning-Quota
new mail inflow SLAs hard to achieve No ms-Exch-ELC-Expiry-Suspension-End
org-wide mail search No guaranteed legal ms-Exch-ELC-Expiry-Suspension-Start
hold Info. Disclosure risk. No Discovery ms-Exch-ELC-Mailbox-Flags
No Legal Hold Corruption caused loss No ms-Exch-External-OOF-Options
Backup/Recovery Manual Backups Backup to ms-Exch-Home-MDB ms-Exch-Home-Server-Name
share. >Twice CAPEX/OPEX Delays Office ms-Exch-Mailbox-Guid
upgrades Add-in perf. problems Backup ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Flags
costs limit size. No generic feature set ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Remote-Host-Name
>Twice CAPEX/OPEX. ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Status
8Le caratteristiche. Mailbox. PSTs. ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Target-MDB-Link
Personal Archive. Org Archive. End User ms-Exch-Mailbox-OAB-Virtual-Directories-Li
Experience. End User Experience. End User k ms-Exch-Mailbox-Template-Link
Experience. Cost and Compliance Toolset. ms-Exch-Mailbox-Url
Cost and Compliance Toolset. Cost and ms-Exch-Max-Blocked-Senders
Compliance Toolset. Discovery Message ms-Exch-Max-Safe-Senders
Retention Move Policy Delete Policy Hold ms-Exch-MDB-Over-Hard-Quota-Limit
Policy Reliable with multiple copies ms-Exch-MDB-Over-Quota-Limit
Highly Available with Replication Role ms-Exch-MDB-Rules-Quota
Based Access Discovery Web Service Bulk ms-Exch-MDB-Storage-Quota
PST Import/Export Archive in the cloud. ms-Exch-MDB-Use-Defaults
Logs, WORM, Read Only Single ms-Exch-Mobile-Allowed-Device-IDs
Instancing/Compression Configuration ms-Exch-Mobile-Blocked-Device-IDs
Auditing Mailbox Auditing Journaling ms-Exch-Mobile-Debug-Logging
metadata Rogue Admin Protection Regulatory ms-Exch-Mobile-Mailbox-Flags
Accreditation Protected Content ms-Exch-Mobile-Mailbox-Policy-Link
(signing/encryption) Federated Discovery, ms-Exch-Pf-Root-Url
Retention and Reporting across content ms-Exch-Previous-Home-MDB
Data Mining and Visualization Case ms-Exch-UM-Addresses
Management Archive for Bloomberg data ms-Exch-UM-Audio-Codec
Supervisory Tools …. …. Logs, WORM, Read ms-Exch-UM-Audio-Codec-2
Only Single Instancing/Compression ms-Exch-UM-Enabled-Flags
Configuration Auditing Mailbox Auditing ms-Exch-UM-Enabled-Flags-2
Journaling metadata Rogue Admin Protection ms-Exch-UM-Fax-Id
Regulatory Accreditation Protected Content ms-Exch-UM-Mailbox-OVA-Language
(signing/encryption) Federated Discovery, ms-Exch-UM-Max-Greeting-Duration
Retention and Reporting across content ms-Exch-UM-Operator-Number
Data Mining and Visualization Case ms-Exch-UM-Phone-Provider
Management Archive for Bloomberg data ms-Exch-UM-Pin-Checksum
Supervisory Tools …. …. Logs, WORM, Read ms-Exch-UM-Server-Writable-Flags
Only Single Instancing/Compression ms-Exch-UM-Template-Link ms-Exch-Use-OAB.
Configuration Auditing Mailbox Auditing 19Archive Autodiscover. No Outlook
Journaling metadata Rogue Admin Protection Restart! CAS. (4) OLK connects to the
Regulatory Accreditation Protected Content Archive. (3) OLK receives Archive props in
(signing/encryption) Federated Discovery, Auto- Discover response. (1) OLK does
Retention and Reporting across content Auto- Discovery. (2) Auto-Discover reads
Data Mining and Visualization Case Archive props.
Management Archive for Bloomberg data 20Primary e archive store accoppiato
Supervisory Tools …. …. Logs, WORM, Read (es: move mailbox). CAS for Target DB. CAS
Only Single Instancing/Compression for Source DB. (6) Outlook connects to
Configuration Auditing Mailbox Auditing target CAS server. (5) Auto-Discover finds
Journaling metadata Rogue Admin Protection new database. (4) OLK does Auto Discovery.
Regulatory Accreditation Protected Content Move Request Service. (3) MRS updates AD
(signing/encryption) Federated Discovery, with new target database. MRS starts move
Retention and Reporting across content request. (2) MRS moves data to target.
Data Mining and Visualization Case 21Demo. { }.
Management Archive for Bloomberg data 22Archiving Policies. Criteri di
Supervisory Tools …. …. Rich Client archiviazione, conservazione e gestione
(OLK/OWA). No quota Portability. OLK/OWA dei contenuti.
Support (w/ stubs) Time based quota 23Archiving & Retention. La gestione
(Move/Delete) Mobile Access (Search). dei contenuti delle mailbox e
Available Reliable. Cheap – Unmanaged. l’archiviazione avviene utilizzando le
9Exchange 2010 Archiving & tecnologie di Message Record Management di
Retention. Principi e funzionalit? Exchange Server 2010 Retention Policy pu?
10Exchange 2010: E-mail in Exchange. essere associata ad una mailbox raggruppa
SharePoint. Outlook PSTs. Webmail. un insieme di retention tag Retention Tag
Backups. Third Party Archive. Exchange Retention policy tags (RPTs): sono quelli
Server 2010. che si applicano alle default folders
11Exchange archiving, retention, (Inbox, Sent items, Deleted Items, ...)
discover. Uniformare l’interfaccia utente Default policy tags (DPTs): si applicano
e gli strumenti tra store primario ed agli item privi di altri retention tags
archivio Uniformare i metodi di Personal tags: sono quelli che l’utente
configurazione client, i protocolli e le pu? applicare a singoli item all’interno
modalit? di accesso rete della propria mailbox e delle proprie
privata/geografica/internet folder Retention Age Limit Actions
outlook/web/mobile/... Uniformare e MoveToArchive, MoveToDeletedItems,
semplificare la gestione dello store DeleteAndAllowRecovery, PermanentlyDelete,
Uniformare e semplificare MarkAsPastRetentionLimit.
l’amministrazione delle componenti di 24Un esempio.
exchange con quelle dell’archiving 25Archiving Policy. Exchange Server
Favorire/sensibilizzare gli utenti alle Setup crea la retention policy “default
tematiche di retention (conservazione) e archive policy” che contiene i seguenti
consentire personalizzazioni Consentire la retention tags (system tags*). * Built-in
conservazione e la consultazione di grandi retention tag gestiti separatamente dalle
volumi di e-mail. cmdlet (switch IncludeSystemTags).
12Exchange 2010: conservare e trovare Retention tag name. Tag type. Description.
Archiving, message retention & Default 2 year move to archive. Default.
discovery. Messages are automatically moved to the
13Exchange 2010 Archiving Come funziona. archive mailbox after 2 years. Applies to
L’amministratore abilita/crea personal items in the entire mailbox that don't
archive Alla creazione dell’archive have a retention tag applied explicitly or
vengono automaticamente generate le folder inherited from the folder. Personal 1 year
(se configurate) L’amministratore pu? move to archive. Personal. Messages are
imporre criteri (policy) di automatically moved to the archive mailbox
“movimentazione” automatica di elementi after 365 days. Personal 5 year move to
archive/move/delete/hold/... Messaging archive. Personal. Messages are
Record Management le policy possono essere automatically moved to the archive mailbox
automatiche a livello mailbox, folder, after five years. Personal never move to
item L’utente pu? spostare contenuti da archive. Personal. Messages are never
PST oppure da primary mailbox ad archive e moved to the archive mailbox.
viceversa L’utente (se consentito) pu? 26Message Retention Policy. Move Policy:
variare/scegliere (non creare) quali spostano automaticamente messaggi
policy applicare ad una nuova folder. nell’archive aiutano l’utente a mantenere
14Personal Archive. Caratteristiche, la mailbox entro le dimensioni della quota
funzionalit? utente, management. concetto simile a Outlook Auto-Archive, ma
15Personal Archive Architettura ed server-side ... e senza PST Delete Policy:
accesso. Archive in Exchange 2010 ? basato cancellano automaticamente messaggi
sul concetto di “secondary” mailbox* La consentono la rimozione degli elementi da
sua configurazione ? una propriet? non conservare aiutano a ridurre le
dell’utente (in AD) ? abilitato by-user dimensioni delle mailbox (quota) sono
c’? un’associazione diretta tra user regole globali, condivise tra mailbox e
mailbox (primary) e archive ogni archive le policy con durata maggiore
utente/mailbox ha al pi? un solo archive “vincono” Hold Policy: conservano
L’archive risiede nello stesso DB della automaticamente un messaggio trasparente
primary mailbox* L’amministratore pu? per l’utente garantiscono la persistenza
imporre quota differenti tra mailbox e delle informazioni aziendali.
archive L’archive ? aperto automaticamente 27Demo. { }.
da Outlook e OWA architettura 28eDiscovery. Ricerca dei contenuti.
assolutamente uniforme tra mailbox e 29Ricercare i contenuti. Utente ha
archive nessun problema per accesso necessit? di ricercare e consultare i
interno/esterno/anywhere Non c’? offline contenuti recenti ed archiviati nella
store per l’archive. * informazioni propria mailbox Auditor/Legal/HR/... ha
relative alla versione RTM. necessit? di ricercare e consultare i
16Personal Archive Funzionalit? e contenuti recenti ed archiviati in una o
caratteristiche. Semplice per l’utente pi? mailbox la ricerca pu? coinvolgere
molto simile al concetto di PST o Outlook grandi quantit? di dati la ricerca deve
archive, ma server-side comportamento ed normalmente essere mirata specifiche
interfaccia identica tra mailbox primaria mailbox range di date keyword/contenuti
ed archive stesso approccio per Outlook ed specifici ...
OWA PST possono essere importati 30Ricerca. Possibilit? di definire
nell’archive direttamente dagli utenti in l’ambito di ricerca includendo anche
modo semplice (drag-n-drop) Garantisce la l’archive. Anche la ricerca avanzata pu?
persistenza e l’”ordine” della mailbox agire su mailbox primaria ed archive.
anche per gli utenti non attenti alle 31eDiscovery ricerca Multi-Mailbox. User
normative. Friendly. flessibile e semplificata per
17Demo. { }. auditor, legal, HR, ...
18Exchange 2010 AD Schema. User Object 32Demo. { }.
in AD. Exchange User Properties. Archive ? 33In sintesi.
un’estensione della mailbox Propriet? 34Riepilogo. Archiving nativo in
specifiche per l’archive: Archive GUID Exchange (finalmente ?) semplice per
Archive Name Archive Database Archive l’utente semplice per il sysadmin Sfrutta
Quota. Legacy-Exchange-DN la nuova architettura di Exchange I/O pi?
ms-Exch-ADC-Global-Names leggero facilit? di mantenimento e
ms-Exch-AL-Object-Version gestione di grandi masse di dati pensata
ms-Exch-Configuration-Unit-BL ms-Exch-CU per storage “large/slow/low-cost” Parte
ms-Exch-Dirsync-ID del modello di Messaging Record Management
ms-Exch-Edge-Sync-Cookies retention policy potenti sensibilizzazione
ms-Exch-Edge-Sync-Source-Guid degli utenti eDiscovery semplificato
ms-Exch-Heuristics security integrata in Exchange (con RBAC)
ms-Exch-Hide-From-Address-Lists interfaccia semplice e familiare per
ms-Exch-Inconsistent-State ms-Exch-OU-Root multi-mailbox search.
ms-Exch-Provisioning-Flags 35Risorse (1). Understanding Personal
ms-Exch-Recipient-Validator-Cookies Archives
ms-Exch-Replication-Signature dd979795.aspx Managing Personal Archives
ms-Exch-Server-Association-Link dd776121.aspx Understanding Retention Tags
ms-Exch-Setup-Status ms-Exch-Unmerged-Atts and Retention Policies
ms-Exch-Unmerged-Atts-Pt ms-Exch-Version
Show-In-Address-Book ms-Exch-Archive-Name dd297955.aspx Understanding Messaging
ms-Exch-Archive-Warn-Quota Records Management
ms-Exch-Archive-Quota ms-Exch-Archive-GUID
ms-Exch-Archive-Database-Link dd335093.aspx Understanding Legal Hold
ms-Exch-Availability-Org-Wide-Account-BL ee861123.aspx Understanding Multi-Mailbox
ms-Exch-Availability-Per-User-Account-BL Search
ms-Exch-Device-Access-Control-Rule-BL dd335072.aspx.
ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Source-MDB-BL 36Risorse (2). Microsoft Exchange Server
ms-Exch-Mailbox-Move-Target-MDB-BL TechCenter
vers-BL Microsoft Exchange Team Blog
ms-Exch-Mobile-Remote-Documents-Blocked-Se Microsoft
vers-BL Unified Communications Group Team Blog
ms-Exch-Mobile-Remote-Documents-Internal-D Microsoft
main-Suffix-List-BL Unified Communications | TechNet Edge
ms-Exch-Organizations-Global-Address-List ns Microsoft Exchange Server Home
ms-Exch-Organizations-Template-Roots-BL Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) Home
ms-Exch-OWA-Allowed-File-Types-BL Microsoft
ms-Exch-OWA-Allowed-Mime-Types-BL Exchange Server Italy Home
ms-Exch-OWA-Blocked-MIME-Types-BL nge.
ms-Exch-OWA-Force-Save-File-Types-BL 37© 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All
ms-Exch-OWA-Force-Save-MIME-Types-BL rights reserved. This presentation is for
ms-Exch-OWA-Remote-Documents-Allowed-Serve informational purposes only. MICROSOFT
ms-Exch-OWA-Remote-Documents-Blocked-Serve IN THIS SUMMARY.
Exchange Server 2010 E-Mail Archiving.pptx
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Exchange Server 2010 E-Mail Archiving

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